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It has to be easy to understand by now that The Biggest Mixtape website online is that of Datpiff. It’s the convenience of use makes it definitely standard to browse and publish your mixtapes below.


mixtape site


It’s easy to subscribe and create a free account and place your mixtape online to distribute to your followers. This Mixtape site offers you a Datpiff player that makes it easy to embed your player code by yourself on your own site to boost your plays and downloads. It’s the social hub where rap artist’s and singers and DJ’s could develop Free Online Mixtapes to display to followers. The homepage white background makes it clear for lots of mixtapes to be shown. The popularity of the mixtape market with current industry rap artist’s makes it simple to benefit from the traffic generated by the prominent mixtapes being launched.


You could publish video’s which are shown daily, these will raise your online presence and marketing of your brand-new music and mixtape by getting more exposure online. Datpiff provides its own service of sponsored mixtapes which is $ 50 but it will give your mixtape more plays and more downloads. The sponsored mixtape service additionally enables people who are not signed in to datpiff and don’t have an account to download your mixtape, unsponsored mixtape don’t have this function as lots of people don’t like registering to the site so if you’re significant about your online mixtape campaign I ‘d suggest you get this attribute.


Datpiff has more than 450,000 members and a highly active daily site visitor count. Its all kitted out with all the social network buttons in order for your mixtape to obtain the finest exposure. It has affiliate partner brand-new’s from a top website like vladtv, vibe.com, and xxl.com which is fantastic to see your everyday hip jump information. This mixtape site offers the front page rotation of mixtape promotion but at quotes over $ 300, you ‘d desire to be major about your mixtape quality and songs before you available for this feature. Datpiff is the very best place, to begin with Promoting Mixtapes online. But if I had to be sincere this website is fantastic however has the perspective to be so much better off where it is but certainly begin advertising mixtapes below. Conclusion 8.5/10 Datpiff.com






This site doesn’t have the volume of traffic as datpiff however the attractive layout of this site is only going to make this mixtape site one of the most popular websites in the future. Ease of use for everybody to Upload Mixtapes makes it simple to navigate and get promotion started on your mixtape. It has a step by action guide for that un-computer savvy to aid with the best ways to publish their mixtape on the website.


Surprising to me is that since this site is brand-new you could accomplish huge quantities of downloads right here. The lesser amount of competitors right here provides you with a more beneficial to advertising your mixtape online. You could publish video’s and acquire a more presence online.


get right mixtapes


Again this website has all the social networking content that you need for fast and simple click promo and optimizes your online presence and aid drive brand-new fans to your music. The top rated and leading viewed mixtapes get exceptional website exposure on the homepage. Get the right songs additionally provides included promotion to the leading individuals.


The house page is extremely eye-catching the nice use of the red, white and black plays of each other effectively and this is a very attractive function. It has a good chart system of brand-new mixtapes upcoming mixtapes and prominent current mixtapes. Try everything you can to obtain on this page you’ l get fantastic promotion and find a big amount of mixtape downloads.


The top 100 wall has presented leading prominent artist’s mixtape which is the reason traffic involves the website and aid benefit brand-new artist’s by plugging them to the top from this traffic. Verdict 8/10 http://www.getrightmusic.com/




This website is up there with datpiff on the traffic count. Within the last 2 years, Hotnewhiphop has catapulted its self to the leading mixtape sites online. Its layout varies that of Datpiff seem to promote existing new prominent artist’s even more than the underdog showing up. Very little exposure on the front page for a brand-new artist like datpiff but has a huge quantity of traffic due to preferred artist’s mixtapes.


The Nice design below the drawback of the white background and black and orange colours mixed in gives its a streamlined seek the visitors to look at. You could upload a playlist below of your very own tracks and make a mixtape from it. You could upload individual tracks which datpiff doesn’t have if you wished to release individual tracks rather than simply an upload mixtapes.




This mixtape site additionally includes the comparable feature of social content buttons and videos upload’s which catch more audience attention while promoting mixtapes online. Hotnewhiphop provides CPC promotion, however, this could be really pricey make certain you songs are hot and well provided with artistically and aesthetically or you get a barrage of hate from people and lose your time and cash in the process. This promotion could be very effective you got a solid item.


The information attribute gives you the current happenings in the Hello Hop world and show business. Its good to come below participate in the remarks with relevant details and individuals might concern your page to examine out your profile. I think Hotnewhiphop is an excellent website and has a nice design however if they wish to be the leading mixtape website on the web I think it would be sensible for them to offer more exposure for up and coming rap artists like datpiff. Conclusion 7.5 / 10. http://www.hotnewhiphop.com



Live Mixtapes 


This site doesn’t have the volume of traffic as datpiff but the attractive layout of this website is only going to make this mixtape site one of the most popular sites in the future. Ease of use for everyone to Upload to Newest Mixtape Releases. Easy to use and updated daily this site is a great alternative to paying for mixtape downloads. Just stream and download them for free instead!

But unlike the later, you need to have a large fan base and web presence to get a mixtape online on live mixtapes.The best way for you to get a mixtape on here is to find a qualified DJ online twitter or LinkedIn and hit them to host your mixtape and upload it for you. If your just a regular street rapper the chances of you getting mixtape up here are slim so don’t even waste your time.


This site is really only for premium current artist’s or artist’s that are backed by an indie label so if you’re signed to an indie label get at your provider to hook you up here and reek the benefits of the exposure that you can avail here. The site’s layout is great with the white back round and sleek blue makes it and an attractive website visually too the listener’s eye. Disappointing that it’s not easily open to every up and coming artist but if you can achieve some industry backing you get top downloads and exposure here. Verdict 7/10



live mixtapes 




hip hop is dream


This site is a little bit of a steal this site is highly popular traffic wise with over 10000 daily U.S. visitors. This is not another one of the top Mixtape sites and isn’t like your typical mixtape site like I have suggested above. It’s more like a popular blog but the fact that not on other competing rappers radar makes it a great place to get great exposure and lost of downloads. 


The site owners are cool people and if you hit them up and tell them about your online movement and you got a way of presenting yourself you’ll find this site an absolute steal of a place to get the free promo. It’s a little different to uploading mixtape here so if your not computer savvy hit up someone who good with HTML coding to upload it for you or your mixtape will not be processed. 

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The layout of the website is very in a blog format and they are really good for promoting a new rap artist if you got yourself and your music well put together. You can avail of advertising which is worth it your product is hot. Its CPC advertising so doesn’t avail of this feature with just a thrown together mixtape or you’re just wasting your money and time. There is a forum here to join in with other artist’s and promote you a mixtape with other users. This website doesn’t have the attractive features as the sites above it very basic but this site is linked to lots of sites and has massive amounts of traffic which will really benefit your Mixtape Promotion. Verdict 7.5/10 HIPHOPISDREAM.COM




This is a new site I just found, it doesn’t have the volume of traffic as datpiff or hotnewhiphop but still is another great site to upload your mixtape. The layout of the mixtape website interface is easy to work with and looks very eye-catching. The home pages display all the mixtapes in the cd cover feature this looks really sleek and very great way of presenting the product on the page.



This is another one of the top mixtape sites is very stylish and should be way more popular. Your mixtape must be approved so make sure you have a good cover art and don’t have your website links advertised all of it like I did and need to re-approve it. I think this site is a bit of steal as it’s new and not as popular as other your mixtape could be featured on the home page for longer than the other sites and get you more fans from less competition. The site has RSS feed subscribers which are great, This will have people posting your mixtape all over the web. Verdict 7.5/10 www.downloadmixtapes.org



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