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6 Rapping Techniques

How To Rap Better With These 6 Tips



learn to improve your rapsIn rapping, everyone has their own style and the own ideas on how to rap better. Most of the time, rappers rap songs using their own flow or style and this is actually normal.


On the other hand, there are those who still lack the knowledge and ideas for them to rap better. If you are one of them, good thing you found this article. The interesting truth is, there are specific tips you can do if you want to learn how to rap better. One particular technique may work for you, while others won’t.


To give you great ideas and tips on how to rap better, here’s a list of interesting, helpful techniques you can do to become the best rapper you can be. So, read on.


Rap Emotion1. Adding Emotion To Yor Rapping Is Important


– If you want your listeners to feel your energy, get the true meaning of your song and feel every word you are talking about, add emotion to your rap. For instance, if you are talking about a stressful situation, you need to let the people know the pain or emotion that the song has.


Or if you are talking about exciting times, you need to sound excited. You allow your listeners to connect with you if you add emotion. This also allows them to relate to the song you are rapping. Once they can relate, chances are, they become a fan. In order to do this, you must add emphasis to certain important words in the song. Add highs and lows to your voice.


learning to rap louder projecting your rap vocal2. Learn How To Project Your Voice

– You can rap the greatest songs in the world, those with the best lyrics. However, if you cannot properly project your voice, it would seem useless. It does not necessarily mean that you need to shout. You just have to make sure that your voice sounds full enough. Doing this technique can help you rap better.



3. Add Variety To Your Rap Flow

– In order for you to avoid sounding boring, you need to work on a particular flow and perfect it. Do your best to practice. It won’t be easy at first specifically if you are still an amateur in it. You just have to practice until it becomes easier for you to do it. Never get tired of practising because, in every goal, the practice can make a thing perfect.




4. Master The 5-Word Technique

– First, list down or think of five random words. For instance, you picked the words random, personality, cat, thrift, and video. The next thing to do is find 4 words that rhyme with each word on the list.


The purpose of this technique is that you’ll be able to come up with 20 words to be added to your vocabulary since you started with 5 random words then coming up with additional 4 words for each word.


Every time you this practice, you can connect each word on the list and start making your own lyrics and rap. You can do this technique as often as you want, depending on how fast you want to learn how to rap better. Doing this can both improve your vocabulary and wordplay.





5. Learn To Enunciate Your Rap Lyrics


This is another technique you can do to learn how to rap better. Just like actors, they do exercises such as tongue twisters or putting marbles in the mouth and just enunciate words. One thing you can do is smile while rapping a song because it forces you to use your full jaw. As a result, it helps you enunciate the words you utter.


6. Learn The Basics


– Perhaps, this is just a simple tip. However, you need to realize that it all boils down to practising the basics and practice until you are satisfied with your own performance. Discover and learn anything that is worth learning.


Remember that it takes patience, a determined and strong will for someone to learn how to rap better. If you really want to learn how to rap and be good at it, follow the techniques listed above. Just remind yourself that it may take time before you can see improvements, but the most important thing is you’re doing something to achieve your goals.


Never give up when it comes to practising and learning. Rapping is for those who are determined, passionate and patient in getting better every time. In the last article, I spoke about how to rap fast , maybe if you found this article helpful you go and check out that article too.


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