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What Can The Corporatethief Beats Blog Do For You? But First.....

Who is The Corporatethief Beats ?

The Corporatethief Beats Website was set up in 2010 by Daniel Hartnett to become a music marketing resource site for up and coming hip hop artists.


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The Corporatethief Beats is the production alias used by Daniel Hartnett. Daniel is a hip hop music producer from Ireland.

Over the last number of years Daniel has taken his music production skills to another level by sharing his music marketing experience with his blog readers.

The main goal of blog is to be a resource site for Rap Artists and Beat Makers that are beginning with their music marketing journey online.

Daniel Hartnett The Corporatethief Beats


Daniel Hartnett is a rap music producer, sound engineer, music marketing podcaster, and digital marketer from Ireland. From a young age, Daniel was encouraged by his parents to learn instruments like the accordion, tin whistle, keyboard, and guitar.

From there he joined local bands and played some cover songs in the local pubs and clubs. Once he moved to Galway he started to take part in local open mic nights and began writing his own acoustic songs.

From Beat Maker To Producer

One of his friends recognised his passion for creating music and gave him the use of his laptop which had music production software.

Now he could record his songs and create backing tracks.

He also gave him his first introduction to producing hip hop beats, from then on out Daniel had become addicted to making rap beats.

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Music Production College

Academy Of Sound

Learning The Trade....

After some time creating some hip hop beats Daniel enrolled in the Galway Technical Institute studying Music Technology.

Once he finished this course, Daniel moved to Dublin and attended The Academy of Sound to study music production and sound engineering.

Here he learned how to work in a studio, using Logic Pro / Pro Tools and analog equipment.

As of 2015 Daniel completed a 4 year Higher DiplomaThe Academy of Sound Dublin.


My Music Production / Sound Engineering Qualifications 

  • Apple Logic Pro X 
  • Avid Pro - Tools 
  • Live Sound Recording
  • Live Sound Mixing
  • Music Theory
  • Tl Audio Tube Tracker

  • SSL Nucleus

  • Tape Machine
 {Tape Mastering}
  • Analogue Mixing and Mastering {DBX Compressor , Manley Massive Passive, Disstressor Compressors, Neve Compressor 33069, Eventide H3000 Effects and Reverb , Bricasti M7, Summit Audio EQP 200B - Pultec EQ}



Logic Pro

logic pro x



Apogee Duet

appogee duet

NI Machine/M-Audio Keyboard

Native Instruments Machine

KrK Monitiors 

krk rap mixing speakers

What Site Can This Site Offer?

Daniel continues to produce hip hop beats, sample beats, trap beats, pop beats and new school beats for his website

Here artists can buy rap beats for mixtapes, albums, and singles.He uses the combination of Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Rap Drum samples and a variety of synths to create his rap beats.

Also, he strives to create a popular hip hop music marketing blog and podcast to share his digital marketing skills with new up and coming hip hop artists.

Rap Beat Maker The Corporatethief Beats


Music Marketing Online

What Qualifications Do You Have In Online Marketing ?

I studied music production for 4 years at the Academy of Sound in Dublin, in that same time frame I also studied Digital Marketing at Dublin Business School and I received a Diploma In Digital Marketing.

During that time in order to complete my Diploma, I under took various experiments with different ad platforms, Google Adwords, Retargeting, Microsoft Bing Ads, Network Blog Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads and Youtube Advertisements. 

I learned a lot about Growth Hacking, website management {Wordpress} Email marketing For Musicians , blogging , vlogging , Gorilla Marketing, SEO, out sourcing, content creation and video editing. 

Where Do I Get My Music Influences From ?

“I grew up listening to rock music. Bands like Nirvana, Perl Jam, Alice In Chains, Soundgarden”." It wasn't until a good friend of mine introduced me to music production, then I got hooked on creating electronic hip hop music production".
Right now my main hip hop music production influences include, Drake ,Noah Shabibb, Boi 1da, Kanye West, Danja, Max Martin, T-Minus, Red One, Darkchild, Logic, Stargate, Mannie Fresh, Kid Cudi."

Daniel Hartnett
The Corporatethief Beats 
Hip Hop Music Producer 

What Makes This Site Different From Ever Other Beat Site ?

“Good customer service,  I like to talk shop with the artists that come to my website. When I created The Corporatethief Beats I wanted it to be more than just hip hop beats.” "I studied what my competition were doing and I really wanted to make my site more than just hip hop beats. My music marketing blog {and my newsletter} with my best music marketing tips are the essential ingredients that make this site unique."


Buy Hip Hop Beats


Beat Prices $17.99 – $47 Lease Rights Exclusive Beat Prices Vary from Beat To Beat. This has all of my current hip hop beats and my new releases on here.

If you want current hip-hop beats straight out of the oven, this is the main place to buy beats from my website.I create beats in all different types of genres.

Trap Beats, Hip Hop Beats, Pop Beats, Electro Hip Hop Beats and New School Instrumentals.Some notable Beats Include Drake Type Beats, Rick Ross Type Beats, and Future Type Beats.

About the Author

Daniel Hartnett The Corporatethief Beats Information

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