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The Corporatethief Beats offers 4 core hip hop beat packs that combine to create over 200 rap instrumentals. The purchase simplifies the process and provides more value for artists in buying their desired sound, style or mood they're going for during production!

With over 200 rap beats available to purchase in just one click and more value for your money with every instrument you buy- it's easy to see why purchasing through our site makes sense!

You know how it feels when you go to find a beat for your mixtape, album or single and 95% of the best selling websites are charging between $50-$100?

By offering hip hop artists like you Beat Packs With 10, 20,40 150 Rap Instrumentals in different genres, with 1 Unlimited Lease License and 1 Low Price Point to entry, I have taking the complexity and confusion out of leasing beats. 

Let's be real for 1 minute.... Producers made the beat leasing game to complex. With 4/6 different lease license and terms and conditions and charging up to $200 for 1 Mp3 Lease!!!

Ask yourself if you really want to go back purchasing 1 or 2 beats for $50's now? Scroll through the page below to view our current offers.

Unlimited XL Beat Pack 1

The Unlimited XL Beat Pack - 150 Beats 

I Bet You Are Tired of Paying $100's For Just 1 or 2 Basic Mp3 Beat Lease? Are you ready to make hit records without breaking the bank? Now Is Your Perfect Chance To Get Started..Get 150+ Beats With Unlimited Lease Rights
Without Spending 1000's of Dollars In The Process. 1 Convenient price and 1 Unlimited Lease License and the additional support of the music marketing courses to help guide your music promotion.

Playlist Maker Beat Pack

The Playlist Maker Beat Pack - 40 Beats 

Hey, rappers! Do you need 40 high quality rap beats but don't have the money for it?  Well now's your chance. Get instant access with unlimited distribution rights at only $27.95 by purchasing this product today and get started on creating that classic sounding track today!!

Commercial Hooks Beat Pack 1

The Commercial Hooks - Beat Pack 15 Beats With Hooks {PAY WHAT YOU CAN OFFER}

Attention rappers and singers! Get 15 beats with hooks that you can use for your next song. With unlimited distribution rights, we're sure these will be perfect ingredients to create great music online or offline without any copyright issues whatsoever.  One of the main reasons I started making beats with hooks is down to the simple fact that it helps the artist to get started... "It takes away the Complexity and the Anxiety out of songwriting and places the artist in a much better mood to write songs." 

Greed Is Good Beat Tape - 7 Classic Rap Instrumentals

It's the perfect trap type instrumental to open with The Greed Is Good Instrumental Mixtape. And later because of the feeling I got from this beat, it really inspired me to create the other beats that came with that beat tape.

Since the beat taped was named after a famous quote from Gordon Gekko from The Wall Street Movie, I felt that the sample of Gordon Gekko Saying....... " Greed For A Lack Of A Better Word Is Good" ....really set the scene for the rest of my instrumental beat tape.

The Benefits Of Using Rap Instrumental Packs 

Yeah I know this has happened to you before. As a rapper or singer, when looking for hip hop beats online to make your mixtape/album with - only 95% of all the best selling websites charge more than $50-$100 per lease!

Later, you start to think about it. This is a lot of money for any up-and-coming hip hop artists to put down at the beginning of their music career smack in between all those big shots on wax who've been around since before YOUR TIME!! Don't get me wrong--I'm sure there are some people out here tryin' not make waves but still maintain relevance by releasing albums every year or two.

I’ve been in the music industry for years and I can tell you one thing: there's a method to creating hits. It might not be easy, but if done correctly it'll work again and again! You see? The same path that most successful rap artists take when they're trying their best at making songs - using BEATS WITH HOOKS

I'm talking about beats with hooks (and sometimes other types) like RNB or EDM-- these kinds of instrumentals tend deliver what we want from our favorite tunes while building them up gradually so as soon as those good parts come around its party time because everyone knows how much energy gets dropped right off once everything slows down). 

Why Rap Artists Are Shifting To Beat Packages?

Are you tired of the complicated process for leasing beats?  Do not want to pay an expensive price on your next song. For many music producers, the leasing of their beats has become complicated. Many feel that they are being charged too much for this service and it's discourage them from producing anymore because there is no incentive in continuing with making quality content when you're getting paid pennies on the dollar if your beat can even be used at all by any artist!

With our Products you will get 1 Convenient price and 1 Unlimited Lease License and the additional support of the music marketing courses to help guide your music promotion.

You might be thinking to yourself, "I don't know how a rap artist could create an album with so many different songs." But it's not as hard as you think. They just need some help from our beat makers and singers who can do all of that work for them!

An Easy Solution For Rappers When Purchasing Hip Hop Beats Online

It's worth mentioning that rappers and singers have been renting beats from my website for years, But the barrier to leasing was high because of price points. 

I decided it would be best if they could just lease one pack without any strings attached. In order to get a feel before buying more sets at higher costs later down the line. Which also gives me an opportunity sell some new packs while doing so! 

After experimenting with these price points over the past year or so I lowered all three barriers : cost being lowest (it used go up around $7), convenience by allowing payments through credit cards instead of via PayPal and stripe account only and choice. Rap artists could now get all the beats they needed with out the overwhelm of purchasing rap beats.

Why Are You Selling Your Rap Beats So Cheap? {What's The Catch}
The corporatethief beats Daniel Hartnett

I understand that I am Over Delivering by 10x more than the value of the cost price. 

But I am pretty confident that if I provide you with all this great content at this tiny investment cost, you'll continue to purchase all of my courses in the future. 

I understand that my content will help the NEXT MUSICIAN, rapper and content creator.  

That if you succeed now, I'll have a customer for life....


The Corporatethief Beats is the production alias used by Daniel Hartnett. Daniel is a hip hop music producer from IrelandOver the last number of years I have taken my music production skills to another level by leasing my beats online while sharing my music marketing experience with my blog readers.

The main goal of blog is to 
be a resource site for Rap Artists and Beat Makers that are beginning with their music marketing journey online.

The Corporatethief Beats

“Purchasing exclusive beats is a pretty big deal. It can be a bit daunting for 

and up and coming artist. So if you feel that you are getting stuck, use 

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Daniel Hartnett - The Corporatethief Beats

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BPM 120
Drake Trap Soul Type Beat


BPM 140
melodic-rap-instrumental by the corporatethief beats


BPM 120
Juice Wrld Type Beat


BPM 140
hard rap instrumental beat


BPM 140
Hip Hop Instrumental With Hook - The Corporatethief Beats