The Evolution of Trap Beats in Hip Hop

Trap beats have evolved significantly in hip hop music, transitioning from harsh and aggressive sounds to more commercial and radio-friendly tracks. Pioneers like Lex Luger, Shawty Redd, Zaytoven, and Southside 808 Mafia laid the foundation for this genre in the early 2000s. Initially, trap beats featured a lot of brass and orchestral sounds. Today, they are more pop and melody-based.

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What Are Trap Beats? 

Trap beats are just a sub-genre of hip hop music. During the early 2000’s trap music started to become famous. Back then they were a much more aggressive sound.

Rap music producers made these instrumentals using the drum samples from the Roland 808 machine. These drum sounds were layered with more modern hip hop drum samples. 

The 808 kick drum is tuned to provide the bassline of the music and the sub kick sound. Some beatmakers layer in mid-range kick drum sounds to the kick-punch through the mix. 

Popular Trap Instrumentals


trap beat hollywood fool
gunna type hip hop beat
Shakin That {Tyga Instrumental}

Common Tempo and Instrumentation in Trap Music.

These seem to have a common formula. Less is more!!! But most of these sound has been altered and layered with other drum samples to give the kick and snare a more stand out sound. 

Trap beats typically range from 130 to 145 BPM. Some producers create beats at half-time (around 70 BPM), while others go for a faster pace (160-170 BPM).

Tempo or BPM

Trap beats feature a repetitive basic melody loop, often resembling a nursery rhyme. This melody is typically played using a synth, bell, guitar, or pad sound. Pad chords are used to fill empty spaces in the background.

Due to the minimalist approach, producers face the challenge of making the music sound busy and interesting while leaving enough space for rappers to shine. Common drum elements include the 808 bass line, snare rolls, high hat rolls, and a distinct kick sound.

The reason for the simplistic approach to trap beat instrumentals is that most rap artists want to take the spotlight in the song. Having a very busy track can cause a distraction for the hip hop artist.

Making it more difficult to rap too. The drums have common elements too which can be seen with the use of the 808 bass line playing a major role in the structure of trap music.

Another element of the drums that are commonly heard include the use of snare rolls and high hat rolls and a very distinct kick sound which carries the instrumental.

What Key Are These Beats In?

There is no specific key for trap beats.

If you have difficulty finding the key, check the metadata of the track using iTunes. Alternatively, you can use tools like Tunebat to identify the key and BPM. If the beats are on YouTube, BeatStars, SoundCloud, or Spotify, these platforms often provide key signature information.

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