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“The Rise” {Chill Trap Vibe}

This rap instrumental is one of those beats that doesn't have a whole lot of instrumentation within the music, but it does have that unique sound.

Everyone thinks that this weird sound is a chopped up vocal. But the music is a Chinese loon that I manipulated to sound a little different than the standard preset. 

I was influenced by the instrumentals behind J Coles KOD album when I made this beat.

Fast Trap Music 'Allotta Class"

This track is along a similar style to that of Rae Sremmurd.

I wanted to create an instrumental felt like a heist of a car case. I thought that some of my trap instrumentals were a tad bit slow and didn’t challenge the rap artist here I used a much higher bpm {155bpm}. 

While the 808 and the kick drum don’t sound quite busy, the other elements create that swift motion for the beat. This includes the high hats and the snare rolls. The additional instrumentation keeps the atmosphere while the hip hop artists are rapping.

Electric Guitar Beat - Too Late

I don’t like mixing trap instrumental beats with the electric guitar. Sonically I think it doesn’t gel well together.

But there is a particular occasion where it does work. I think if the music producer can mix or manipulate the guitar sound to where the guitar element is no longer the familiar rock sound, then you have something truly unique. 

Here in this Electric Guitar Beat called Too Late I was aiming for Gunna Type beat sound. The electric guitar is heavily processed with reverb and delay that it almost gives it a dark hunting quality.  

Hard Melodic Rap Instrumental - What You Know. 

Here in this beat, I was going straight for that more familiar Migos sound. The beat is pretty aggressive with a distorted 808 kick drum and core bassline. But there is a melodic flute melody floating in and out of the mix. 

Once the beat stops you get these dynamic effects like vocal chants and someone banging a warped high hat.

These effects give the music; it’s hard to sound which most modern rappers are looking for.

Chill Hip Hop Music  - Make It 

The Make It instrumental is more of summer sounding chill . I coined the term the Miami Vibe type beat to describe the more commercial sound. 

So trap music today doesn't have to be dark and seedy 90% of the time. 

Here I was keeping Rick Ross or Kendrick Lamar in mind while I created the beat. Rick Ross is one of my favourite hip hop artists.  I wanted to be able to hear Rick Ross's vocals in my head.

The bpm of the beat is 90bpm which makes the music very chilled and laid back for any rapper to vibe over the instrumental. 

Dark Trap - The Gift

When I created the Gift instrumental, I was going for a very dark sound. Something similar to the rap beats that the artist Desiigner would rap over.  I liked the Panda Instrumental and mood that it created for Desiigner. If you listen here in this beat, the drums are your typical run of the mill 

It’s the haunting effects and vocal sounds moving in the background that gives this dark is shape and structure. This beat is radio ready for any hip hop artists album single or mixtape.  

Abstract Rap Music - Cash In The Bank

At the time I created this beat I was a pretty big fan of Tyler The Creator. Very few of the hits he raps on have any traditional structure like verse chorus verse.

So this gave me a license to think more freely and experiment with bizarre and quirky sounds. The beat has almost a horror piano sound that links the complete beat together, while random Chinese like instruments float in and out of the mix.

The 808 bass line also sounds weird as it’s played on a minor scale which has a more darker eerie like sound which is very similar to that of a Tyler the Creator.


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