Instrumental Beats

Here at The Corporatethief Beats, we have over 200+ instrumental beats. If you need music for your next project, album, mixtape or music video we have you covered.

What Are Instrumental Beats?

Instrumental beats are backing tracks in certain hip hop genres like hip hop instrumentals, sample beats, new school , boom bap and Freestyle music . This music provides both a combination of drums and instrumentation for a rapper or a singer to write and perform a song over. Songs without beats are called acapellas.

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Popular Rap Instrumental Beats On Our Website

Flute Beat - "Last Chance" 

BPM - 88
Flute Beat

The Flute Instrumental are becoming more popular since the rise of the Migos and the beats that Quavo produces. Music producers like Metro Boomin and Sonny Digital use the flute to provide the backbone melody in there 

In my beat above "Last Chance", I used a flute sound to carry the groove in this beat, while the more common trap drum pattern provides direction for the rap artist.

Melodic Beat - "Income Sources" 

BPM - 147
melodic beat

This beat has a Drake type quality. One of my favourite beats that Drake has rapped over is "The Language" produced by Boi 1da and Noah Shabibb.

The quick 808 movements provide amazing pockets for the rapper to shine while the sailing drone pad in the background keeps the life in the beat, while the busy high hats provide the rapper with a flow.

Electric Guitar Instrumental - "Put You On"

BPM - 147

I'm not the biggest fan of using the electric guitar in making hip hop beats.

But every so often the electric guitar fits with the beat.

It seems that lately the electric guitar has been used in several commercial trap instrumental , like Mob Ties by Drake.

My Put You On Electric Guitar Trap Instrumental has a very summer pop sound which is great for radio. 

Pop Instrumental Beat- "Stay Foolish"

BPM -  160
pop trap beat

I like this beat as it reminds me of the very melodic sounds that Juice Wrld uses in the beats here raps over. 

He has a very commercial sound I think that's were the inspiration for "Stay Foolish" came from.

It's super upbeat trap sounding beat while having a unique sound from the wrapped organ melody. It's got that summertime vibe. Very commercial instrumental beat suitable for a rapper with a more of a pop fan base.

Hard Beat Instrumental - "Tease"

BPM - 160
Hard Trap Beat Instrumental - Tease Download Trap Beats - BPM 160

This is a type of beat that is popular at the moment. It has a very weird burst flute melody combined simple ear candy one-shots and vocals shot in the background.

The 808 and the drums remain in constant motion giving the rap artist an open playing field for a trap freestyle.

Trap Instrumental With Hook - "Sinner"

BPM -  145
Trap Beat With Hook - Sinner - BPM 145

This beat was built off a chopped vocal sample, it's a trippy melodic  beat. There is a ton of space for a rapper to vibe with this beat both with in the verses of the beat and the hook

Even though the beat is melodic doesn't sound too dark or grim. There is an air of optimism about the beat.

Beat Instrumental - "Loot"

BPM - 98
freestyle beat instrumental

I wouldn't say that this is a typical hip hop instrumental, but it has more club trap and hip hop drum pattern.

When I hear this beat I kind of hear a  Timbaland freestyle instrumental. With a driving 808 bass line while the metronome guitar picking {Bootylicious and Stevie Nicks} provides the movement.

Dark Instrumental - "All I Got"

BPM -  145
darke instrumental download

 Again these dark and seedy hop hop Instrumental are my favourite type of beats to make.I can hear the industrial sounds here artists like Drake, Future, Travis Scott would rap over. The transitions from the verse to the hook are what makes this a dark beat. There are several ear candy sounds in the background.

21 Savage Style Instrumental "Back Around"

BPM - 128
21 savage type beat

This is a very minimalist trap guitar beat. Similar to guitar trap instrumental that you would hear 21 Savage rap over.

Not the most artistic beat within my catalogue of beats but rappers seem to respond well to its simplicity.

Horror Beat - "Psycho"

BPM -  145
dark trap beat

This track reminds me of a Hopsin or Denzel Curry type Instrumental
It's almost horrorcore trap music, this feeling is created by the long drone bass which is layered with a string section which creates a very dark and eerie mood for the listener.

 Travis Scott Beat -"SASKATCHEWAN"

BPM - 145
travis scott type beat

If you listen to a lot of the trap music that I make you will hear how much of an influence Travis Scott is to the creation of my music.

This track is heavily influenced by Travis Scott as it has almost a fairy tale melody in the background mixed with a warped and reversed vocal sample doubled up with hard trap drum sounds.

This Travis Scott Style Instrumental is One of my star picked beats on my website.

KiD CuDi Abstract Beat - "Game Over"

BPM -  85
kid cudi instrumental

This beat started simply with a guitar riff that I made up a while back. But it was very bland boring.

After a couple of hours of manipulating the guitar riff with effects, I layered it with trap drum sounds. Still, I wasn't happy with the beat. So I added several perc sounds which create the whole structure of the beat. Now I knew I had something special. The pitched vocal just helps the rapper define the hook from the verse.

Boom Bap Instrumental - "Off My Chest"
BPM - 90
Freestyle Boom Bap Type Beat - "Off My Chest"

Here I wanted to break away from the trap music for a while. So I decided to create a beat that a rapper could just freestyle with out a hook.

The beat changes after every 8 bars which helps break up the monotony of the music while remaining a freestyle music.

Trap R&B Beat - "Faint"
BPM -  140
Love R&B Instrumental

This rnb beat has proven to be pretty popular over time. The reason for its popularity is down to its simplicity and its commercial appeal created by a pretty catchy hook melody

I can here artists like Future, Ty Dolla Sign over music like this.The melody is very radio-friendly and the standard verse-chorus will appeal to both rappers and R&B singers.

Smooth R&B Track- Open Up
BPM - 124
trap soul instrumental

In this video, I show you a more a rnb beat more like a trap soul music. I think that these guys are super talented.

I like the openness which is created by the pad sound. The drums have that l trap soul vibe but they don't over dominate the beat. The verses sound busy it's all ear candy using SFX.

The hook dominated by a verse powerful driving bass line which provides this smooth R&B with the solid backbone for an artist like Bryson Tiller to rap a hook over.

Bryson Tiller Beat - "Never Look Back"
BPM -  92
trap soul type beat

This is a more modern Bryson Tiller trap soul beat The feel of this instrument has the same sound from Bryson tiller album Trap Soul

I like the Trap soul vibeThese are some of my best beat that I've created where there's a ton of space for a singer to shine. 

It will be much easier to write a song to this, because it has small pockets for a rapper and singer to work with.
The verses in this beat are very open for a singer to integrate and the music has a deeper bass sound which is complemented with a very light melody sprinkled on top.

Rick Ross x Kendirck Beat - "I Make It"
BPM - 140
Rick Ross Instrumental

This is a very summertime vibe hip hop instrumental. It started with a chopped vocal sample. Then I pitched the vocal slightly and rearranged the sample so it created a unique hook for the beat.

The majority of modern sample beats that use vocal chops, do so to provide the beat with a melody while not providing any distractions for the rapper or singer to perform over. I could feel that this was a Rick Ross Instrumental from the get go.

If you are looking for a cool rap music to rap over with an upbeat vibe "I Want" is the exact beat you need.

J Cole Beat - "Freestyle Freedom"
BPM -  92
Storytelling beat

This latest beat is more of a laid back smooth jazz beat, similar to the laid back beats you can hear J Cole rap over.

It's more of a reflection storytelling beat. Perfect for rappers that want to rap about an event in their life.

With influence from J Coles previous work I wanted to make a very simple soul jazz freestyle beat for any rapper to rap over, but I want the melody to stand out to make it more radio-friendly.

Melodic Freestyle Instrumental Beat - Daydream BPM 94

This beat is more influenced by freestyle boom-bap instrumental beats that Drake tends to do storytelling rap with. With a more serious undertone and mood.

The beat its self is pretty simple with some additional processing to give it that sampled beat sound. 

The latest beat produced by The Corporatethief Beats which is more of a lo-fi freestyle drake similar to beats that can be heard on the Drake Scorpion album.

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