Boom Bap Instrumental – Off My Chest




Old School Boom Bap Beat - 124 BPM

I've been making trap beats lately, so it's time for a change of pace with this boom bap instrumental. This beat has that old school boom bap mixed with some modern shine added in for good measure! If you're looking for freestyle rap instrumentals so your feelings don't get stuck inside or need help getting them off your chest this beat can help you get started.

Today I'm going to show you how a more chilled vibe type beat can be created with this beat. It's similar to beats by Nas and KRS One—both of whom are super talented! There is an openness in the sound that pads create for me; it feels inviting as if someone just started talking without their voice being too loud or dominant over anything else around them.


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How I Made This Instrumental?

The drums have this standard boom bap feel. But they don’t take up all our time so we get some verses instead which creates interest because those sounds block out everything around them while still sounding powerful enough throughout each line sung-sung (or rapped). 

For those who might not appreciate some aspects from old school vibe but still love this song due its catchy hooks made out primarily on vocals mixed in bass lines used throughout all verses. Except when there's heavy strings at times during hook only moments so every aspect will catch your ear no matter what mood you're feeling!

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