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Here is this post I am going to speak about the Guitar Trap Beat I called "Put You On". The electric guitar is a beautiful instrument that can create some amazing sounds.

I'm not the biggest fan of using them in making hip hop instrumentals, but every so often they fit with my rap beat instrumentals and make for great music videos or commercials where you want people to listen close enough before playing their own instruments on top of what's being played by someone else.

My latest release "Put You On" has one such example where it fits seamlessly into an already established jazz style orchestra beat from start until finish without sounding too out-of-place at all!

Instrumental Beat Video - 140 BPM

How I Made This Electric Guitar Trap Rock Beat?

This is my latest electric guitar rock trap type beat called Put You On. It has a pretty upbeat Commercial vibe for hip hop artists that want to put out some feel-good hits this summer with an uplifting and catchy soundscape of rhythms, melodies and more!

In the world of hip hop, there are a variety of different types and styles. One particular form is instrumental music made from drum beats or synth sounds that provide rappers with an opportunity to freestyle over them in order for others to hear what they have created. This style can be referred by many names such as trap instrumentals , sample beats etcetera.

Instrumental beats are the backbone of any good hip hop song. They provide both rhythm and melody for rappers or singers to create their unique sound over, by providing backing tracks in many different styles. Such as trap ( Trap Bass , Trip Hop ) instrumentals ; sample-based songs like those from Djs Statik Selektah & Nu dwarves among others; new school rap with boom bap with west coast influenced acapellas.



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