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Here at The Corporatethief Beats, I like to experiment with many hip hop instrumental genres. If you look through my beat website you will find a mixture of commercial hip hop music and a more aggressive modern Hard Rap Beats And Mordern trap music sound.  

What Are Hard Rap Beats?

Hard rap beats is a common phrase used to describe a specific type of trap instrumental music. 

You find that music producers are splitting modern hip hop instrumental genres like that of trap music, into sub-genres. This sub-genre is still along the lines of the current wave of trap music, without the more modern pop commercial appeal. 

While trap music has been used by many pop stars now, the subs genre refers to a more aggressive and darker undertone.  Utilising an aggressive kick drum sound with an 808 bass line that moves around the beat sporadically.

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hard rap beats
What Are Your Best Hard Instrumentals?

Above you will find a beat player with a playlist I put together of all my storytelling instrumentals and freestyle beats. Rather than sifting through all my main beat store here are all my best in one playlist.If you would like help please hit the contact button send me an email at Dan@thecorporatethiefbeats.com

Stay Close - xxxTentacion  

 The beat is a melodic trap instrumental with a mixture of guitar riff samples backed by a trap drum pattern. The undertone of the beat has intricate percussive elements while the core of the beat is built an around a pitched vocal melody. 

All I Got - Drake

This is a really cool Drake Beat Which has a very industrial sound.

The transitions in this beat are what gives the instrumental its energy. 

Pulse this beat has hype written all over it. When I produced this beat, I was going for something that was similar to the What A Time To Be Alive album which features Drake and Future.


But I wanted a beat that had the 808 movements of a beat but the instrumentation and commercial appeal of a Drake and Future song.  

I went off my comfort zone are experimented with the change of the 808 baselines. The 808 slides around the beat creating this tension and energy.

Are You Afraid Of The Dark? 

Kanye x Schoolboy Q Type Beat "Afraid

Are You Afraid Of The Dark? Here I took inspiration from School Boy Q’s That Part Instrumental Which featured Kanye West.

There is no song definition in this beat.


But the movement of the Kick drum against the bending 808 creates a right bounce which trap rappers love to hear in most beats.


If the beat doesn’t have a bounce, most rappers will skip and move to the next instrumental.

Just like when Timbaland and Jay Z were in the studio together, Timbo says to Jay  “The Bounce Is Coming Up”. {On the is beat right here}.

Purpose {Dark Rap Beat}

Purpose is a beat mentioned in nearly every blog post I write.

Because of the influences that I found from Drake’s Instrumental The Language”. I wanted to get into the mindset of creating a similar


Creating minimalist instrumentals is quite tricky for me. I find it much easier to make something that’s commercial and complex.

Cash In The Bank? 
tyler the creator type beat

Cash In The Bank? This instrumental was created with Tyler, The Creator In Mind. Here I knew I had to make some think that sounded very quirky.


The beat had to have a hard rap beat 808 movement. But the instrumentation had to sound dark and like something from a Beetlejuice movie.


There are a couple of weird instruments in the background which create this evil dream sound.

The dark keys which have all the low end removed, there is a filtered vocal sample in the background that is slowed down to give an eerie feeling, and final a Chinese guitar plays the first three notes of a riff while a synthesiser completes it.

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Common Elements Heard In This Genre

Here you can find similarities between trap instrumental beats and hard rap instrumentals.

The only difference is that you hear with the quick movement of the 808 baselines which are sporadically pitched up and down throughout the verse and hook. 

The kick drum also has a very aggressive top end were roughly around the 80htrz, and 120htrz is boosted using an eq while and thing below 60htrz is cut off.  

Common Elements Heard Within Hard Rap Beats
This makes room for the 808 to move freely and gives the kick drum the ability to “KNOCK” or punch through the mix cleanly. The background percussive elements like the snares, hi-hats and percs tend to be very busy.

Examples In The Music Industry

Two specific examples of hard rap beats come to mind when I think about the music that I like in hip hop. Both of these beats are significant influences on my music production.

Drake’s The Language is a prime example of a hard rap instrumental. The instrumental has little to no instrumentation. This is the norm in this sub-genre of trap music.

The kick and the 808 baselines move very quick. 

The drums and the 808 sound like they are punching through the mix accompanied by a hidden melody in the background. This instrumental is so open but aggressive for Drake to shine. 

Drake The Language Instrumental
Kid Ink Bad Ass Instrumenta

Kid Ink’s Bad Ass goes against my initial statement that most instrumentals lack the commercial appeal. There is always an exception to the rule. This hard rap beat has one of the best movement of an 808 I have ever heard.


In the background which sounds like a vocal chop, that has been pitched up and filtered by some reverb and delay. This sound creates this crazy hook metronome in the background of the beat.


It’s a given that Wale, Meek Mill and Kid Ink created a great song from this beat, but major credit needs to be given to the producer for the way he dips the energy by removing the drums and the 808 through the song.

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I understand that rappers don’t want to purchase a lease to a beat which has proven difficult for them to write a memorable song. Here you can write a song using the tag demo beat.

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