This page here is our additional information page. Here you can find specific links to our Drum Kits, Podcast, My Courses, My About Page and Contact Pages. Over time we will continue to add additional services and resources to improve The Corporatethief Beats Site Navigation. 

About The Corporatethief Beats

Learn More About The Corporatethief Beats and How I Got Into Music Production.

live video

The is a link to all of my music marketing courses. Here you can find my Auto Blogger Method Course to My Email Marketing For Musicians Course and many more.

Hip Hop Drum Kits

This is a link to all of the drum kits that I use and the my own custom hip hop drum kits.


The Corporatethief Beats Mixtape Marketing Podcast is an audio blog that will give new and up and coming hip hop artists tips and trick to help them promote their hip hop mixtapes online. This is your number one music marketing podcast if you are a rap artist or a beat maker that wants to learn new ways to promote your rap mixtapes online. 

contact ctbeats

If you have any specific issues or you would like to speak with about my website click the contact button here.

my music marketing tools

This is my resource page for hip hop artists and beat makers. This page has tools to help musicians promote and make music online.