Freestyle Beat Instrumental – The Loot

freestyle beat instrumental

This is my latest freestyle beat instrumental called "The Loot" which is inspired by Timbaland, and I would describe it to be more of a hip hop/trap club beat. It has the old familiar flavours of a Timbaland instrumental with a cool freestyle beat touch. 

This instrumental was produced around a weird muted guitar plucking sound. Similar to that same muted guitar sound found in the song Bootylicious. Which is known for containing a prominent sample from the Stevie Nicks song "Edge of Seventeen".

Around that, I built a knocking 808 drum pattern and a very simple flute-like melody. The reason I feel that it's a Timbaland Type Beat is down to the various ear candy like adlib sounds. 

YouTube Video - Freestyle Instrumental - 98 bpm

How I Made This Timbaland Type Instrumental

I wouldn't say that this is a typical trap beat, but it has more club trap and hip hop drum pattern.

When I hear this beat I kind of here Timbaland with a driving 808 bass line while the metronome guitar picking {Bootylicious and Stevie Nicks} provides the movement.It should be noted that all trap instrumentals often have a common formula, which is that less is more. Trap music employs all sounds from the Roland 808 machine. However, most of those sounds have been changed and layered with other drum samples to give the kick and snare a more stand out sound.

Like the tambourine that hit's at every 4 bars. Or the drum pattern change-ups with the additional shakers and reverb vocal effects at various sections of the beat. 


There is no defined song structure in this instrumental. I produced it to be very open for rappers to freestyle over and give them freedom of expression.  

Timbaland is known for making trap instrumentals with hooks like this, where there is no specific section to call the verse or the chorus. The artist has the freedom to create their song structure or freestyle over the beat.

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