Trap Soul Type Beat – Look Back

Trap Soul Type Beat

This is a more modern Bryson Tiller trap soul beat that has the same sound from his album, Trap Soul. I like this instrument because of its catchy vibe. I like the Trap soul vibe.  

I've never heard a beat like this. It has so much space for singers and rappers to shine, which will make it easier when writing songs with them because there is plenty of room on each side where only one artist can fit at once!

This trap soul instrumental is so spacious that it will be easy to write a song for any singer or rapper. The small pockets are perfect because they allow room for both vocal and rap verses.

The verses in this pop rap type beat are very open for a singer to integrate and the music has a deeper bass sound that complements it well. There's also just enough melody on top of things so as not to have everything feel too heavy or overwhelming, but still stand out when needed most!

YouTube Video - Trap Soul Instrumental - BPM 92

How I Made This Trap Soul Type Beat?

Here are some of the elements I used to produce this Bryson Tiller Trap Soul Type Beat.

Drums -> The drums are pretty standard and slow rnb type drums. There is no exciting pattern. Most of the nostalgia and awe comes from the bass and the other instruments. The one plus with the drums is that the kick has a good knock and cuts through the mix. 

Vocals -> I used a down-tuned male vocal sample throughout this hip hop instrumental. With this sample, I could fill the void within the track but also create the Trap Soul Mood, which is essential with Bryson Tiller Type Beats. The verses in this beat are very open for a singer to integrate and the music has a deeper bass sound which is complemented with a very light melody sprinkled on top.

Synths -> Various vocal adlibs rotate at different sections of both the very and the hook. These vox effects are hidden in the background. The main rhythm section is carried using a Harp Like Synth. This instrument play's through the beat. Various isolating pads help define the hook from the verse too.

Hook Lead -> The hook is defined by a lead synth melody that cuts through the mix and defines the hook from the verse.

Bass ->  The bassline is the star of the instrumental. It complements all of the instruments on show and creates the Trap Soul Backbone of the instrumental. 

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