Instrumental - BPM 140

This electrifying instrumental fuses powerful 808s, dynamic trap snares, and infectious melodies, crafting an atmosphere that's tailor-made for your next chart-topper.

The maestro behind this production, The Corporatethief Beats, renowned for crafting premium beats, presents yet another indispensable gem suitable for up-and-coming lyricists and seasoned artists alike.

"Opulence" promises to bestow upon you that distinctive sonic imprint which has solidified The Corporatethief Beats as the ultimate beat source in the industry. Seize this chance to elevate your music to new heights with "Opulence."

Embrace Creative Freedom and Royalties:

Our demo downloads offer a convenient way to preview our beats before making a commitment. These demos may include the producer's tag, making them unsuitable for commercial use. To remove the tag and fully utilize the beat for your music projects, acquiring a lease license is essential.

Unlock Your Music's Potential with Lease Licenses:

A lease license provides more than just access to a beat. It grants you complete creative control, allowing you to tailor the beat to your vision, experiment freely, and fully express your musical creativity.

Additionally, lease licenses offer the opportunity to earn royalties from your music. By releasing your song with our licensed beats, you can generate income through streaming and downloads, effectively monetizing your creativity.


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