Love R&B Instrumental – Faint

Love R&B Instrumental

This my lastest Love R&B Instrumental is called Faint. It's a similar rnb type beat to the sound of the beats that Ty Dollar $ign and Future rap over.

This R&B beat has proven to be pretty popular over time. The reason for its popularity is due to the simplicity and commercial appeal created by a catchy hook melody.

I can hear artists like Future or Ty Dolla Sign singing on top of this type beat! This particular song also features a lot more instrumentation than your typical loop-based recordings so it'll work well with both rappers as well as singers from genres rnb / hip hop Instrumental and hip hop.

You can hear similarities in the songs like "Pretty Girls" by Future or Ty Dolla Sign's album Dual Threat with features from 2 Chainz, Jhene Aiko & Swae Lee among others!To purchase this beat for you mixtape album or mixtape please use the link under the video. 

YouTube Video RNB Trap Beat -  140 BPM

Behind The Making Of My Love R&B Instrumental Faint

I like to make beats that are more commercial and less dark. I started with the idea of making a hard, trap-style song but then listened as Future rapped over it so they became lighter in tone instead!

I like to make beats that are more commercial instrumentals and less dark. I started with the idea of making a hard, trap-style song but then listened as Future rapped over it so they became lighter in tone instead!

Drums -> There is not spectacular from the drums here. The drums are standard rnb type beat drums. The hats are the exciting part. The hats have both an rnb and trap like quality which gives the beat some dynamics. I think hip hop artists like this beat because the kick drum cuts right through the mix. 

Bass -> The bassline is a very low RnB sub with some distortion. The bass line is more prevalent in the hook and the pre-hook while the verse has a bass that has no distortion. I did this to help the artist define the hook from the verse

Synths ->  Throughout the instrumental you will hear a basic melody played by synth keys from Komplete 8. This chord progression acts at the rhythm section for the beat. Various 

Strings -> The strings provide the hook melody for the beat. They also give it that love rnb instrumental sound. Delicate string sounds float in and out the hook, separating the verse from the hook. There is a very simple string melody in the hook of the instrumental to define the chorus. Then at the end of the hook, there is a countermelody which you hear coming in and out of the verse. 

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Love R&B Instrumental – Faint
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