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meek mill type beat

This is my latest Meek Mill Type with hook, Test Me. It has a unique mix of EDM and rap vocals that will get you in the mood for some serious bars!

The build-up to the big drop sounds like something written by Meek Mill or Juicy J with their fast drums mixed into it too so those are definitely two artists worth checking out if this song doesn't do anything else at all 🙂

"Test Me" is more of Intense Trap Beat With Hook is a really cool and creative mix between trap music with an EDM hook. The buildup to the vocals in this track are particularly well done, as you can hear some kind of fast-paced beat that sounds like something from Meek Mill's catalogue mixed into it for good measure!



Time Stamp 
00:00 - INTRO 00:27 - RAP VERSE 1 01:19 - Female PRE HOOK 01:42 - Female HOOK 02:05 - VERSE 2 02:40 - Female PRE HOOK03:05 - Female HOOK 03:58 - VERSE 3 05:03 - Female VOCAL OUTRO 2nd Loop starts 05:50


This is my latest Intense Trap Beat With Hook called "Test Me". The rap and the female vocal hook in this track make for a great combination that you will not be able to get enough of.

My song builds up into its main melody, which has some similarities with other popular songs like Drake's Take Care or even 50 Cent's Curtis.

*The drums also support these sounds well so they don't sound too monotonous when played suddenly after another instrument finish playing*I heard something similar towards the end but wasn’t sure what it was until just now! It turns out there were 2 parts mixed together: one hard_ piano note + R&B synth bassline.

The sound of this beat is highly addicting and I can't stop listening. The buildup to the hook really makes it stand out, but overall I think that there needs more substance in order for me not only feel like I'm getting my money's worth from purchasing an instrumentals packages as well as stems for producers who want something new without having deal with some complicated software such as Logic.

The majority of hip hop artists aren't singers, but their songs are still judged by how catchy the hook of the instrumental is.

The most important section in any song for gaining media attention and pop culture relevance will be what people are singing when they latch on to your style or sound - this usually happens during a repetitive phrase that keeps repeating itself over time with some sort-of progression between verses.

So listeners can keep it fresh while still recognizing its originality at first listen (a la Michael Jackson). It's essential then not just having good production values here; if one wants higher chances achieving success through less effort than need great lyrics too!

Another Similar Meek Mill Instrumental Beat With Hook

This is my latest beat with a hook called "Python." It has the female vocal for that catchy chorus and it's more of an edm type rap, but still embodies some hard trap qualities.
I hope you enjoy this one! If there are any other loops or beats on here in particular that suit what your project needs feel free to reach out via email (link below). The tone should now be professional is more than just your average trap type sound, it's got an edm vibe in some areas too!

So if you like that kind of thing check out what's under this video and make sure to hit me up through Facebook messenger or email if more beats are needed because we've got plenty available over here ready-to- lease.

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September 2, 2021

Juice Wrld Type Beat With Hook
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