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One of the latest type beats produced by The Corporatethief Beats this beat here is more of a Rae Sremmurd Type Beat. The instrumental is pretty fast-paced dark and entirely open for most modern hip hop artists to rap over.

I like the sound that Rae Sremmurd rap over. Even though the beat fits under the familiar trap music genre, there is something modern and unique. It’s almost abstract trap instrumentals compared to what most people will associate with the more common trap beat sound.


Beat Name : Allot A Class
BPM: 145
Style : Trap Type Beat / Dark / Fast Rap Beat / Abstract
Similar Artist: Rae Sremmurd / Migos / Future 
Demo Download Lease Link: Visit the Type Beat page.


Type Beat

This Rae Sremmurd type beat has a BPM of 145. The 808 and the kick keep the pace of this type instrumental while the high hats and the snare roll create the transition effects.

There are several slight drones like sounds in the background that create a dark and seedy atmosphere. These sound create a mood without being overbearing or distracting to the rap artist. 

The video about is played on a 10-minute loop as most hip hop artists find my type beat instrumentals on Youtube. This 10-minute loop allows the artist to rap over the beat without losing their focus.

When I went into the mindset to create this Rae Sremmurd style instrumental, I was going for a blend of what Mike Will did for their Black Beatles instrumental, where the beat has a darkness to it but continues to progress, allowing the artist to shine.

If you would like to get the demo download of this Rea Sremurrad beat to click the download icon on our type beat player page. Also, you can locate the lease rights for all of our beats here.


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