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Are you looking for Lil Baby Type Beats online? Need to download trap beats that 100% royalty-free? Here at The Corporatethief Beats, we have 250+ type beats for you to download and use in your mixtape albums and singles?

I first heard Lil Baby when he collaborated with Drake on the song "Yes Indeed". This song was on Lil Baby's Album Harder Than Ever which was released in 2018.

Several artists have a similar style to that of Lil Baby. This includes Drake, Future, Metro Boom, 21 Savage, The Migos and Gunna.

Lil baby type beats have that Atlanta Sound which takes a very minimalist approach to trap music.


Very little instrumentation is heard in Lil Baby type instrumentals, The beats mainly are constructed with 808's, Simplistic snare and High hats while the core instrumentation is created with pad sounds, a melodic beat or flute.

If you look through 6 of these Lil Baby type beats here that I have outlined that share common similarities with the rap instrumentals he likes to rap over.

The majority of up and coming rappers are searching for these type of trap instrumentals as they tend to be easy to rap over. All of these beats have space in the verse for the rapper to shine.

All the instrumentation has been kept to a minimum so that the artist can flex his or her bars in both verse and the hook of the beat.

The majority of these instrumental type beats are in the common BPM between 130 - 160 which is pretty common for trap instrumentals. If you are looking for that Atlanta sound similar to that of Lil Baby then these beats here are exactly what you are looking for.

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"Vibez" - from the get-go has that Atlanta sound similar to Lil baby and The Migos. The beat is carried with a hypnotic flute melody backed by a very simple drum pattern. The 808 and the high hats drop in and out of the beat providing little change-ups for the artists to change his or her style of rap flow.

2. "ESPY"

"Espy" Is very trippy vibe type beat. The pattern is much faster and the 808 and the high hats have a cool skip to the which helps the rap change up his or her flow. The verse is very open with spacey trip pad sounds. The hook has a simple guitar melody without out the drums. This helps create dramatic relief within the instrumental as most of the verse has the majority of the focus.

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3. "I WANT" 

"I Want" is a much more of a commercial Lil baby trap type beat. While the verse sounds like they are busy it only consists of a chopped female vocal a simple organ sound. It has a nice mixture of commercial trap beat and rnb mixed in with the Atlanta trap sound.

4. "Income Sources" 

"Income Sources" is much more of a fast trap beat. This Lil Baby instrumental is built using a female chopped vocal while using a much more aggressive 808 and a high hat pattern. While Lil Baby himself admits that he isn't the best rapper, any rapper with skills can get a feel for the high hat rolls and skips.

5. "Last Chance" 

"Last Chance" is a very simplistic instrumental backed with an intricate 808 and high hat pattern. While the core of the beat is played out using a delicate flute melody. This very beat is more true to that Lil Baby type beat sound as it is very little in the makeup of this beat. Tons of room for rappers looking for an easy rap beat.

6. "TEASE" 

"Tease" is a fast trap instrumental with a rolling 808 baseline pattern. This beat is more of a freestyle trap beat without any defined hook. Additional instrumentation includes a warped piano melody and a Chinese loon which sounds like a chopped vocal.

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