Hip Hop Instrumental With Hook - The Corporatethief Beats
Hip Hop Instrumental With Hook - The Corporatethief Beats

Hip Hop Instrumental With Hook | Finders Keepers | The Corporatethief Beats

This is my Hip Hop Instrumental With Hook which is Jidenna type beat called "Finders Keepers". This beat reminds me of a Jidenna x G Eazy Instrumental. It's a modern trap beat with chopped pitched vocal hook and a Spanish guitar melody backed by trap drums.

There is a haunting pad sound in the background along with perc sounds which have a clock ticking like sound. I messed with the vocal by pitching the vocal up and down so it sounds like both male and female vocals are singing together. 

The song structure is a bit more complicated compared to that of your standard hip hop beat. The instrumental has various stages at intro verse-chorus and chorus outro which leads back into the second verse. The instrumental also contains a middle 8 bridge which helps to build the atmosphere of the beat.

I feel that this instrumental sounds more commercial and radio-friendly compared to all the instrumentals found on my website. If you would like to use the beat for your mixtape please purchase a lease license form the player. All terms and conditions are found under the beat store. The BPM is 136

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