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Hey, it’s Dan with The Corporatethief Beats, in this Video I will show you how to build a following on Instagram. As you can see before you, you can see my Instagram screen in front of you.

And I’m just going to go over a tool on the tool, {Follow Adder For Instagram} that’s helping me build my Instagram following at the moment.

This tool has helped me find targeted followers on Instagram. Not just any kind of random followers. But targeted users.

I have built this Instagram account up 2000+ targeted followers and I’ve been using it for, maybe a month and a halfish. But I haven’t been using it as much as I should, but you can just set this up and it will play away as long as you keep your computer on.

Video tutorial How Set up follow adder 


Behind The Software

Follow Adder Software

But what I just haven’t had time to kind of just leave it running. As of sometimes, I can’t just leave my computer running all the time when I’m not here.

I should be using this more Because I’m paying for it, But it doesn’t really really cost that much. The tool is called Follow Adder For Instagram

It’s a similar tool to what was on Twitter a couple years ago with that Twitter changed its Terms Of Service, so I think these guys have created the follow adder for Instagram.

This is the pricing tiers of each of them. So to manage one Instagram account it’s only eight bucks a month and that’s the one what I practically pay.

Make sure you watch the video above so that you will learn exactly how to build a following on Instagram using the tips I show you in the video.


I don’t really need 10 Instagram accounts, so it’s a cheap tool to help me build my following on Instagram with real active followers. Now I’m going to kind of go into the actual software for you.

You could try to follow adder for Instagram out for like 14 days, or something like that or seven days and you get a free trial just to check it out.

So the main way that I use it for is to target real Instagram followers by finding other popular accounts, that have my target market following. Now first you have to do is create a user list.

So I created one of these user lists here.

The main way to get followers , is to follow like-minded users on Instagram.

We will use the software to do the hard boring work of following these people. But we will get a certain percentage of the accounts we follow to follow use back. This is the easiest way of how to build a following on Instagram.


Follow Adder Tutorials



Since I’m a beat maker most of the time hip-hop artists are going to be on Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes or coast 2 coasts live using words like hashtag #datpiff Or the Datpiff mixtapes Instagram account.

So I created a list name this one here is a user list that already filled. I’ve actually had a user list here. You can always create a new list if you had someone like SoundCloud or if you’re targeting someone from some other mixtape website.

Like that of live mixtapes or sites that have hip hop or people who like rap music. Make sure that you target people that you target people who like hip-hop in the first place.

Make sure to find similar kind of people that you’re trying to attract.


follow adder for instagram tutorial

Then create a user follow list. I’m going to create a LiveMixtapes user list here. That’s just the name and the file that it goes in too. Here I am actually searching for this kind of people.

I’m going to have to search the name of Livemixtapes on here. So you can see that I search for the Livemixtapes account.

I’m going to copy their account name and add it to follow adder for Instagram. I really want to get all their followers, and I’m going to paste in Livemixtapes user id.

Then I am going to click on their followers in follow adder. So that I follow their followers. Not they’re following. As most of these accounts are of famous people who don’t follow back.

More of than not following famous accounts is a waste of time as they get bombarded with spam messages.

How To Use The Software

follow adder restrictions

  • Now it has been added to the Follow Adder for Instagram software. To make this work make sure to turn the automation on and then it will start populating users for you to follow.
  • It will start going out scraping all these followers and then putting them all into the software and then we’ll start following users and stuff like that.
  • Make sure to add the real user ID of the account you want to follow. The live mixtapes that I have highlighted here are what you need to add to follow adder.

  • It’s like a handle on Twitter. This is the folder that they’re going to is the one I just created. It’s the live mixtapes folder and I just add that to a new search.







instagram keywords


hash tags instagram

If I just come back to where I was again. So we just started a user search, and as you can see I’ve already kind of have something set up already.

Like that of the Coast 2 Coast mixtapes list. This Instagram follower list is already active so now it’s going out following real targeted people on Instagram.

Or it has gone out following people on Instagram that are active using the keywords or hashtags that my user base. Or those users that have mentioned the keywords that I placed in my targeting.

This stops you from triggering Instagram’s spam filter. Keep your follow activity on Instagram low and don’t over kill the software will allow you build a real targeted following on Instagram on autopilot.

So this is just one way of going to another way of how to use this follow adder for Instagram. In the next video, I will try to get more Instagram followers by targeting keywords, likes. and photos. This was just the first video on how to build a following Instagram there will be four more videos after this one.



my instagram followers after 3 months with follow adder
35 %

Growing Your Instagram Fanbase Part 2

photo commenters instagram

The best way to find active people on Instagram is to find photo likers. These are people that are on Instagram all the time so the are the best people to follow.

Most people will probably share your content with their followers as well when they follow you back on Instagram.

The main reason I stress targeting in this series about finding more Instagram followers is that a lot of artists that are trying to build their Instagram accounts are following people that just don’t want to listen to their music.

So many artists think about the numbers game and not about the quality of the follower that will follow them back on Instagram. Sure the ethics of using a tool like follow adder is up for debate.

The main reason I use the tool in the first place is that it takes the grunt work of following people. Then it also takes the grunt work out of finding the right people to follow that will hopefully have some interest in my content.

Either I pay a social media manager a wage every week to look after my account on Instagram which will cost a fortune. OR I get this Instagram Follower Bot to help me at the fraction of the cost.  

The {either way I am not spending my whole day on Instagram. Us musicians have more important things to do like creating new music}.

So if you post interesting content on Instagram theses active followers will like your photos too.

So the way to start this off is to go into users and create a list name. I already have a user list created. 

This list is called photo likers on Instagram. Then I go down to search and go to photo likers and select it.

follow adder for instagram tutorial


follow addder for instagram review

I’ve actually found that account so I’m just going to put the list name. So LM for photo likers. And then add the code of the live mixtapes photo.

I got the live mixtapes photo code from the URL of that Photo from Instagram. This URL code here. So it’s just in this little section here. And it has 173 likes.

Hopefully, they’re all kind of hip hop interested people and that might be good to follow. So I’m going to put them in a proper folder.

This way I know where it is and I’m going to add those followers. From what I have seen with my use of Follow Adder I notice that around 20% – 30% of people will follow you back which isn’t hat bad.

That’s gonna take the time to actually populate a whole list of users as you can see there’s no one in it now so you can have to let this go out and find people to follow. 

Follow adder will go out and scrape all these accounts or are these photos and it will find all those people all those accounts. And then what will happen is that you can set up Follow Adder for Instagram software, so you can set up to follow section.

Where you can type in the photo likers and add it to the follow automation. Then just leave this on in Follow adder for Instagram and it will start following people who liked that picture. The software will start following every single person. Hopefully, a certain percentage of them will follow your Instagram account back.

That’s just another way you can be hyper-targeted with getting more Instagram followers. This will help you build a real and more active following on Instagram. Targeting people who like photos of the content you like is the best way to find similar like mind followers.

How To Get More Instagram Followers 2018

Just before you start learning how to get more followers on Instagram maker sure to check out Follow Adder Tutorial Part 1 and Follow Adder Tutorial Part 2 of the Follow adder for Instagram series or else you’ll be lost.

In the last 2 videos, I showed you how to use follow adder and how to target specific followers similar to the content that you make.

Please before you use follower adder take your time to find the right users or influencers followers. This way you will make the most of using Follow adder and your Instagram will get a better engagement rate.

Another great way to find really targeted and active users on Instagram is to target those popular photo commenters of popular content you like. Comment on photos is created by most generally active on Instagram all the time.

In my experience, I found that targeting photo commenters on Instagram proved to be the best quality of followers. Where I now get more likes and comments on my content and more traffic to my music website.


But I found that the photo commenters were very low on some photos that had the right followers for my Instagram account. Which I found a bit more time consuming. But that’s only because I was being super specific. As a hip hop artists, I think you can find industry rap artist with tons of similar fans who comment on their photos.

You can see here that we undergo the same process again. Creating a user list. I actually find something with the very large amount of comments from a certain audience. Normally as I beat maker I would target rappers. Like those that follow the live mixtapes Instagram account.

I’m going to find a popular photo on their on a more popular account for this example. Here I am ON Drake’s Instagram profile.

On his Instagram page and you can see he’s got a ton of photo commenters. This is great as you have now found very active Instagram followers. If your music is like Drake’s or if you create rap beats like that of Drakes Producers.

Targeting similar types of fans is a great way to start building your Instagram profile. Tons of people have to comment on this views from the sixth post on Drake’s profile. This is a popular comment so I’m just going to with the type of followers we are looking for.

 I’m just going to grab the little code that’s up here in the URL of the photo. And I’m going to add it to this code in The code ID section in the search area on follow adder. I’m going to put into and then I’m going to add it to my user list in Follow Adder that I just created.

photo likers on instagram
  1. This is where the followers you have gathered have been added to the right folder so that you can judge which are has the best follow backs.

  2. Then I am just going to hit that add button.
  3. So now it’s gonna start following all those people on that have commented on Drakes photo.
  4. And these are all targeted and they’re all kind of active users.
So the more active users are the better engagement you’ll get with your Instagram page.
You should get more people to come to your website and purchase the music you have on Itunes.
Whatever kind of product you’re trying to sell but the best thing you have to think about is trying to pick someone who will be interested in your content.

Begin specific with your targeting of photo commenters on Instagram is crucial for your success. Otherwise this is a complete waste of and you’ll never get the engagement or social proof that you seek.

There are 2 more videos in this how to get more Instagram follower series. The follow adder tool can do a number of different functions, and I will show you how in the other video tutorials.

 The two main benefits to using follow adder are that it takes the mundane following tasks out of InstagramFollow Adder practically acts like an unpaid employee working away for you.

Building your Instagram profile without costing you an arm and a leg.  Also, you can be hyper-targeted with the people you want to follow. Which I believe to be the main benefit. As all of this work is a waste of time if you don’t find get the right Instagram Following.

Building An Instagram Following Part 4
tag instagram music

Here is the final way to find targeted very and specific people on Instagram. Here I will show you how to find hashtags that are popular on Instagram are keywords that normally hip-hop artists use in their name or their biography on the description area on Instagram.

Before I continue, please make sure to check out Follow Adder Tutorials Part 1 , Grow Your Instagram Followers Part 2 and Finding real active Instagram Followers Part 3 before you watch this one here. As I have skipped some of the basic functions here as it was getting repetitive in the video.

To get best results or a more quality follower base on Instagram pleases start at the very beginning of the follow adder tutorial series.

I noticed that allot of hip-hop artists tend to use the word bookings and features a lot in their descriptions of their Instagram account.They tend to use the same keywords over and over again.
drake's instagram profile champagnepapi
A lot of rappers tend to call themselves “Young Artist Name” Or “Kid Artist Artist” in their names. This is the research I carried out. Since I’m a beat maker, I am targeting hip hop artists.
These words like KID and Young before the rappers name are commonly associated with hip hop artists. So these keywords are very specific to my Instagram Follower targeting.
  1. Already here I have created the keyword or the hashtags list on follow adder. Already the list been populated as you can see before you in the video.

  2.  All these people that have used the word the keyword or have used the hashtag in their bio.

  3. Using keywords or Hashtags are a great way to get new followers on Instagram. But only if you do the right research on the type of followers you want in the first place.

  4. There’s very specific people will only use the word hashtag #Datpiffmixtapes. More often it is used by rappers or hip hop artists.

  5. These are the people we Follower adder will follow and hope that 20 – 30 percent follow use back as they might be interested in the same kind of content.
The key is in the targeting

As I mentioned a thousand times now it’s up to you find similar rap artist that create a similar type of music. Target keywords they use or the hashtags they use so that you will grow a similar type of follower base on Instagram.


Like, for example, most Drake fans will have the KEYWORD “ DRAKE FAN “ in the bios on Instagram. Others might tweet popular hashtags Drake uses.

Like the #viewsfromthesixth is a great one to target as it’s current right and you can be sure those people are active users. Also, they have the similar interest in the music Drake creates. So if you create beats or music like drake this is a good place to start.

As you can see in the video I found the #datpiffmixtapes. Then I added the hashtag to follow adder to start finding all of these people. 

Once Follow has populated a list of users to follow you just go to the follow section in follow adder , select your new list and turn on the follow automation.


This is the exact same process for the using the keyword targeting, just make sure to select keyword in the search section in to follow adder.

Also, try it out with a number of good targeted keywords for best results.

There are other ways of targeting people with the following added , you can even use location targeting which I feel would be great for early promotion. When you are just starting out and you want to get the word out about your shows.


Also, if you are familiar with your stats and you have sold a lot of tickets to a show in a specific location, using the location targeting will be greatly beneficial.


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