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Section 3 Making A Beat Store


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In this section of the Beat Selling Website Tutorial Part 11 I show you how to set up your airbit beat store. These are some of the essential setting you need in order to start selling beats using the Airbit Beat Store.

This includes stripe and paypal integration so that when people buy beats from your beat store they will receive the beats and automatically.

You can also find additional settings to brand your beat store and the check out area that people will see when the buy beats from your site.

​Beat Selling Website Tutorial Part 12 ????
Airbit Google Analytics, Aweber and Social Media

In this section of the beat selling website Tutorial part 12, I show you how to integrate Google Analytics with Airbit to help give you insight into the type of customers your beat selling business receives. Google Analytics is a powerful tool to help you discover more information about the people that listen to your beats on your beat store.

Also, it's will help you conversion tracking by implementing goal tracking for free beat downloads and rap beat purchases.Here will also find out how to integrate your email marketing software like that of Aweber [which I showed in Part 7 of the Beat Selling Website Tutorial series] to help segment the email address of the artist that purchase rap beats from your Airbit Beat store and from the people that download your free rap beats from your Airbit beat player.

Airbit also has social fan gates attached to the player so you can give away your free beats in exchange for a social follow or an email subscription. You also get an insight into how to link your social profiles to your Airbit Beat Store so that you can syndicate your beat uploads to your social media channels automatically.

Beat Selling Website Tutorial Part 13 ????Uploading Beats On Airbit, Artwork & Beat Licenses

In this section of the Beat Selling Website Tutorial Part 13 I show you how you can upload beats on your Airbit Beat Store. You can upload Mp3, Wav Files and Tracked Out Stem Files of the beats. Which are now all hosted with the Airbit beat store servers?

Airbit Also gives you the ability to auto-tag the beats you upload which helps save time in the long run.

Here I show you how to upload artwork for you beat to make them stand out and make them visually stunning so that beat buyer will click on them and listen to the beat you have made.

I also go through how you can add beat licenses on your Airbit Beat store so that you can sell multiple product tiers from each beat. This will help you generate more revenue from your beats.

Beat Selling Website Tutorial Part 14 ???? Adding The Airbit Beat Store On Your Website

In this section of the Beat Selling Website Tutorial Part 14 I show you how to you can add the Airbit beat store on your website.

This is a very simple procedure where you can create specific HTML 5 beat stores for specific pages on your website and drop the beat store on to any page on your beat selling website.

This makes it convenient for you to promote and sell your beats using the airbit beat store so you can target specific traffic to specific pages on your beat site which may contain different genres of beats.

Beat Selling Website Tutorial Part 15 ???? Creating Beat Playlists With The Airbit Beat Store.

In this section of the Beat Selling Website Tutorial Part 15 ???? I show you how to create many specific beat playlist with Airbit beat store.

This will give you the option to group specific genres of hip hop beats to in the Airbit beat player. Creating playlists for specific audiences is key to your success in selling beats online.

Not everyone will like trap beats. So you need to highlight a specific section of your beat selling a website with specific HTML 5 stores catered to beats that your audience's needs.

It will also give you the option to create private beat playlists so that you can showcases new beats first to your newsletter subscribers.

For example, you can have a specific playlist of beats that you haven't upload on youtube or playlist with just exclusive rap beat for sale.

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