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Section 4
Making A Beat Store With


Disclaimer: Some of the links below are referral links, at no extra cost to you I will earn a small commission if you decide to purchase these products. Since I have used all of these products online for my own websites I have confidence in my recommendation based on my own experience with these companies. If you do go through my referral link thanks for your support.

Here in this section of the Beat Selling Website Tutorial Part 16 I show you how to make bulk discounts and coupon codes to help with the selling of your beats on your website.

Running promotions and giving out coupon and discount codes is one of the best ways to sell hip hop beats. It helps build brand loyalty and increasing the customer life time value.

​Beat Selling Website Tutorial Part 17 ???? SellIng Drum Kits On Airbit com

This is the easiest tutorial in the Beat Selling Website Tutorial part 17 where I show you how you can sell your loops and drum kits on your airbit beat store. This isn't complicated very straight forward but I think it's a feature not many people have seen or know that you can sell your drum kits on Airbit. 

Beat Selling Website Tutorial Part 18 ???? Selling Other Beat Makers Beats With Airbit

In this section of the Beat Selling Website Tutorial, Part 18 ???? I give you a brief outline on how you can sell other beat makers beats from your beat store using

It a good idea to partner up with other beat makers online and sell each other beats. This makes it easier since you only have to do half the work plus you will now have a number of producers promoting and selling your beats.

You will also have new beats to sell on your beat store which makes it easier as making beats all the time can be time-consuming and difficult if you are going through a period of lack of creativity.

It can also help you build your email list to sell beats too as you get introduced to new customers from other beat makers and your current users will come back as they see consistency in the beats that you upload on your beat selling website on a regular basis.

To find producers to collaborate with simply add a topic or thread on the Airbit forms that you would like to collaborate on selling beats with another producer.

Most producers will be happy to share the wealth with another producer as it's a lot less work it makes it easier and more efficient with promoting beats online.

Beat Selling Website Tutorial ???? Part 4 Making A Static Page & Contact Form

This section is much more advanced compared to the last videos. Here I show you how to make a beat selling website and How To Create Stunning Landing Pages With Thrive Themes.

Thrive themes is my go-to tool for making visually stunning landing pages, it's a much easier and quicker way of creating a customer focus pages to help you sell your beats online.

Thrive Themes

Have you ever seen a beat site that just looks very professional? It has nice graphics and it's mobile optimized and it has tables explaining the beat leases contracts that are given out when beats are sold. 

Using Thrive Themes I go through how easy it is to make a beat selling website that looks professional and easy to use.

If you want to sell your beats and make your beat selling website stand out from all the other beat selling websites online then this is the perfect tutorial for you.

Beat Selling Website Tutorial Part 20 ???? Creating Email Opt- in Landing Pages With Thrive Leads
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