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Section 2 Creating A Beat Website


Disclaimer: Some of the links below are referral links, at no extra cost to you I will earn a small commission if you decide to purchase these products. Since I have used all of these products online for my own websites I have confidence in my recommendation based on my own experience with these companies. If you do go through my referral link thanks for your support.

Here in this section of the Beat Selling Website Tutorial Part 6 I show you how to create a navigational menu bar. These are the links that are on the top of the WordPress website.

The navigational links allow for better control and access for your customers to find your beat store, you're about page, contact form and the most important sections of your site.

Make your navigational menu as easy and simple as possible for beat buyers to click and access the beat store. The easier you make your website for customer to buy your beats the better sales you make in the long run.

Beat Selling Website Tutorial Part 7 ???? Google Analytics Statcounter and Webmaster Tools

In this section of the Beat Selling Website Tutorial Part 7 I show you how to create add Google Analytics, StatCounter and Webmaster tools to your website.

If you want to sell beats on your new beat selling website successfully, you need tracking software to understand your audience much more closely.

This will give you more insight into what people are coming to your website, what they are searching for and what you need to create content for your audience.

Your blog will play a huge role in the success of your site selling beats online. Blogging will give your audience a chance to bond with you and give you the additional promotional power to speak about and sell your hip hop beats.

Beat Selling Website Part 8 ???? How To Use The Sidebar Widgets In Wordpress

In this section of the How to make a beat selling website in WordPress course, I show you how to use the sidebar widgets.

With the advancement and the popularity of mobile devices the sidebar of most websites has virtually become extinct.

That being said most of the up and coming beat makers looking at this beat selling website course will want to know how to edit, add widgets, place advertisements and control the sidebar space on their website.

The main goal of the sidebar on a website is to control and display important features about your beat store.

This can highlight new beats that you are selling, articles and pages that you have written to promote your beats.

Beat Selling Website Tutorial ???? Part 4 Making A Static Page & Contact Form

This is the section of the Beat Selling Website Tutorial where I show you how to create a newsletter and how to add an opt-in form on your website for people to subscribe.

The quickest and most profitable way you can promote you beats online is by using email marketing. Social media is on the decline and it's becoming more of a pay to play game.

When you have an email list you have much more control over the promotion and selling of you hip hop beats.

It's best to create a simple option bribe to give people a reason to sign up to your beat site.

Most beatmakers give away free hip hop beats in exchange for an email address. This is the common hook or bribe that beatmakers use. You can also use PDF's blog content, video course or discount codes for people to sign up.

I also show you how to add the email option form on your website so that people can subscribe.

To get more in-depth knowledge about email marketing for musicians, check out the email marketing course here.... ???? Email Marketing For Musicians Course

Beat Selling Website Tutorial Part 10 ???? Beats Stores Airbit Vs Beatstars Vs Tuneport Vs Tunevibe

​In this section of the Beat Selling Website Tutorial Part 10 I just show you the different options you have for beat stores for your beat site.

I choose Airbit formally known as Myflashstore. It's my favourite beat store online and I have dealt with the company for many years.

The reason most beatmakers sell beats using beat stores is due to the convenience factor that you can add the player to any page on your website and generate sales for you beats instantly.

There are a number of beat players to choose from some of which include 01:10 Airbit - 3:28 Tuneport - 4:44 Music Markers Wordpress Theme - 5:09 Soundgine - 7:28 Beatstars - 8:29 TuneVibe - 10:01 Rocbattle.

It doesn't matter which beat store you choose to sell your beats they pretty much do the same thing by accepting payment for beats, store your digital beat files and sending the files to the people that buy beats from your website.

In the next video, I will continue the beat selling course giving an in-depth look at the beat store I use and trust. Airbit is the beat store that I use on my site and I will show you how to use it in the next video

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