How To Sell Beats Online Successfully. The Beatmaker Mindset

 Maximizing Profit and Promotion From One Beat

I am creating this article to help other beat makers online maximize profit and promotion from one rap beat. Selling beats online is just one aspect of how you should create your only income. Most of the time beatmakers online only upload a beat to their beat players. The only make one beat video and that’s it for their promotion and profit.

Here I outlined other ways how beatmakers can use that one rap beat to gain more profit and promotion. These promotion ideas will show you how to sell your beats online successfully. Just by creating a little extra content.


This way they can use their beats promote other products too. Just like the major artists do with physical products like the beats headphones and clothing which we see in popular music videos.

Just before we begin with the video tutorials and the blog post, it is imperative that you have some of the essential resources to carry out the tasks in this blog post here. Some include A Website / Blog , A Beat Player / Music Store and an Email List of Some Subscribers.


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A List Of The Best Beatmaker Music Players Online



1. Pricing Your Beats & Instrumentals


This is the most basic section of the article but, it’s good to cover it for those beatmakers who are just starting and not sure how to price their beats. If you feel you have got this section of pricing your beats down to a T, it’s best to skip down below for other more advanced information.  


The rap beat itself is a product can be sold as leases. Predominantly this has a four-tiered system.








Non-Exclusive Beat Lease Rights:


pricing your rap beats

This is usually the lower tier on the pricing scale. This is normally sold as an mp3 with very basic usage, like that of a mixtape or a music video. The price is normal between $5 To $30’s


The Premium Wav Beat Lease Rights:

premium rap beat lease

This lease right gives the artist a higher quality Wav file. I have seen some beatmakers offer the Wav File and the Mp3 in this price package.

The main reason they do this is that they are increasing the value of the beat package in adding the Mp3. Mp3’s don’t take up as much space as a Wav file does, and a lot of artists like to listen or vibe to the beat on their phone.


The distribution restrictions are lifted a little here, where the artists are allowed to add their song to sites like iTunes or Spotify.

The price point for this product is between $19.99 and $49.99.


The Platinum Tracked Out Lease Rights:

Platinum rap beat Lease

This beat lease is the top tier of the lease market. Tracked out leases are normally purchased by very serious artist’s, that already have an audience to promote their music too.


Most beatmakers give the High-Quality Wav File / The Mp3 and tracked out session was filed in this package. Again increasing the value of the artist.


The distribution rights are much better here, where rap artists can use the beat for mixtapes, singles, videos, live shows, iTunes, Spotify and other distribution websites.  


Most rap artists use this type of lease so that their engineers can tailor the beat to the artist’s song. Rappers tend to use tracked out leases at the request of their sound engineer. They tend to only use leased beats for mixtapes and live shows, not albums or singles.

It’s a good idea for up and coming rap artists to buy tracked out leases as they are cheaper than exclusive rights. Most mixtape songs are only there to help the artist progress and build a following.  


When the value has increased, the price increases too. The price point of this rap beat package is normally between $50 – $99.


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The Exclusive Rights To A Rap Instrumental

Selling exlcusive rap beats


This is the final tier to the pricing model that most beatmakers commonly offer. This beat license, is an official contract between the rap artists and the beatmaker, that this particular artist has the only artists that have rights to this particular rap beat.

The beatmaker still owns creative control over the beat, but he/she can no longer sell the lease or the exclusive rights to any other artist.


The beatmaker still has rights to his/her publishing, should the beat take off and get popular airplay the producer still earns from the royalties from airplay, CD sales, performance shows.


The artist usually gets the Mp3, the HQ Wav and The tracked out session files along with a signed Exclusive Rights contract from the producer.


The common price point for exclusive rap beats is between $300 – $2000 {Online}.


2. Promoting Just One Beat



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Upload Beats On Mixtape Sites As A Rap Beat Single:



upload to mixtape sites

This one beat can add to most mixtape websites, like that of Audiomack, Soundcloud , Datpiff, Hulkshare, Gotinstrumentals ,, and Livemixtapes.  Most of these mixtapes sites have areas now for singles as well as mixtapes. So start uploading that one rap beat to these sites.


Audio Streaming Websites / Audio Distribution Sites


These come under the same section as that of the mixtape sites singles above. Using a music distribution sites like Tunecore / Songcast or CDbaby these sites will add your music to most online music retailers like that or iTunes and Amazon. They will also add it them to streaming services like that of Spotify.


Click To See My Blog Post On Music Distribution Sites


Note that these digital distribution sites have all different price plans and take different commissions. Please do your research before signing up to one of these sites.


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3. Beat & Instrumental Videos and YouTube.


Adding your beats on Youtube is one of the best promotion tactics you can carry out as a beat maker. Most producers create fancy Youtube still images and thumbnails using a tool like that of Canva to lure hip hop artists to buy rap beats.





Using Youtube’s internal search engine maximize your promotion, by first cleverly optimizing the video. This includes naming the video in relation to common search terms on Youtube. Using Youtube’s suggestive search you can find out the type of beats hip hop artists were looking for.


suggestive search

Most of the time it’s good to pay attention to trends like Drake’s new album “Views from the Sixth” is out now so a lot of hip hop artists will be looking for “views from the sixth type beat on Youtube”


Some beatmakers call their beat videos after the artist that inspired the beat and add the following “Drake type beat 2016” to the name of the beat. This brings their video into the recommended search window that is normally on the left-hand side of Youtube.


Other good Youtube optimization ideas include adding a long description of the how you made the beat including keywords that you want to rank for.

Adding the complete name of top viewed beats and the names of other very popular beat makers into the tag section. This will help your video to be found in popular searches that are similar to your beats.

Make sure to have a good call to actions in your video or else it’s a waste of time. Use Youtube’s cards, annotations, and the description area to add a link to your beat site or your free download squeeze page.

My Rick Ross Type Beat On Youtube Call To Actions On The Side Of The Video

call to action in beat making videos

4. YouTube Adsense & Youtube Monetization With Your Beats 


Many beatmakers that are starting off with beat making are very attracted to the idea of Google Adsense. This is where Google shares a certain percentage of the advertising revenue you create on your Youtube video.


This is easily done, just create an Adsense account and link it to your YouTube Channel, then click on the green monetize button after you upload your video to YouTube.  


Just a quick note on Adsense:


YouTube Adsense can be very lucrative for some people on YouTube. On the other hand, I am not that fond of this YouTube monetization strategy for a number of reasons. One in which includes, that YouTube ranks your videos based on one key metric: RETENTION RATE

youtube retention rate

From my understanding, if you have your beat video’s cluttered with pre-roll ads and banner ads you limit the focus on your video. This will cause the rap artist to lose interest in your beats and having the knock on effect of decreasing your beat video audience retention rate. When you lose ranking in Youtube search, you lose views, thus losing sales.

It’s a better strategy to only monetize a few rap beat videos to keep Google happy. Make sure to have better calls to action for rap artists to subscribe to your channel or opt-in to your email list. This way if you build an email list you can continue to sell beats and promote your beats to that audience every month.




5. Beat Making Videos: 1st Golden Nugget


Something I’ve noticed recently is that many beatmakers aren’t taking advantage of beat making videos. Creating beat making videos is a great way to promote your music online. A lot of rap artists find hip-hop beats tutorials on YouTube.


Now you have two videos from that one rap beat. One video with a still image and now this beat making video tutorial. But this time, change up the heading and description so that your video comes up with other similar beat making videos.


Try adding in common searched titles like “How To Make A Rick Ross Type Beat”.


Commonly I have seen beatmakers put hours into creating these amazing video tutorials, and then that it. Most beatmakers stop there and think it’s all about video views after that. This is where most beat makers need to step it up if they want to profit from their beat making abilities.


You can write an article about how you created this rap beat and add both the video and the article to your blog. Mention a list of resources that you used to create the beat.




sell beats online resources and tools

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6. Example Of A List Of Resource Used To Make Profit from 1 Rap Beat.


  1. Sell Your Own Rap Drum Kits
  2. Sell Sounds and Samples Used To Create The Beat
  3. Become an affiliate for other sites drums like The Producers Choice Hip Hop Drum Kits
  4. Become an affiliate of the software you use e.g. FL Studio
  5. Become an affiliate for the plugins you use eg Wave, native instruments.
  6. Become an affiliate for tutorial sites like {fl studio},{pro tools} or {logic pro x}

  7. Become an affiliate for the music maker theme or myflashstore for the beat store you use to sell your beats.
  8. Sell the video tutorial on your site.
  9. Sell the video tutorial of how you mixed the beat and the plugins you used
  10. Sell the FLP, Logic File, Pro Tools File To Other beat makers to help them understand how you made the beat.
  11. Sell the resell lease rights to other beatmakers so that they can profit from the beat on their website.
  12. Give the video tutorial away for free as a lead magnet so that beatmakers subscribe to your email list. Now you have a list full of target beatmakers that want a need beat making tutorial courses. It’s up to you to create and sell rap beat making video courses to them.


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7. SEO Benefits from This One Rap Beat


Most beatmakers struggle to get good backlinks for their website. They put so much energy into creating nice websites, buying nice beat making website templates, creating beats, mixing beats creating blog posts and time on social media promoting their site.

But when it all comes down to ranking your site on Google with SEO {search engine optimization}, quality backlinks are still a major factor to getting your site up there in the Google search results.


 2nd Golden Nugget: Getting SEO Value


So How Does This One Beat Get Backlinks For My Site?


There are tons of quality music production websites out there on the web. They are crying out for daily content for their readers. Creating content takes time and money to make.


So if you have 1 beat tutorial, create a number of ORIGINAL articles based on the content you have spoken about in your rap beat tutorial, and ask these sites can you submit a guest post in exchange for a do-follow backlink.

If you are too lazy to write articles, make a video of you speaking about beat making/mixing the beat, then go to a site called and get someone there to transcribe the article.


hip hop articles


Before you start doing this, make sure that the music production website has a good ranking on Google with quality links. Using free tools like SEO Moz, and will help you judge the site before you give away free content.

seo for beat makers

Look for ranking factors like Domain Age, Domain Authority, Moz Rank, Back link Trust Flow and traffic stats to help make the best choice of backlink for your website.


Caution: Make sure to create back link diversity. So don’t create 100 back links with the same keyword or your site will get penalized by Google.


It’s best to create natural links like your www. domain name or your website’s name with a multiple – keywords related to your beat site.








Adding your beats to other beat makers sites to profit share.

 website to sell rap beats on

There are a number of hip hop beats selling sites online where you can upload your beat too.


Some of which include Soundclick, Rocbattle, Myflashstore, Beatstars, Tuneport and A good place to look in’s forums.


Here you can work with other beat makers that might have better traffic than your website. Myflashstore has a new system where producers can sell other producers beats on their players and split the profit with you.






You can send this beat to other different producers and allow them to collaborate and change it to their liking. Now you and these other producers are all promoting and selling this one beat on your social channels, email list’s and websites.  


8. Adding A Hook To Your Rap Beat.


This can be a very lucrative idea. Most rap artist can’t sing, or they find it difficult to write a catchy hook on a rap beat for their song. The easiest way to make money online is to find problem or pain that someone has, then create a sell the solution to that person with that pain or problem.


So if some rappers can’t write hooks or can’t sing the hook, write a good hook for your beat, then find a local singer or a singer on and add a hook to that rap beat.

 Singers On Fiverr Who Will Sing Your Hook

get a singer to sing a hook over your beats

{Caution Note: Make sure the singer signs a contract stating that he/she has received one-time payment for his or her work}


9. Creating Beat Snippets For Certain Mobile Social Network Sites.



adding rap beats to instgram

Not all social network websites allow you to upload a long video. Sites like Snapchat, Vine, Twitter and Instagram only allow 15-30 seconds of video content. So you will need to optimize your videos for each social site.

It’s important to keep in mind that this is really mobile marketing. Most of these sites are intended for mobile devices. So if you have a link to your beats site, where you want to sell this 1 rap beat, it’s best to make sure your call to action link is mobile friendly.

Try using a tool called Gramblr to help optimize and control your Instagram account from your computer.


gramblr with instagram


Sites like myflashstore or the music maker theme have mobile-friendly interfaces that will create a better user experience for the artist that is purchasing the beat.


10. Try Using A Social Content Locker.

promote your music with social locker


Here is something that is really getting more and more popular. This is where a free gift or a free piece of content is hidden behind a social site paywall.


This free gift {or bribe} can be bet the mp3 demo download of this one rap beat, the beat tutorial of how you created the beat or the drum kits used to make the beat.


If it’s the free beat demo download the artist must share your pre-written message on social media {Tweet Facebook Share} with all their followers, in order to gain access to this free demo beat download.




This pre-written message / social message can be for an opportunity to visit your beat store or to join your email list. If it’s the free download is a beat tutorial, many beatmakers will have to share your social message with their more targeted followers.


When I mean more targeted followers I mean, hip hop artists that they have built up in time.


I used a tool called Social Locker for WordPress to help me carry this social sharing experiment out. There are other plugins out there but I have the best experience with this one.



promote and profit from rap beats

To Sum Up, This Blog Post About Promoting and Selling Your Beats 


Try and start to think outside of the box when it comes to promoting and sell instrumentals online. Most beatmakers don’t do half the work that they could be doing in order to make their beat sites more profitable.


Instead of moaning in music production forums about why rappers don’t want to pay for beats, try and come up with another solution to profiting from your rap beats.


If you want to ask some more questions or connect with me more about music marketing or blogging hit me up on Twitter @corporatethief or my Youtube Channel or my site The Corporatethief Beats . I hope you have learned something new from this article. If you have don’t forget to share on Facebook or Twitter it with someone else who can also benefit from this knowledge.

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