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At one point in time Top Mixtape Sites were the go too place for new hip hop music. Lot's of big musicians like Tyga, Chris Brown, Rick Ross, B.O.B Meek Mill, 2 Chainz and Future, released free mixtapes on Popular mixtape sites like, Spinrilla and

These sites had generated massive usership and were and easy way for rap artist to gain viral attention. Artists like Meek Mill and Rick Ross had some of the biggest viral reach with Millions of Mixtape Downloads, like that of Dream Chasers 2 and Rich Forever

While this was an exciting time, mixtape sites have lost out to music distribution companies like DistroKid, Tunecore and CDbaby. Allof these distribution companies gave up and coming musicians to control the distribution of their music and the ability to monitize their own content.

These sites and streaming sites like YouTube, Audiomack, Soundcloud, Spotify and iTunes became the norm. But there are a number of mixtape sites that still operate and continue to have massive traffic which might be a good place to promote your music find new fans hungry for your music. 

While these sites are a good part of your music marketing strategy, it best practice to build a musician or band website of your very own. This way you control your own content and you don't have to rely on websites that you don't own or control.

Mixtape Upload Sites In 2024 Video Tutorial 

1.My Mixtapez: Featured Video, Albums, Singles

On thing to note about is that they have an extensive array of music and mixtape promotional services. As seen by the figure below. They do have a massive audience and fanbase to get your music in front of.

If their services are any good or not is another question. What might work for some might not work for others. It all depends on weather you have sufficient monitization in your backend {Tour's , Merch , A Fan Base, Patreon Podcast} to make your investment back. A massive mistake that up and coming artists make is that they invest the money in the hope for "EXPOSURE" or "PR" and have no plan capitalize on this viral promotion.

Their services covers from mixtape promotion, video promotion and social music promotion.
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 My Mixtapez How To Upload

MyMixtapez is the perfect platform for rappers to take their music and brand online. With our cutting edge technology, you can upload your mixtapes in seconds so fans across Europe will be able find it!

Danny Dueñas went from humble beginnings in Homestead, FL to running his parents’ cellphone store and launching the popular Video Ringtone Maker app shortly after high school. In 2011, he envisioned an app for listening to mixtapes on smartphones and brought it to life in the form of My Mixtapez with his brothers.
He is based in the Atlanta, GA office. Source Music Promotion Services

MyMixtapez is a mixtape marketing platform designed to help you increase your music's visibility and - Download and Stream Free Mixtapes and Music Videos from your favorite Hip-Hop/R&B Artists. The easiest way to Download and Stream Free Mixtapes!

They provide features that have been crafted with the needs of all kinds of producers in mind, from those who simply want their work heard by more people than ever before right down through established professionals looking for new ways to grow their fan base .

The result? A site where anyone can upload his or her best material--and make it available around the world.

Popular Mixtape Upload Sites List

Mixtape Site PDF List Download | Hip Hop's Digital Giant | Songs, Mixtapes 

This website is up there with Datpiff on the traffic count. Within the last few years, Hotnewhiphop has catapulted its self to the leading mixtape sites online. Its layout varies that of Datpiff seem to promote the existing new prominent artist's even more than the underdog showing up.

Very little exposure on the front page for a brand-new artist like Datpiff but has a huge quantity of traffic due to preferred artist's mixtapes. Want to learn how to rap better? Check out this blog post 5 tips on how to rap better. Submission service Music Submission Service {Account Needed}

The Nice design below the drawback of the white background and black and orange colours mixed in gives it a streamlined seek the visitors to look at.

You could upload a playlist below of your very own tracks and make a mixtape from it. You could upload individual tracks which Datpiff doesn't have if you wished to release individual tracks rather than simply upload mixtapes.

This mixtape site additionally includes the comparable feature of social content buttons and videos upload's which catch more audience attention while promoting mixtapes online. 

Hotnewhiphop provides music promotion, however, this could be pricey make certain your songs are hot and well provided with artistically and aesthetically or you get a barrage of hate from people and lose your time and cash in the process.

This promotion could be very effective you got a solid item.

The information attribute gives you the current happenings in the Hello Hop world and show business. It's good to come below participate in the remarks with relevant details and individuals might be concerned about your page to examine your profile.

I think is an old hip hop news website and has a nice design however if they wish to be the leading mixtape website on the web I think it would be sensible for them to offer more exposure for up and coming rap artists like Datpiff. Conclusion 6.5 / 10.

3. - Free Mixtapes Updated Daily

This site doesn't have the volume of traffic as a datpiff but the attractive layout of this website is only going to make this mixtape site one of the most popular sites in the future.

Ease of use for everyone to Upload to Newest Mixtape Releases. Easy to use and updated daily this site is a great alternative to paying for mixtape downloads. Just stream and download them for free instead!

live mixtapes

But unlike the latter, you need to have a large fan base and web presence to get a mixtape online on live mixtapes. 

The best way for you to get a mixtape on here is to find a qualified DJ online on Twitter or LinkedIn and hit them to host your mixtape and upload it for you. 

If you are just a regular street rapper the chances of you getting a mixtape up here are slim so don't even waste your time.

This site is only for premium current artist's or artist's that are backed by an indie label so if you're signed to an indie label get at your provider to hook you up here and reek the benefits of the exposure that you can avail yourself here. 

The site's layout is great with the white background and sleek blue making it and an attractive website visually to the listener's eye. 

Disappointing that it's not easily open to every up and coming artist but if you can achieve some industry backing you get top downloads and exposure here. Verdict 7/10

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4.Spinrilla: Discover & Stream Independent Hip-Hop Music

Spinrilla markets itself as a platform that allows users to discover independent and emerging hip-hop artists, and only certain pre-approved users have the ability to upload music to the site. (Of the 19 million registered users, it’s estimated that only about 14,000 have upload privileges.) Source

Spinrilla is the 800-pound gorilla of hip hop mixtapes. It's the world’s first, giving you all your favorite genre at any time - independent or emerging artists are just a tap away! With over 150k tracks to choose from in SpinRillla including new music added daily by Underground Artists for everyone to enjoy equally no matter where they come down on their scale (or if there even is one).

How To Upload Music On Spinrilla

Do you want to upload your music to Spinrilla? Start by creating an account at After that, complete this form for an upload account > . After you fill out the form, we will send you a confirmation email when your account has been upgraded.
upload to spinrilla
spinrilla mixtape upload

Spinrilla is a site that supports artists and allows them to upload their music. Spinrilla offers many features, including the ability for users to create an account on-the-go with its mobile app or desktop version og in to your account on the website and look for "Backstage" in the left menu bar or go straight to

MixtapeMonkey | Download/Upload Free /Rap Mixtapes

Mixtape Monkey was created by Mark Serrano in 2011 during his senior year of High School. He wanted a way to combine all the music he loved into one easy-to use online platform, so that mixtapes could be made easily for friends and family members on any device!

Mixtape Monkey

Very little information can be found about this mixtape site online. There is no about section on the website. Some thing to note is that the Word "Mixtape Monkey" is has a search Volume: 22,200/month on Google which suggests that it a popular platform.

It's a hard one to judge since they have both content from 2016 and 2021 on the home page? the design of the sign is very modern and the site looks like it optimised for mobile.

Upload Mixtapes To Mixtape Monkey

They have a mixtape submission Google Sheet where you can upload your mixtape to They also have an advertise section which can be found right here. Submission Music Sheet {Closed Website}


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