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Recently I stumbled across a great little feature with Youtube which I feel will help rap artist promote their mixtapes. The Youtube cards feature has been out now for a while but I hadn’t really used it. Most of the time I had old annotations set up for all my old videos. Please watch the video above for a better over the shoulder view on how I carry out this task. And how you can promote your mixtapes with the Youtube cards feature. 

But now I am going back over all my old hip hop beats on youtube and changing those annotations for the new Youtube cards feature. One of the main reasons we use Youtube to promote our mixtapes is so that people come back our website and either subscribe to fan email list or download your new mixtapes. Youtube is one of my favourite websites to promote my rap beats and mixtapes on. It’s ease of use and how much it gives back to you from the work you put in.


How Youtube Cards Will Help You Promote Your Mixtapes


For a long time the old annotations have carried out their purpose bringing people back to our websites , but as people become more a custom to these unappealing features the new Youtube Cards just looks much more attractive and inviting to the listener. This creates a better call to action. Giving us more creative control to test different images that will work in our favour. I have created a number of images for the Youtube Cards features so rappers will come to my site and buy hip hop beats. 


{If you haven’t set up your own website yet watch my video tutorial here on how to start a Website in less 15 minutes}


To set up this feature in Youtube you must link your external website to Youtube. You can carry this out by going to the advanced section on Youtube under the channel tab. Then add your website url and click the verify button.   

promote mixtapes with youtube cards


Once you have carried out that task the cards feature with and external link option should be revealed.


youtube cards


  Here you have serval options that you can use , like adding links to a merchant store , fan funding with kick starter , a video playlist and the external website link. 

promote mixtapes on youtube



It’s important to note that these external link call to actions are very useful so I would advice you to host your mixtape on your website.



cards youtube

How to promote your mixtapes the right way with Youtube Cards !

Use the mixtape player embed features that most sites like , Soundcloud , or datpiff give you so that you send people to a specific page on your site.

Don’t just link them directly to the home page of your site. Most people have a short attention span online so make it as easy as possible for them to download your mixtape. 

In the image above you can see how it populated an information tab.Here you can link them directly to the page on your website where you are promoting your mixtape. Use the best high quality image you have of your mixtape cover. Make sure that it’s a cropped square so that it will look inviting to the listener to click on it.

Keep your text calls to action short and sweet long text doesn’t particularly work very well. A simple ” Download My Mixtape Here” or “Download this mixtape here” should suffice to get people to come to your website where you are promoting that mixtape.

Once you have created the card you can play back the video. One the right hand side of that video you will see a little information icon { i }. This will flash by in the video displaying your text call to action. Once the listener clicks the call to action the will see your mixtape cover image and the will be able to visit the page where your mixtape is can be downloaded.

The trick with the Youtube cards feature is that you can create up to 5 different cards with different images and text calls to action. But I would advise you to space these across the video a with 1 minute intervals. For the first card I would leave the video roll for 25 seconds as people are so used to advertisements on youtube that he are accustom to clicking the X button for ads.

Remember that the sole purpose of using the Youtube cards feature is to promote your mixtape that you have hosted on your website.

 Try your best at gaining a new email subscriber so that your can get people to revisit your website again and again. Start building that fan babe now. 

If you haven’t set up an fan email newsletter here is my video tutorial.


download my greed is good mixtape



Along with that try and refrain from linking directly from your site to other mixtape websites. Most mixtape sites will give you embed codes to place your mixtape on your own website and you can just copy the download link to your website.

This way you keep your new fans focused attention on you and your new mixtape , and not the music of some popular hip hop artist. 


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