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The is one of my most popular Rick Ross inspired instrumental  at The Corporatethief Beats. The video has generated over 100k views on YouTube and has many hip hop artists freestyle over it. The Beat Is a Rick Ross Type Instrumental Called "I Can".

This is a gospel rap-inspired hip hop instrumental with the same kind of style that Rick Ross and Drake use, also similarly produced by Just Blaze himself! Rappers love to freestyle over this beat as it doesn't have a traditional verse / course / verse structure like your average freestyle inspired instrumental It's designed only for a freestyle rapper that wants to get some bars off his or her chest.

If you like those two rappers then I'm sure you will love what we've got here for your listening pleasure on SoundCloud or YouTube whichever place suits you better in your opinion. 

How I Made The Beat I Can In Logic Pro X

Remember the Lord Knows beat Rick Ross and Drake Rapped over? If you like what Drake does with this type of music or if you're feeling hype due to all this popularity going around right now then I guarantee YOU will LOVE IT too..

While I used the Drake's Lord Knows Instrumental as inspiration that particular instrumental used a sample from Andrew Brown and National Baptist Convention Choir

I try and steer away from using sampled material as it becomes too hard to promote or gets flagged for Copywrite issues on the major social websites. 

This goes against the grain and the very essence of hip hop music which is based on the sample. To get around this, I produce the music I used to sample. This gives me the ability to control the instrumentation of the beat and I own the Copywrite of the rap instrumental

Keys -> The beat starts with a graceful but simplistic grand piano chord structure and in the key of D minor. 

Strings -> Strings enter the second bar of the introduction of the instrumental as an accompaniment to the piano. The Strings and the choir act as layers in the music create the mood and the tension of the beat. 

Choir -> Strings enter the second bar of the introduction of the instrumental as an accompaniment to the piano. The choir sound is a similar sound to what is heard in the Drake and Rick Ross's Instrumental Lord Knows

Bass -> The bass is the driving force of the instrumental. I bind all of the beat together. The baseline is quite catchy and kind of acts as the melody of the music. Various bassline bends, slides and fills create that epic nature of a beat like this...

Drums -> The drums are very similar to Just Blaze with that off-kilter type of drum pattern. Freestyle rappers love this type of gospel drum style as it helps them catch the beat much easier.

The bassline and the drums play off each other so well. When you combine the playful nature of the drums and the bass with the rest of the church like anthem music you get such a powerful and emotional hip hop inspired instrumental beat that rappers love to rap over..

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