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Are you looking for Drake instrumentals for your next mixtape album or single? Here at The Corporatethief Beats, we have over 250+ instrumentals that are 100% royalty-free.

Drake type beats are the most popular instrumentals online. He is such a versatile rapper that he can mix it up from being very modern with aggressive , softer approach with rnb instrumental incorporating singing in the song and he can freestyle rap to old school lo-fi boom bap type beats. 

Drake has to be one of the stand out artists in hip hop at this moment in time. The reason I like making similar music is down to the fact that I don't get stuck in one particular genre. Here I have the freedom to make lo-fi freestyle beats or modern trap beats.

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Popular Instrumentals 

Here I highlight some of my more popular Drake Youtube Beats. Not all of these beats are trap instrumentals. Some of the beat are that classic RnB Sound and Some are that classic lo-fi storyteller type beats

Drake Chilled Beat With Hook - Way Down

The drums are more UK drill type drums, which complement that piano sample along with the quick movements of the bass line. I added in various effects and vocal chops to create that lo-fi drake instrumental sound that rappers like to vibe to. 

Drake / Bryson Tiller Instrumental - Way Down

One of the best hip hop beats I have made. It's so easy to make good beats when you have a solid vocal like this from ProdMac10. The rest of the beat contains a trapsoul type beat vibe. Similar to that of a Drake Type Beat or a Bryson Tiller type beat

1. Chilled Freestyle Beat - "Nostalgia"

If you are looking for a lo-fi chilled freestyle beat, similar to that of the lofi type beat Drake rap over, this is the beat for you. Nostalgia is a storyteller type beat right off the bat. The beat doesn't really have any definitive structure so it's perfect for a rapper that doesn't want to place too much emphasis on a catchy chorus.

2. Lo-Fi Storyteller Drake Instrumental - "Soliloquy"

Got a story to tell in your raps? This beat reminds me of his earlier work. Like the beats that we hear on albums like Take Care, and Nothing Was The Same. The beat has a reversed sample that gives the beat a very gritty old school vibe combined with the slightly of kilter boom-bap style drums. The interluding guitar adds slight commercial ear candy to help provide a catchy hook for the listener.

3. Drake Trap Instrumental - "Income Sources"

Beats like Income Sources are some of my favourite to make as they are quick, fast, dark and seedy. This beat has a great fast 808 movement while the high hats provide incredibly rolls to help galvanise the rapper's flow. If you are looking a fast and aggressive instrumental this the beat you are looking for.

4. Trap Instrumental - "All I Got"

All I Got is that every beat. It sounds something like Drake and Travis Scott would rap over. It's pretty quick and the high hats have a lot of rolls in them. The main sample in the background creates that metronomic sound while the basslines and the pad sounds create darkness to the beat.

5. Jhene Aiko X Drake - "Echelon"

Echelon is a beat that mixes both the new and the old. If you listen to the female vocal chopped sample at the start of the beat you will notice right off the bat that sound bares striking similarities to instrumentals Drakes Album found on Taking Care Or Nothing Was The Same. Because This beat is a mixture of Trap and Lo-Fi feel.

6. Travis Scott X Drake Instrumental- "SASKATCHEWAN"

SASKATCHEWAN has to one of the best trap instrumentals I have made on this beat site. I am a huge fan of Travis Scott's work and I love both the darkness he brings to a beat as well as his playful nature with song structure.

I can hear both Drake and Travis Scott on this one. The beat is built with elegant lo-fi piano sounds, tension is created using strings and pad sounds. A female vocal chop floats in and out of the mix while the bassline and the trap drums provide the instrumental with power.

7. Download KiD CuDi Instrumental- "Game Over"

Game Over has a looming pitched female vocal that hovers around in the background. The beat is title as a Kid Cudi but due to the trap nature of the beat. The beat has really intricate perc sounds which provide the mood, while the backbone of the song is built from a very simple guitar instrumental melody that's heavily filtered.

8. Drake Scorpion Instrumental- "Daydream"

Daydream is a beat that's very influenced by Drake's Scorpion Album. The beat starts out with a heavily filtered piano melody backed by a very light choir sound. The simplistic drums are then meet with a simple but perfect bassline which joins the beat together so well. If you like Drake's storytelling freestyle beats you will love this beat. Very easy beat to rap too.

9. Pusha T X Drake Instrumental - "Love Child"

While this beat is titled with Pusha T I feel that this has a lot of the same similarities to the rap beats that Drake raps over. It opens with a sample that's a pad sound with a slight delay. Then the pad sound is met with a Latin style perc sound and elegant saxophone melody which sails in and out of the mix every 8 bars. The drums are backed by a simple but stylish bass melody that glues the beat together.

10. Drake Background Music  - "Purpose"

The "Purpose" is a Drake beat that I kinda modelled on Drakes instrumental called "The Language". That beat really has some very quick 808 movements while being extremely open for any rapper to rap over.

The beat doesn't have any definitive structure while it does have a middle 808 where the beat drops in and out to create variation and tension within the song. 

There is little to no instrumentation in this beat. I tried to make it more about the movements between the 808 and the drums. While a very basic bell and pad sound keep the beat from being over quite.

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