10 Beat Players & Beat Stores For Producers – [Updated 2022]


For all the musicians out there looking for a quick and easy ways of selling their music online here is an article I have written to help you look for music players online.

There are so many music players and beat store widgets online online and it's hard to pick which one is right for you.

In this article, we will be discussing the best music players for websites. Some of these are my own personal tools that I use in order to sell my music on My Website and others may give you some great new ideas about what can work well too!

Why Do I Need A Beat Store Player To Sell Beats?

A Website Music Player keeps your website looking clean and tidy for your customers
to purchase music from your website, and keeps it uncluttered with pages and pages of music content.

It also gives you more control over your music, placing your best selling beats top the top of the player or your newest beats. Using a beat player to sell my beats online is a major part of my music marketing strategy.

Some of the best music players for the website include {AIRBIT} Myflashstore,

Soundgine, Tuneport, and ReverbNation Rocbattle, Tunevibe, and Beat Stars.All include HTML music players for websites helping you place your music on your website, and the players also send the music to the customer automatically via a download link or via email after purchase.

ATTENTION !!!The price and the appearance may change over time with these music players.I will try my best to keep the information up to date, you still need to do research before your decide to join any company here.

1. THE BEAT PLAYER i use and recommend 

Airbit {MyFlashstore} is one of the most popular Embeddable Beat Store Widgets Online.

It can be used for both artist and music producers online. You can set your own price of your own music as your see fit.

Airbit {MyFlashstore} also has its own charts system but is pretty dominated by lots of online music producers.

You can get and app that allows you to embed it into your Facebook fan page too.

You can use the HTML beat player code to place on your website along with the CSS code.

There are four different types of the designs the echo store which is also the free player, not the best color, the store very sleek and profession design similar to that of iTunes, the sound store, and the bubble store.

The Infinity html5 player allows you to change the background of your music player and place your logo or signature inside the music player. I created a video and a blog post on ohow to promote your music on a tight budget here.

The Airbit Infinity Beat Store

The Infinity Store is a store that not only works for embedding on your website, but also doubles as another full-fledged site. It has an elegant and responsive design so it can be used with any device - desktop or mobile! This will become available to all Platinum Airbit members automatically after signing up.

new optimized mobile beat player

The advantage of the Airbit {Myflashstore} music player for the website is that it allows you to sell exclusive rights and leases on the player. Direct payment via pay pal is a major reason why this beats player is very popular online.  There is a free player available but may contain advertisements and a ten song limit. The price ranges from $9.99 a month for a 50 song limit and a $19.99 for 250 beat limit. 

Unlike previous stores which are customised from your Dashboard, all your customisation settings for the Infinity Store are contained within the settings cog on the right-hand side of the page, and this is where you will spend a lot of your time deciding on the look of your store. Click here to find out how to customise your store.

Selling Hip Hop Drum Kits From Your Beat Store Player

Sell Sound Kits from your beat store

The Infinity Store is an innovative kit store that allows you to sell your sound kits without any additional fees or hassle! As with beats, we recommend high quality artwork for those looking at tiles as large images will stand out more. You can choose whether or not they want their inventory displayed in lists on the page.

Selling Rap Beat Lease Licenses From The Beat Store

sell rap beat lease licenses

Your Infinity Store is the perfect place to keep your licenses organized and in one place. You can choose which license you want when setting up accounts, so it's easy for everyone. Your Infinity Store shows your licenses as a carousel, and in Settings page of each license you can choose which one is highlighted. If you haven’t done so already head on over to set up licenses & contracts for all the different types of beat lease licenses.


Airbit {Myflashstore} also gives beat makers and musicians a solo html 5 music player so that they can share individual tracks specific to certain customers.

This limits the distraction and the multipule choice. Confusion which tends to hinder the buying decisions of certain music buyers.  

Benefits of Airbit {Myflashstore}

  • Airbit {Myflashstore} has a number of new features.
  • Social Share Buttons Within The Beat Player
  • The Inclusion of Stripe As A Payment Processor Co-producer Split Commissions, So Collaborating Producers Can Now Share And Pay Each Other Fairly.

  • The Inclusion of Aweber and Mail Chimp After Payment Processing Customers Can Join Your Buyer's Email List
  • Link Your Beat Player To Social Websites To Automatically Post Your Latest Beats
  • Ability To Sell Songs and Albums
  • Brand New Beat Market With Genuine Beat Buyer Traffic
  • The ability to sell hip hop drum kits from you beat player
  • Social media share buttons on the beat player

  • Social content locker. Trying to build up your followers on Social media? Airtbit has the ability to allow music producers to give their beats away for free to their subscribers in exchange for a social follow or Youtube subscribe.
  • The ability to sell songs and albums from you player
  • The ability showcase collections of specific beats to specific beat buyers.
  • Mobile store link {If you don't a website yet}
  • The ability to give out coupons and discounts to loyal rap beat buyers.
  • Create Specific Rap Beat Music Licences for specific beat players.
  • Analytics {internal and google analytics} and store purchase traffic. 
  • The Ability to add art work to specific beats to showcase different beats 

2 Tuneport {Formally Tunecube} .
Beat Store Widget / Beats Player

Tuneport is the new beat player from the company that was formally known as Tunecube.

This player has come a long way and the developers of this player have finally hit the nail on the head here with this latest design.

It comes with the usual features most beat player sites have which includes.

This player embeds in to all 2.0 sites like that of WordPress , Weebly , Wix , Blogger, Goolge Sites, and Joomla. 

The main benefit of Tune port over the other beat players is that it

tuneport mobile player

tuneport html5 music player


87 %
92 %
82 %
68 %


  • All Automated Sales / Music File Delivery
  • Paypal Payment Processing Integration
  • HTML5 Mobile Optimised Website Players
  • Monitor Stats and Sales Tracking
  • Embed On Many Websites
  • Colour Change Ability To Match Your Website
  • Zip File DeliveryAll Licenses Supported
  • Used By Musicians and Beat Makers
  • Keep 90% Of Your Music Sales
  • Social Media Intergration 
  • Ability to purchase albums and singles.
  • No Monthly Fee


Tuneport Beat Player Pricing

One of the major benefits of The Tuneport music player over all of the other music players online is down to it one time pricing model. The Tuneport music player is a one-time fee that will save you from all of those pesky monthly fees and commissions.

This means you don't need to worry about monthly fees or commissions when using the tuneports online beat maker! The perfect choice for producers just getting started in selling beats on their own website. If you are look for information on how to promote your music independently, this is it. Once you have paid for the life time license for the player, it's one of the best ways to promote and your music for free. 

This beat producing app can be perfect for any producer looking to get their work out there without having the burden on them later down the road!? No commission taken, no monthly fees.



Just to chime in here in this section before I continue with the list of audio and beat players.

I recently came across this theme
. This works with your website and allows you to build your audio players into your WordPress website. This is the Music Markers WordPress Theme. Both beat makers and musicians can market their music using the music markers theme.

This was specifically designed for musicians that didn't want your typical run of the mill to embed an audio player.

This theme is for musicians that want a more natural and authentic music store that has the look and feel that it's part of the website.

Music Maker WordPress theme offers a personal beat store, product store, customizable appearance and more.

Create a complete website built around your beat store.Add unlimited pages, sell both digital and physical products, create a blog for news updates, add plugins and more.



Tunevibe is the hip hop beat selling a website that was once called Beats1.com.

Recently it has gone through some rebranding in order to compete with the other beat players online.

Just like the previous players mentioned Tune vibe has 2 tiered accounts systems.

The basic which is free and comes with unlimited uploads, free players, free admin panel and instant pay pal payments, but with 50% commission taken on all sales made.

The exclusive version charges you $9.99 per month for the same features, better charts placements, ads on the site and no commission taken by the website.

The one major unique feature Tunevibe has over other beat sites is the beat manager system, where you can add some software to your desktop and drag and drop beats from your desktop like that of Dropbox.



Beat stars is a beat site that started about 10 years ago and is really making a name for itself online. Giving you updated information about music licensing opportunities and information on how to sell your music online.

The interface of the music player is very sleek and professional and looks, an artist friend, when it comes to the purchase of your music online.

You can install the beats stars music player on your website via the HTML code and also the option to place the app on your Facebook fan page.You are also given the CSS code for the option to place the beat stars player on your Soundclick page.

You can upload all your music from SoundCloud and place them in your beat stars music player. The are many different themes you can choose for your music player.

If you opt - in for the gold or platinum membership you may customise your own player as you see fit.


Learn More About Beat Stars

You can set up your own prices here as you like and find another artist's to collaborate or sell your own singles from your music player as an artist.

BeatStars is a revolutionary platform that connects artists and producers with one-of-a kind beats. Artists pay the bargain rate, download their beat in seconds for free!

audio player for a website

Lil Nas X paid $30 to license the beat for his hit single “Old Town Road” from an online marketplace called BeatStars. The new world of cheap music markets has everyone scrambling's.

An artist's license is the best way to make sure your beat gets caught on. You can pay whatever you want for it, or shell out more money and secure an exclusive license so other people will be able use it as well! The brainchild of musician/entrepreneur Abe Batshon only found this after his track blew up--he checked what records got made using Beatstars' platform when Old Town Road came into existence.


You can customize the look and feel of your artist website with Pro Page. From colors, fonts, layouts or backgrounds you get to choose from a variety that will match what's in store for your professional brand identity! You also have access to custom domains so all traffic goes straight back at ya when they visit www.[YOUR DOMAIN].

Beat Stars Pro Page

Live Demo Of The Beat Stars Player
{Legion Beats}

  • Instant File Delivery Instant Payments
  • Keep up to 100% of Sales Free Downloads
  • Option Social Sharing Embed Anywhere Custom Voice Tags Filter Price, BPM, Genre, Mood, Tag
  • SoundCloud Import Email List Integration
  • Customizable Design Custom Contracts Discount & Coupon Codes Statistics MP3, WAV or ZIP Delivery Search by Title & Tags
  • PayPal & Stripe Integration
  • Make Exclusive Offers Create Unlimited Stores(by Playlist or All Tracks)Co-Producers (Split Sales)
  • Customer Login Lyric Pad + Looper Audio
  • Visualizer YouTube Background Videos


Free members do have ads on their pages. The $19.99 package gives you unlimited uploads, statistics, 100% of your commissions of beats sold, Youtube Content ID / Soundcloud Monetization 80% commissions, Placement opportunities, better chart rankings and no ads on pro pages.

The Difference with the main difference with the $9.99 package is that you are only allowed 50 beat uploads, less uploads on Soundcloud, and fewer messages/contact with customers. Upload Beats On Beatstars.com & Earn Money.

Beat Stars Pricing


It's unfair for me to compare Beatstars.com vs Airbit.com as it's completely bias since it's clearly evident that I use Airbit.com. If I am honest Beat Stars Market Place seems more of a source for beats for hip hop artists than Airbit.

But I have always loved the Airbit Interface compared to Beatstars. 

I also preferred that Airbit allows custom thank you page URL's so I can track my sales using Adwords and Facebook ads on my own website. Not relying on their custom [PRODUCER.NAME].beatstars.com sub domain.

I also feel that Airbit for a long time stagnated, until it changed it's brand from Myflashstore.com to Airbit.com. Bar using the beat player they offered it wasn't as good of a market place compared to Beatstars.com.

But Airbit.com has come a long way and continues to provide just as good of service compared Beatstars!

Now there isn't really much between them, so if I were starting off then you might try both for different results--it's your choice which will help make the best decision on what works best with your music taste/style. For comparison's sake before deciding, I would try both and see which one helped me sell beats most effectively?


Only a few years ago Soundgine was known as the Euphony beat store. Now under a new branding, the company has introduced a lot of new features. Like that of the other beat players here Soundgine has all the similar features.

Like that of myflashstore, you can get paid instantly via pay pal, no waiting around for monthly payments from webmasters. Once the product has been purchased by the customer a download link is sent to their email.

The design of the player is very polished and sleek interface makes you look very professional.You can set you own your own music as you see fit.

There are different prices, The designer edition comes with an embedded version of Soundgine and free from advertisements.

Administration panel included with this version. What's not included is source flash .fla for coding customization and branding the player The developer edition is essentially the designer version with all the source flash files required to modify the code base.

This version is intended for those that want the ability to alter the shop functionality and branding.

The full edition comes with a fully customizable website complete with Euphony built-in. 1-year free hosting, domain name, and installation.

Soundgine is the perfect platform for artists and producers to upload their beats, music files or even whole albums. With Soundgine easy drag-and drop interface you can set up contracts with clients in minutes while pricing different licenses so they know what price range your work falls under before buying it!

SoundGine provides new users who want an online store front without having any technical skills required (such as FTP uploading), but still wants access to all of our awesome features like setting prices on each license type based off customer needs; creating monthly/yearly memberships which offer discounts. It doesn't get much easier than this!!!


Soundgine beat store
Live Demo Of Soundgine
Features of Soundgine Audio Website Player
soundgen music player
  • HTML 5 Music players.
  • Instant Deliverability Of Music Files
  • Duel Payment processing and Credit Card
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Customizable to conform with your website.
  • eMail list builder with free downloads
  • Social Media Connected
  • Different Currencies
  • They have a 2 tiered monthly priced system one for $9.99 which comes with 50 uploads and some basic features.
  • Then they have the upgraded tier for $19.99 which unlimited uploads and extra features, such as placements in the Soundgine charts.
  • Brand your own company and start making your own name for yourself as a music producer online.
  • Install this cart on your own site Using the HTML code.
  • Once you pay for the music player start sell beats on your site.The sound quality of the music player is the best I have heard online and better than the others I have spoken about.

6.  BeatStore.co WordPress Plugin

BeatStore.co is an eCommerce solution for producers and beatmakers to sell their beats. They provide the best tools, as well as being a great way of getting your music out there! 

Beatstore.co Beat Player WordPress Plugin

BeatStore.co are on a mission to be the best way for producers and beatmakers of all styles, backgrounds and experience levels around world get in touch with their sound. With their wordpress plugin you can sell your music easily without any middlemen taking a cut - it's time that producers are reaping all rewards from creating!

Selling Beats Online With BeatStore.co
Features Of The BeatStore.co Beat Player
  • HTML 5 Music players.
  • Instant Deliverability Of Music Files
  • Duel Payment processing and Credit Card
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Customizable to conform with your website.
  • Social Media Connected
  • Different Currencies
  • No upload limits. {Subject To Hosting Restrictions}

  • UI Theme {Custom WordPress Theme for selling beats}

  • Custom Playlists, Multiple Players.

  • Install This Cart On Your Own Site Using The HTML Code.
  • Use shortcodes to embed your player on any Page.

BeatStore.co Pricing

 They Have A  Monthly Price Of $6.99  Or Yearly $59.99 Price Payment Plan For The The Plugin. They Also Have A Lifetime License Of $179.99

beatstore.co pricing

They Also Have Deals On A Five Site License Price Of $17.99  Or Yearly $134.99 Price Payment Plan For The The Plugin. They Also Have A Lifetime License Of $399.99

BeatStore.co Live Demo
BeatStore.co Ui Theme

One of their stand out products is there UI WordPress Theme Designed to sell beats. If you want your music site to be beautiful and professional, then contact us. You can get a Custom WordPress Theme for selling beats along with an "sticky" Audio Player that follows throughout all pages on our website!

Beat store
It is built to do a few things, and do them well. It includes several pre-designed page templates, but is not compatible with most page builders.

  • Ultra fast load times
  • Customization options like logo, theme color, banner images, front page sidebar, social media links using Theme Customizer.
  • Pre-built Pages Templates: Front Page, All Beats, Pricing, & Blog/Single Post.
  • Other Similar Posts On Our Blog
    7.  TrakTrain Beat Store & Marketplace

    Traktrain is a new and innovative way to share your musical creations with the world. The widget allows you easy access from any device, so get it now!The site's design makes it easy to create different page layouts. It includes pre-designed templates, compatible with most beat selling platforms.
    Traktrain provides a number of tools for musicians and beat makers looking to brand themselves in the competitive world wide web marketplace today - from logo creation through social media management all at your fingertips!

    TRAKTRAIN is the most comprehensive marketplace for buying, selling and leasing instrumentals. Their top priorities are to provide our producers with an unparalleled user experience which includes taking 0% commissions on sales transactions while also providing buyers of high-quality content in this curated environment that will allow them access only through invitation only structure.

    TrakTrain Features
    • Music Market Place To Promote And Sell Your Beats.
    • Instant Deliverability Of Music Files
    • Duel Payment processing and Credit Card
    • Mobile Responsive
    • Customizable to conform with your website.
    • Social Media Connected
    • Different Currencies
    • No upload limits. {Subject To Hosting Restrictions}

    • Custom Playlists, Multiple Players.

    • Install This Cart On Your Own Site Using The HTML Code.


    Traktrain Pricing

    «Free plan» allows you to sell up to 15 tracks in your beat store using our widget. You will still keep 100% of your mp3 sales. Get more profit from your beat store using our widget on the «100 plan» or «Unlimited plan»:

    8.  Mentions Of other beat Stores players & audio website players

    The list of audio player could go on for a number of days, so I just highlighted some other music players that other hip hop beat makers and musicians could use if they didn't like the above list. You can use these players to sell and promote your music online.

    Just click on the images to visit each of the sites.


    You can get a free widget for signing up to ReverbNation and is easy to use.

    It will also integrate you in the chart system that is on the website.You are giving an HTML code for your music player which will allow you to place the player on your website.

    The new Html5 music player looks user-friendly and pleasing to the eye of your fans and customers. You can set up your own prices for your own music.

    The Pro Player cost $2.95 a month or $29.95 a year which is very good price very suitable to any artist both music producers and songwriters.

    Integrated Statistics will tell you how many plays you are getting and how well you are doing on the charts and the demographics of the countries you are most popular in.

    Droping a mixtape on soundcloud

    Soundcloud isn’t really seen as a site to upload mixtapes too. It’s more of all genre music sharing website.

    But because of the popularity and recognition that Soundcloud can offer, a lot of industry hip hop artist’s have chosen to host their mixtapes here.

    Some mixtape websites, are covered in advertising and downtime because the site gets too much traffic.

    Many rappers choose to upload their mixtape on Soundcloud to make that there is no downtime.

    And their fans have constant access to their music at all times.The playlist feature allows you to upload a mixtape on Soundcloud track by track.

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