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Artists have to be savvier than they are with how they want to make their videos look great without spending ten times the cost of what they have.

Nowadays, artists tend to create big, loud, and (sometimes) obnoxious videos, spending most of their music marketing budget on it, because they think that’s what catches social media’s attention and create a ton of traffic for them immediately.

But what if your budget doesn’t match your idea for the perfect video? What about your music?

Would a bright and colourful clip suit the mellow tones of your song? Maybe your video’s too muted for the bass heavy, heart thumping beat that your music is?

Even if you want the highest quality product for a video, it would never work out with a low starting budget. And most promotional music videos don’t need too much of a hassle to create as long as your music is great.

The best and simplest kind of a promotional video is a lyric video, posted of course, on YouTube. YouTube is the number one platform for videos, and leaving your video on there will slowly promote you through a search basis.

“But is it so easy as to create lyric videos?” you ask. Of course, with the right resources. Check out my monster post on music marketing right.

Boost Your Music Video Promotion With These Tools
how to promote your music with sniply
tubebuddy for youtube

Ways to create promotional lyric videos

Now, it’s pretty obvious that you’d rather use your time somewhere more useful, like creating more music or like me, creating my podcasts as well, and would rather be doing something else that isn’t the grunt work of video editing.

Here are just some ways to create amazing lyric videos while still staying within budget.

Hire A Virtual Assistant To Help Promote Your Music

It’s one of the best ways to ensure you get good quality videos without too much time spent or making your wallet cry for the rest of the month.

You can hire a specialist from anywhere in the world, just make sure that they’re from a reputable website or have amazing feedback from previous clients. If they have terrible feedback, you would know where to stay away from, immediately.


You wouldn’t want to waste your time and money to receive a terrible video, right? Spend enough time searching through reputable websites to find the best person to hire within your budget.

Why not outsource your work?

It doesn’t have to be limited to within the country. There are many websites where people all over the world look for work, for a fraction of the cost of what you would
usually pay someone living close to you. Who knows, you could maybe even find someone trustworthy enough to be a part of your team.

Using Canva For Quick High Quality Social Media Posts

canva graphic design

There are a ton of websites you could use to help you lessen the workload of creating lyric videos. I use a site called to help me, in this instance.

This website is helpful for those who don’t know much about video creating, especially lyric video creations. There’s a tutorial on my website where I show you how to use Canva, for first time users. If you want to check it out, click here.

Now, after you’ve used Canva to create your lyric video, the next step is to add your music to your videos. If you have Windows Movie Maker, or any sort of video editor, then by all means, use that. I use the website called, in my case.


It’s easy to add the music in after this, but if you don’t have the resources, the means of doing it, or even the time, why not ask a friend to help? It’s always good to have someone knowledgeable in this field within a phone call away.

Of course there are other websites that you could use, you just need to look around, maybe even join a community and ask around. Naturally, not everyone will share their best kept secret, but it never hurts to try.

Use Social Scheduling Apps Help Promote Your Music Faster

There are numerous applications on both mobile and tablet that do all the work for you. Forewarning, the outcome of some may not be as incredible as you’d think but it comes with the price of what you get when you use these apps, (which is usually free).

promotiong music with buffer

Of course, always remember to check the feedback and reviews of every app that you’ll use so that you won’t waste precious time and memory space, which is very limited especially on the phone. 

Just be mindful of the viruses some apps carry, so that you won’t lose even more memory or even your whole unit itself. All you’d have to do is input the lyrics, maybe even copy paste them for even more of a convenience, choose whatever settings you want, add the music and hit the okay button and you’re all set!

sniply and hootsuite

Just make sure to save everything before you decide to close the app. Wouldn’t want to lose all that progress. If you need to promote you music with rap forums click the link here.

Use Direct To Post Editing Software

If you don’t trust the internet to help you create good videos, then why not do it yourself with the cornucopia of editing software available everywhere?

Clipchamp is an example of direct to post video editing software.


Sony Vegas as a good place to start, and for a small fee, you could have the most powerful editing software in the palm of your hands. This is of course, if you have enough time to do things yourself.

It’s going to take a while to get used to it, but once you have the grasp of it, it’s going to be a cake walk. If you have a Mac Book, or any Apple desktop, you could also use the Motion software to take a swing at editing.

Lumen5 is an example of direct to post video editing software.

lumen 5

There are a ton of behaviours that you could apply to text, but of course, you’d
need to type them in, or for convenience, just copy paste it.

Maybe you want your video to have some effects here and there. That’s where Adobe After Effects comes in.

This little baby will help you bring your video from boring to eye catching with the wide array of options it has to help you make an amazing lyric video.

But above all this, always remember that you need to know your audience’s preference.

There have been some instances where they enjoyed the lyric video more than the released music video. When that happens, it’s always good to stick to low budget videos that bring people in rather than spend hundreds of thousands on a video that doesn’t attract enough attention.

Who knows, maybe sticking to lyric videos brings in more fans and traffic than you’d think.

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