TCB Mixtape Marketing Podcast 005 Why You Need A Fan Email Newsletter

Fan email Newsletter

In This Episode 005 Of The Mixtape Marketing Podcast
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– What is email marketing? 

-Email Marketing is permission-based marketing.

It gives you the right to contact fans that have opted in or subscribed to your website.
So if you have fans that have subscribed to your website, you know have the ability
to market to them or fill them in on your new mixtapes, albums, tours and merchandise.
– Types of tools I need, Aweber , Mail Chimp , Constant Contact
Email marketing software or services are tools that make it more easy for you the artist to
get fans to sign up using simple copy and paste of a widget code and install it on your website.


– Link To Video Tutorial  on how to start an email list with Aweber


– Using tools like Aweber or mail chimp make it create dashboards for you to keep track of
the people that have subscribed to your website. With analytics and statistics. Along
with newletter creation dashboards where you can design the templates of your newsletter.


Having a band email newsletter is basically building a fan base For your mixtapes and albums.


– It will createan instant fan connection. Most people are more protective of their email address
or there phone number. If they subscribe to your newsletter , the are putting their hands
up and saying were interested in your music. 

– Unlike social media where there is you follow me, I will follow you trend, email is more personal.
– Email is more targeted people will only sign up if the are interested in the music you make.

– Social channels are very busy and noisy.
– Twitter feed , Facebook feed
– Compared to Facebook and Tweet where people are bombarded
with advertisements, other peoples music , famous peoples music and awful content like meme’s.

– Their Feeds are seeing hundreds of posts. Which can be difficult to gain attention. Many peoples 

  email maybe a better place to contact them as it’s less crowded and people pay more attention with in their email providers.  

– They will feel apart of the process on your site
They will remember you more with less competition from other posts.


– Main focus of an email newsletter is to keep people informed of who you are.
– It’s up to you to keep them interested 

Many bands set it and forget it.
Don’t Just Sell ! Use it to keep fans informed and coming back and more comfortable to buy in the future

– Branding getting people used to seeing your logo.
– Building relationships , creating connections

– Bring people back to the website
– Selling music , shows , merch , building awareness , help with promotion

– Real estate , some sites sell spots in the email newsletter $$$

– Asking your audience what they want to hear in your mixtapes ?
– Asking your audience to help promote your mixtapes or give you a shout out.

– Helps build your social channels on other areas , twitter , Facebook , Youtube.


How do I build an email list

– Types of tools I need , Aweber , Mail Chimp , Constant Contact

– Link To Video Tutorial  on how to start an email list with Aweber 

– Blog and Content , write about your mixtape creation process. Interview
  your team behind the mixtapes you have made.

– Create a free incentive , win a t- shirt , win a product , win tickets to your show ,
get a free download of my mixtapes , down album , single ,


– Don’t just expect people to come and sign up for no reason.

– Add the opt- in a widget in strategic areas of your website
  the comments section , sidebar , about page , under neath videos


– “Clever hack is to leverage your social media channels on your site
if you add a Facebook like box to your site or a twitter follower count button on your
you will get the social proof that people are following you“. 


– Ask followers to share your website landing page using pre crafted tweets
using a website called click to tweet.

– Maybe have hang out with people for hip hop groups on Facebook or Google plus


– Build some initial content for them to read or to engage with , blogs vlogs , ect
– Set up a small autoresponder series to get them engaged with your content
  So this will drip feed content every week .
– The thing with email is that you need to keep people informed with who you are if you don’t people will forget who you are .


– Find people from your social networks

– Add links to social media channels that you use so that when the land on your website they have some will encourage them to sign up

– Try doing something new with your email list
– send videos

–   You can segment your list in to different locations or sign up days

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