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Interviewee: Corey Koehler Music Marketing Consultant

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Music Marketing Podcast Episode 17 Show notes


Musician and self-proclaimed online music marketing geek Corey Kohler started his career in music and marketing in Mississippi when he hit his thirties. As a musician and songwriter, fellow musicians would ask Corey questions about how he was doing things in his business, and Corey kept sharing and marketing, which helped get his music out to the world. 


Want to learn a little more about music marketing? Check out the mixtape marketing podcast 17 with Corey Kohler from Musicgoat blog and learn 9 common mistakes that musicians continue to make with their music marketing.

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9 Mistakes That Many Musicians Tend to Make:



Don’t overdo it with trying to gain support friends and family. Sometimes friends and family are only saying “That’s great!” to be nice, not because they necessarily support you. Don’t fight to get them all on your mailing list, just because you feel they should support you in that way.


Be careful with hiring a PR staff. People who rush to get PR done when they have one song out there are making a big mistake because they just aren’t set up for it yet, and they’re wasting a lot of money unnecessarily.


Not having a website. “Don’t build your house on rented land”. People built HUGE followings on MySpace when it was popular, but where is MySpace now? If they had backed up MySpace by directing them to your website. Social media is always changing, you shouldn’t depend on social media alone. Click Here For My Tutorial On How To Set Up Website In 15 minutes


Constant pitching and over-marketing. If you do nothing but talk about yourself at a party, people will begin to zone you out, and avoid talking to you. The same applies to social media, if you’re constantly trying to pitch, people won’t interact with you because the concept of social media is to share; two-way street. 


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Wondering why you aren’t making money with your music. If the music recording sounds tinny, no one will end up buying it. Spend the money for good quality, and have it done right the first time. Show your audience that you’re real.


Not targeting the right audience. Any marketer needs to go through a series of questions to develop the right target audience, such as gender, age group, etc. You have to paint a picture of your ideal audience and once you understand that audience, then you can target your marketing towards them specifically.


Not building their email list. Your welcome email should contain your free offer, and your goal is to start a conversation.
Some people ask right away, within their welcome email, “What kind of music do want to listen too”.

Get your email audience used to seeing your emails, and into the habit of opening those emails; they’ll come to expect it, and don’t forget to follow up.

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Focusing on many social media platforms instead of just a couple. Identifying your audience will tell you where they are, and these are the places you should be marketing your music. If your ideal audience is on Twitter, you should be there too. The same goes for Facebook or Instagram. Don’t spread yourself too thin.


Selling albums as opposed to singles. It can take almost a year to write and produce an album, and in the time that’s taken to produce it, your audience may have forgotten about you. If you drip the album out, one single at a time, you’re spacing your sales and can potentially make more money overall. Check Out Corey’s Sell More Singles Road Map with musicgoat  Click Here



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