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Music Marketing Online Tool Tip #10 Promoting Your Music With buffer app and hootsuite



Hootsuite and Bufferapp are two online-based social media scheduling applications. They help musicians with the challenging task of keeping track of all their social media accounts. The two apps are best used together because they complement each other, none is as of yet the complete social media scheduling app. Bufferapp is great at programming updates for the various social media channels you as a musician are present on. It is also great in engaging fans and followers as it also schedules messages to be sent out to fans on social media.

promoting music with buffer



It, however, does not show replies hence making it impossible to have conversations with your fan base and hence generate excitement.
Hootsuite, on the other hand, is not as good as Bufferapp in scheduling messages, but it is essential in the manner in which it enables you to have conversations with your social media followers. It also enables you to see all the relevant ongoing conversations on its dashboard removing the need to log into all your accounts and reply to conversations individually. These tools, coupled with Sniply, come in very handy in timely music and mixtape promotion.


intergrates with chrome


To get this tool and optimize it, you can go to Chrome Web Store and get the extension to enter your Twitter login information and select the free account. You can schedule content and select which social network you want it to be published on,  although you should keep it to a maximum of around 10 posts a day since it involves high risk on your account being unfollowed. That’s why it is very important to only share popular or interesting content. This kind of music marketing online sharing hip hop music news and content will help you relate more to your followers and fans.






Another very useful tool for music promotion is Twitter Follower, you can go to Chrome Web Store and get it, once it’s added to chrome you can go check out any account that you know has a fanbase interested in the genre of music that you are promoting. Word of advice is careful with the number of people that you follow with the automatic tool every day. If you are not very careful following and unfollowing you could get your account banned or blocked.





The best way to do it, is to only use it a couple of times a day for about 30 people. Again, this is just a chrome extension its core purpose is to give you a little bit automation on your online music marketing and online music promotion. Using these tools, you can do all of your week’s worth of promotion in only a couple hours or a day maybe, and spend the rest of your time working on creating new content.




2 buttons appear on your twitter profile 1 follow them all button and one unfollow all

twitter follower chrome extension



Music Marketing Online Tool Tip #11 How to promote your music and build a fan base on Instagram






Promoting your music online and building a hip hop fan base on Instagram

Instagram is a great tool when you are looking to promote your music and build up a loyal fan base. Most people now clearly understand the importance of using social media to reach out to their fans and express their individual style of music to them. Unlike the trends of music promotion of yesteryears which offered little creative independence and flexibility to new rap artists, social media platforms serve as excellent means to communicate with a loyal fan base and create followers who turn up for live events and gigs where you are playing. 


follow addder for instagram review

Follow Adder: an excellent tool for adding followers in Instagram

While there are a number of tools that you can use for managing your followers on Instagram, one of the most effective of them all is Follow Adder. The Follow Adder tool can be used easily and it can help you to get connected with like-minded followers who are more inclined to appreciate your kind of music. To get followers with the Follow Adder tool, all you need to do is follow a number of users based on similar likes and interests and then you can expect around 20% to 30% to follow you back after a certain point of time. 



follow adder restrictions


Key things to remember while choosing to use Follow Adder 

Nevertheless, the tricky thing is to understand which of the users you need to follow in order to get them to follow you back. There are plenty of instances when a user had to wait for quite a long time before getting a respectable percentage of users as followers. Considering that you will also need to practice your music, spend time on your band management duties, visit studios and perform other crucial tasks that you will also find it difficult to do keep tabs on your Instagram profile on a daily basis.   




follow adder for instagram tutorial


Keep in mind that the Follow Adder tool for Instagram does not come for free. You can only use it for a free trial period of 7 days, after which you will need to opt for a particular subscription plan. There are five different plans for subscribing with Follow Adder: Starter, Premium, Professional, Agent and Publicist. It is best to get started with the Starter plan as it offers all the features for a single profile for 6 months. 


Using Follow Adder to add followers on your Instagram profile 


Once you are all set to use Follow Adder add and add followers to your Instagram profile for your music marketing online needs, you will need to find out accounts that going to include the kind of audience most suited for your music. So if you are someone who is into rock music, you need to find accounts of users with similar rock music tastes. There are plenty of categories of rock music, so you may also need to be more precise with your searching. If you are into soft rock, you cannot really go ahead and expect followers among people who are more into the harder stuff. Searching through the Instagram profiles will direct you to a number of users that are predominantly into mixed tapes production. In fact, many users may also explicitly state in their usernames that they are into mixtape promotion.



Each of these accounts can have a large number of followers of their own. Nevertheless, you still need to be careful with whom you are following. Not every account has got legitimate followers, so you need to check the reliability of such accounts. You can also go ahead and buy followers if you like. However, the standard procedure is to follow users and then get them back to follow you. Once you have decided that you will follow an account, simply click on “Users” in the Follow Adder, put the name of the account on “Search Name”, select “Search Type” from the dropdown, put their user id in the “Username/ID” section, and then finally click on “Add” and turn the “Automation On” on the upper part of the page. This is going to create a list of followers over time that belongs to this account already. You can also choose the setting with the Follow Adder. Do not add more than 60 followers in a day as it can ultimately give the tool a bad press. But the tool overall helps greatly with your music marketing online as the more followers the more eyes and ears on your content. 




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