Music Marketing Tools Part 1

Music Marketing tools Part 1

Music Marketing Tools I Use To Promote My Music : Videos 1-3









When you are carrying out your music marketing, it is very important to keep track of the people following you on Soundcloud as well as other social media networks. This is important because it enables you to know what progress you are making in marketing your music. By keeping track of the followers, you are able to tell recent followers, followers, as well as those people who you have followed but they have not followed you back. By knowing how many people follow you, you are able to make adjustments necessary to increase your followers. Apart from this, you can also make a decision to unfollow those who have not followed you back.


There aren’t many tools that can be used to unfollow people on Soundcloud. If you search on Google you will find many tools that can be used for the purpose of unfollowing people on Twitter and Instagram. However, you might have a hard time finding one that will enable you to unfollow on Soundcloud. This is a challenge you might face in marketing music. This is because it is very important to keep track of your followers in order to know how well you are doing.


unfollow spy for soundcloud


If you have been in search for the perfect tool to unfollow people who do not follow you back on Soundcloud and keep track of new and old followers, there is good news. Music Marketing Tool Tip #1 with Unfollow spy is what you need. Unfollow spy is a very effective tool that enables you to manage your account. There are several benefits that come with using this tool for music marketing. First and foremost, this tool is free; you do not have to worry about spending a lot on a tool that might not be everything you expect.



The other advantage is the fact that this tool is very easy to use and does exactly what is expected of it. Unfollow spy has several features that make it an effective tool. First and foremost, with this tool, you are able to see the total number of people following you. The advantage of this is the fact that you are able to tell whether the number of followers is going up or decreasing. This a very important feature because it enables you to take in-time action to prevent numbers from going down. 



Download Free Beats From Soundcloud


This is something that can be very difficult without a tool such as Unfollow spy. The other amazing feature of this tool is the fact that it shows you the people who have recently followed and unfollowed you. This is another feature that is important in keeping track of your music promotion. Last but not least, you get to see a list of those who do not follow you back. This makes it easy to unfollow them. .Unfollow spy will help you make changes on your account by helping you stay in touch with your followers and making room for even more by unfollowing those who do not follow you back.



How to remove people you follow on Twitter that doesn’t follow you back.





ManageFlitter is a user-friendly Twitter tool to use in cleaning up your following. It comes with easy to use tools to help you work easier, faster and smarter with Twitter. This versatile, powerful tool allows users to sort your followers and follow lists according to your preferred criteria. Use ManageFlitter to comprehensive search facility to find new people to follow. If you want to know which followers unfollowed you, this tool can meet this particular need. On the other hand, if you want to manage several Twitter accounts, you can use ManageFlitter as well. You can use this Twitter tool and discover more of its features and benefits.



manage filtter




This app can be used in your music marketing strategy or if you want to promote your music. As a hip-hop artist or producer, ManageFlitter is useful in giving you ease and convenience in cleaning up and managing your Twitter. This fact alone guarantees you that you’ll have a productive, hasssle-free music promotion. To date, ManageFlitter has been assisting more than 3,000,000 users. 



In your Mixtape promotion, you can benefit from this tool since it can give analytics support and give you updates on how your tweets are doing. In cleaning up your following, ManageFlitter can help you to quickly see who are fake followers or spammers. This easy to manage app works well with your music marketing strategy. What users love about the app is the fact that it features a simple, user-friendly interface with full of deep and effective tools, which include the “unfollow” tool you can use in order to sort through the followers you have on your Twitter account. On the other hand, the “follow” tool can help you search for users according to on the things you specify. For instance, you may search for users who follow or are interested in hip hop. 




As a hip hop artist, you can use ManageFlitter for an effective, hassle-free lead generation. With this tool, you will be able to search for qualified leads on Twitter and be able to contact them. Another thing you can do is market research with the help of ManageFlitter.

You can easily and quickly view how many Twitter users have a keyword in their bio. Another thing is, you can use this user-friendly app in following more people and unfollowing those who do not follow back.

As you explore ManageFlitter, you will be able to discover its fantastic features.


Its Power Mode offers you exhaustive filters on your Twitter searches, such as how often your follower’s tweet, latest tweets, following ratio, keywords in their bio and a lot more. On the other hand, the PowerPost features are considered a user-friendly tweet scheduling tool you can use on a regular basis. Moreover, the @inbox feature can provide an email-like interface to your mentions.


 Gramblr Uploading Your Music Video and Images To Instagram Using A Computer



Gramblr is a user-friendly app hip hop artists can use in uploading videos to their Instagram right from their desktop computer. It features simple to use interface to provide ease and convenience to every user. This handy application allows you to easily upload images to your Instagram with helpful music promotion features and tools you can use.


It comes with all the needed features to give you ease in uploading photos and promoting your mmusic withyour smartphone. In addition, it gives you the freedom to edit photos and then create a caption before the actual upload. This means that you can flip, crop, rotate the photos. Moreover, you can apply filters and effects to the images before uploading them.

gramblr with instagram


With its features and benefits, you can use Gramblr for an effective and hassle-free mixtape promotion or music marketing. Promote your music by uploading various images from your desktop computer to your Instagram account with fantastic effects and filters to choose from.


In today’s music industry, Instagram has been playing an important role in spreading the word and music marketing. A particular hip hop artist may gain various followers and likes from other Instagram users just because of photos alone. It cannot be denied that hip hop artists need to use every single possible platform for them to be successful in their music promotion or mixtape marketing.



When using Gramblr, you can edit your photos on a simple to use interface. You just have to drag and drop the image or video of your choice and start editing it. One interesting feature of this app is that you can upload the image right away or postpone and set a scheduled date based on your choice.


However, it is an obvious fact that you need to register to an Instagram account first before you can start using the app. Another thing is, this handy tool can only allow you to upload JPG or JPEG images.T he next thing to do is click on save and then on the next page, you just have to click on Filters. To be able to come up with an image that suits your music marketing strategy, you can make use of the filters available.


upload video to instagram from a computer

Gramblr features more than 50 image filters and effects specifically available to make your photos look amazing. Once you are done applying a filter and some effects, you can go ahead and click on save. The moment you are satisfied with the outcome, you can proceed with writing the caption and hashtag. Once done, you can post your update.



And if in case you want to crop your photos, this user-friendly tool offers automatic cropping so that you won’t waste any more time. The app will do it for you. Another interesting thing about Gramblr is the fact that you can write your caption in any language you prefer. When it comes to liking photos, you can skip photos of other members or like them. On the other hand, users of this tool are amazed by its ability to provide free Instagram likes.




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