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The Corporatethief Beats is no ordinary site. Yes, there are a lot of beat sites online and most of the time they offer beats for free or sale. Obviously, my site is where you can purchase beats for your specific needs. Just like other beat site owners, I would like every visitor to purchase my rap beats and be a regular shopper.

However, as I have mentioned earlier, the Corporatethief Beats is a one-of-a-kind beat site because it offers a compilation of some of the most useful resources for hip hop artists and beat makers. In other words, it is a free resource for every hip hop rapper or singer for them to learn how to promote their own music.


The Corporatethief Beats – Your Reliable Free Resource


Useful Free Resources For Artists On My

To offer you the best user experience, I always work hard to make the site a useful, helpful site for everyone. It has been my ultimate aim to make it a user-friendly, functional beat site for music producers and hip hop artists. Creating tutorials and tips and tricks both hip hop artist and beat makers can use to help promote their music online. As a matter fact, you are always welcome to copy the information I have learned from other resources. You can use this information in promoting your own beats or mixtapes online. 


Digital Marketing Tips and Tricks

One cannot deny that digital marketing changes rapidly. It’s always changing. This means that a certain marketing tool may be efficient today but not tomorrow. This is one of the reasons I maintain a blog for everyone.

With this, you will be updated as to what really works and what doesn’t. The compilation of blog posts on my site covers a variety of topics such as mixtape covers, how you can use Empire Avenue for your music marketing, mixtape marketing, etc. In other words, The Corporatethief Beats has a lot of free information for hip hop artists and beat makers. I have introduced my audience to my curated content on my social channels, where you have seen articles from sites like musicthinktank.com, praverb.net, CDbaby.com. 

On the other hand, my site is also a place where you can find free tutorials teaching you on how to set up your own artist website, SoundCloud promotion tips, the importance of newsletters and tons of great tutorials. Some of the latest tutorial videos included my lead pages review and WordPress my theme shop review and set up videos.


The Hip Hop Blogs List Cheat Sheet


Once you subscribe on my site, one of the great things you can find is the Hip Hop Blogs List. The best thing is, it is for free. It is a compilation of the best rap blogs list I have found over the years and the useful, detailed information you can use for your music marketing. 

Since it is a worksheet, you can add your own information into it. You can use it as a starting point for your marketing. With this list of hip hop blogs, I have been able to quickly network with these blogs to get my music out there online.

Keep in mind that marketing is a daunting task. It is never easy because it takes a lot of time to be an effective marketer. However, once you are already familiar with it and eventually become an expert in it, everything will be under your control. 



Mixtape Launch Guide With Fiverr Gigs Ebook

This is a simple ebook on how to launch a mixtape using Fiverr, I have put together using some of the small gigs that I have purchased on Fiverr to help give my mixtape launch a boost.

The gigs vary from site design, mixtape covers, social media branding, DJ drops, mixtape distribution, rap blog submissions, radio submissions and press releases. Using some of these simple resources from this guide will help anyone on a mixtape marketing budget get the start that they deserve when launching their first mixtape online.

70 Demo Rap Beat Downloads

I give away all my demo {tagged beats} for free. This allows the artist to test the beats that I have made before the artist wants to purchase the lease. Using this method gives the artist a chance to write a song to any number of the beats that I have produced and in the finish gives them the right judgment for which rap beat suits their sound.

So an artist on a tight mixtape/album budget will only purchase lease rights to the beats that they have made good songs on and makes them feel more comfortable to return to my site again for beats for mixtapes.

These demo hip hop beat downloads are like free trials, which only come with audition purposes only. Demo rap beat downloads cannot be used for commercial use or promotional use. If the artist finds a beat that they like from the demo downloads they can purchase rap beats from my site here.

A List of Mixtape Upload Sites {PDF 70+ Mixtape Sites}


This was one of the first resources that I created for The Corporatethief Beats Blog. When releasing my own hip hop mixtapes online I fashioned together a list all the websites that I could upload my mixtape too.

I find that this list of mixtape uploads sites is still good for any hip hop artists marketing arsenal. Think of the time you save with having to research where to find all these websites to upload your mixtapes too. Like that of the list of hip hop blogs I have created, I have taken most of the grunt work out for you so you can just start uploading your mixtapes to these websites today.

In the future, I plan to create a mixtape upload sites worksheet like that of the hip hop blogs cheat sheet so you can write your own notes as you start adding you the mixtape to these websites. This will enable you to keep track of the work you have done. Stay tuned and subscribe to the website if you want to get that in the future. For now, the PDF list will just have to do.



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