The Best Mixtape Cover Sites


The Best Mixtape Cover Sites

Here is a blog I did on some of the best mixtape cover sites online. I hope it will help you with the online promotion of your hip hop mixtape. By having a great mixtape cover and a striking design. This will give you a lot more downloads and streams if you have a nice mixtape cover. It will make you stand out a lot more on top mixtape sites like Datpiff and Hotnewhiphop and others that I mentioned the best mixtape sites.


Never buy anything from someone with just a twitter page and pay pal address. If they can’t afford a simple $30 website don’t waste your time with them. There are so many guys like this on twitter, facebook etc. But I have looked through the internet and found some great websites that offer cool mixtape cover designs. 

This is the list of mixtape cover designers in no particular order that I found online to help your search for the right design for your mixtape and prices and sites may change over time.


Get your mixtape cover designed by a Pro On Freelancerr.com

Freelancerr.com is an online jobs board where designers add their skills on this website in their profiles showcasing what they can do. Here you can post up a job here for some photoshop expert to carry out the type of mixtape cover you want to obtain.


mixtape cover design



Depending on your budget you can post how much you can afford to spend and all the photoshop designers can see your post and choose if they want the job. Just to make the process as smooth as possible by giving good examples of what you really need in your mixtape cover. Even if that means if you have to cut and past some ideas in windows paint. 


Just make sure that you explain to the designer what you want and guide them through the process of creating your mixtape cover. Give them the images of what you want them to use if needed or images of mixtape cover that you like and want your cover to be like. The easier you make it for the designer the better you mixtape cover is going to be like.

Don’t worry if your budget is only under a hundred dollars because these people are from all over the world, like Singapore, China, and the Philippines. Once you have your job posted these people will offer you their services. As long as you do some feedback check on anyone before you let them take the job.


design your mixtape


Freelancer is a great place to get great designers for your mixtape cover for cheap and carried out by a professional. I find and hire people for all sorts of thing logo designs banner designs, website designs etc. And all of these jobs are carried out by professionals according to my budget.


The best thing about Freelancer is that there are so many people on here that have these photoshop design skills you can get offers from lots of qualified people for the fraction of the cost on many professional websites. Just always do feedback check on designers before you give the go ahead with the job. Freelancer.com


mixtape cover website

Mixtapepsd.com is the perfect website for DJ’s and Mixtape DJ’s promoting their Mixes. The #1 site If you need low-cost predesigned Mixtape PSD Templates.

All layers are included and very easy to edit. You can edit the name of the CD and DJ Information and move around or replace the images with other images. Instead of paying graphic designers anywhere from $75 – $150 a design you can download a predesigned Mixtape PSD Template for just $10.

They also have several Flyers and Business Card Templates to choose from.


Don’t have Photoshop? No problem, mixtapepsd.com will also edit the information for your design for only $5 and have it done within the hour from 8 am – 10 pm, Monday – Friday Eastern Time.  If you need a Mixtape, Flyer or Business Card Design created from scratch they can design one within 24 hrs. 

Check them out http://www.mixtapepsd.com

Need a custom mixtape cover? You put a lot of sweat and hard work into that CD, don’t ruin it with a less-than-perfect cover! Only the best will do. 

mixtape cover king


His custom mixtape covers are designed by his graphics team and you receive unlimited revisions until your satisfied. He has designed covers from every genre of music so there isn’t a cover theme he can’t create. From hip hop artist, rock& roll,r&b he will have your cd cover design looking just like the  “pros”.Now you can look professional, for less. mixtapecoverking.com





One of the best mixtape cover designs I have seen online. This site really has it own style very different to other sites that I have seen online. I love the way when you open the home page they have a scroll bar that let’s move through all the work and designs done by the mixtape cover designer. Really nice, sleek, clean and fresh designs here. This will you make the listeners and fans click on your mixtape. 


By going to the about page you can see the client list. This is amazing as not only do they work with mixtape they have worked with some very big companies like Coca-Cola, Virgin, and Nike. This is the great reason why to look at these guys for your mixtape covers. This is a professional service from a legitimate company. 


They also offer website designs and logo designs and have made official websites for artists. You must call them on the website for a quote and tell them what you want on your mixtape cover to get a price. http://d1ndesigns.com/




This site has some amazing mixtape cover design’s and he shows his work off on the home page of all the customer’s mixtape cover designs. This is a good way of displaying his work and shows the customer that he can be trusted as you can just google any of his customers and check if these are real. Try and even hit them on twitter to see if they were happy with the service provided by Supremegfx.





From all of the mixtape covers that are displayed, it is plain to see that this person has a great eye for a great mixtape cover. The mixtapes have a nice shine to them and really pop out at you. These striking images will be key to your success in the promotion of your mixtape online. Most of the time when you see a mixtape cover you can tell the design, what type of music you’re going to be listening too.


There are additional services here such as T-shirt and hoody designs banners flyer’s and logo’s which will also help the promotion of your mixtape online and look the part. Mixtape cover price $100.00 www.supremegfx.com





This isn’t like your traditional mixtape cover site, this is more like an art gallery for all the great mixtape cover designs. Graphic designers all over the world display their mixtape covers here to show off their talent and work they have done.


mixtape wall


If you hit the jobs area you might see some people here advertising their talents and what they can do for you. It’s a social hub for mixtape cover designers.

Make sure you can see some examples of their work mixtape cover designs and see the official website before you pay for anything. www.mixtapewall.com


Designs By Guru

This site looks very creative. From the home page, the mixtape cover designs look really professional and the website has this like iTunes style way of this playing all of the art that they have designed, which will enhance your experience for looking for mixtape covers online.




The designs look very attractive, it looks like you will be happy with getting your mixtape cover here, nice use of colours here seems like they have got that real fresh summer vibe down and very professional touch.

Just by flicking through some of the covers you will see that they have done a lot of work for people and they look like the coast to coast mixtape designs with the song listing at the side of the cover art. Average mixtape cover prices cover the front and back $75 Designs By Guru





Nice mixtape covers here. Really bright use of colours and nice use of imagery. The website looks nice and sleek and has a list of all their sample work and what they have done with other customers.

The blog looks up to date on new work which is a great plus for a website and builds your trust as customers by showing you the recent mixtape covers they have done for customers.

This is a great sign to show that a site is trustworthy and safe to part with your money for a mixtape cover. They also show you testimonials from the customer and the experience they had working with this company and the satisfaction that they received from the service. They also offer Ultra-fast 24 hour turnaround time to meet your deadlines. 



mixtape cover designers



Many designers limit you to how many changes can be made to your graphics before charging you more.  They offer unlimited changes until you give the final approval of your design and never charge you additional fees. Don’t worry about not getting something you don’t like.

If you don’t like what you got they offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. Pricing Starting At $150 www.mixtapecoverdesigners.com





This site has Hip Hop mixtape cover’s on the home page showing you all the creative work done by this designer. Some nice work is done here and there seems like there is a lot of customers who have bought mixtape covers here. There is the latest work section that shows his recent mixtape cover that he has done lately for his customers.




This is good to see if the designer is good to work with and shows us that he’s trustworthy to pay for his designs. Sleek looking website makes it easy and quick to make decision quick look through the pages and covers.


Some additional services offered are twitter back round and logos and banners to help your mixtape promotion. The site uses pay-pal to pay for your designs. Average price  $45-$60 https://www.mixtapecovers.net/ 

 Mixtape Tutorials on Udemy


This site isn’t a mixtape cover designer’s page.  If you are looking into how to make a mixtape cover if you just don’t have the money to pay for a mixtape covers, this site will show you how to use mixtape cover designs.

It uses adobe photoshop and describes in detail what you can do to make your own mixtape cover on a budget. If you don’t own adobe photoshop go to your local library they might have one on their computers.


mixtape cover tutorials


There is a step by step guide here from and tricks and tips in which you need to make your own mixtape cover. There is a long list at the sidebar that shows you hundreds of tutorials on how to use effects with photoshop when you’re creating your design. UDEMY MAKE MIXTAPE COVERS COURSE  


If you like this blog check out my blog on The best mixtape sites

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