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Hey guys, it’s Dan with The Corporatethief Beats. This is another Beat Showcase 3 video where I show you how to make one of my latest beats. It’s a J Cole type beat. It’s called Summer Nights. I’ll leave a link in the description and on the video for you to listen to it completely. I will just give you a quick preview of what it sounds like.

And here I will talk about how to make this type of beat. So, this is the intro first. I’ll let you listen to the intro first. It’s a J Cole type beat, or a Wiz Khalifa type beat. It’s really a cool rap beat so I really like it. Here’s the intro.

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Beat Name: Summer Nights { J Cole Type Beat }

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 j cole type beat summer nights

The Making of a J Cole Type Beat In Logic

jCole rap artistThe Intro is pretty short and sweet. I found this cool little flute synth in massive and I felt that it had such a chilled out vibe. I felt that rap artists like J Cole or Wiz Khalifa have that summer chilled out the sound a lot in their music. So I decided to create that summertime sound.

You can find more summertime instrumentals similar to these beats here. 

This flute sound was perfect for me to get started. I also created a counter-melody to the flute with another synth that was also found in massive along with a quiet pad sound from sylenth 1 just to fill the space and create a soft mood for the beat.

producers choice kitsI will talk about exactly what I did to create this beat. I started off with the kicks, snares and drums. I used the producer’s choice kicks – industry, standard, experimental drum kicks, {aff link} mini machine, etc. I also use a couple of small instruments. I wanted to have a chill-out rap instrumental type beat, so I started off with a kick, a really heavy bouncy kick.

When you buy drums from other sites, they tend to be compressed. Just to give it some swing, I added some clap – two dry claps. In the first one, it’s just one clap. Two claps for the second time. And then I added a shaker, followed by a tambourine. I wanted to make it like a laid back, a summer vibe kind of hip hop beat, so I added a little synthesizer. It’s just like a watery, dreamy kind of synthesizer. Just to give it a little more flavour, I added two more sounds over that rift.

I felt like bringing in a bass guitar, so I added in bass to the instrumental. I like this beat’s guitar. I added a bass amp and a compressor. I only added a fraction of compression on that. I didn’t bother tweaking it too much. What really defines this song is the little classic flute sound that I bring in for the verse and the hook. It really creates a beautiful melody. I got the effect that I wanted. Other Drum kit sounds I used were that of mpc sounds that I have from hip hop heat drum kit site. {aff link}

It really has a summer vibe with a laid back feel. I boosted little bass here and there for certain instruments. I added some reverb to the drums. The last thing I did was I buss all the drums and added compression. The final part was the base parallel processing.I feel that parallel processing is the best way to add compression without having that blanket squashing the complete beat. I always leave enough headroom for vocals to be added later by the artist. That’s how I really made that beat. If you have any questions, don’t forget or hesitate to ask me. It’s just a simple beat but it sounds really good.

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