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 Mixtape Marketing Podcast episode 003

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In this latest podcast episode, I go through 10 of my best Soundcloud promotion tips. I have been using Soundcloud a lot now at the moment for my site my audio blog and as the best player for my website. I started using it more recently as I found that a lot more users started to come to my website via Soundcloud. So I decided to crank up that volume, of plays which in turn get my music found in the Soundcloud search results from other users.

Being a platform that paves way for sound creators to record, upload, promote and share their original music creation, SoundCloud requires music promotion strategies and they need to be effective. This is what this audio blog is all about – SoundCloud Music Promotion Tips.

1. Planning Your Release – List down the available social media networking sites or create a little text file on your computer. Keep in mind that these sites – SoundCloud, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook – can help you promote your music. Always prepare little goals for every site or account. For instance, you can plan on promoting a song on Twitter or creating snippets on YouTube and link them to your SoundCloud channel or website.

2. Get A Website – If you have a SoundCloud Pro account, getting a website is cheaper. But, why get a website? SC gives you tools like an HTML5 music player where you upload your music on the site and gives you a code to copy and paste into your own website.
Social media sites can change anytime. Facebook, to be specific, keeps changing the game. So, having a website is practical and a necessity. Everyone is promoting their own music on social media sites and it is pretty difficult to get the needed attention if you compete with the rest of the crowd. You become powerless whenever changes are made on the site. But if you have a website, you have the power to control everything. Plus, you can monetize your website by selling your music, albums, merchandise, etc. So, get that website done.

3. Build An Email List Subscriber – With this, you can keep everyone connected and inform everyone about the latest thing about you such as new songs, videos, etc. You need to build a list of subscribers or those people who have been following you and your music, blog, tutorials, videos and a lot more.

If your Facebook page got banned or blocked and other problems arise, you can always get those people back. You will still be able to reach out to your audience or subscribers.

4. Find Your Music Niche – If you are into pop or hip hop music, you should subscribe to actually targeted groups that are related to your niche. This way, you will find people who are really interested in your music.

5. Pick The Right Day – Sunday is the best day to upload music on SoundCloud. From Monday to Friday, people have other commitments and work to do. However, on Sundays, they are more active on social media sites. This is the reason it is best to upload music on SoundCloud every Sunday.

6. Promote Your Music Using Facebook – Create little ads or graphics showcasing your music. As much as possible, start off with $10 campaigns. It is not advisable to opt for costly ads since your campaign is still in its infancy. Build as many followers as you can and boost post option on your Facebook page. It is not the easiest one, but knowing that Facebook has millions of users, promoting your music on Facebook is an advantage.

7. Always Give Good Constructive Criticism. Do not spam. Do not just post comments on other users’ tracks just to promote your music. Give honest, proper feedback to people who share the same passion or music genre as yours. Share and engage with them on SoundCloud.

8. Give Away Songs For Free. Encourage them to subscribe to your website first before giving them the link to your free songs. The main point is to get something back whenever you give away something for free.

9. To Have Proper Artwork – Your songs or tracks should have their particular image or cover in order to encourage users to check them out. Hire professionals who can take care of it. You may ask Mixtape cover designers to make your tracks appear more professional.

10. Re-post Your Track Regularly – To keep a particular song on top of SoundCloud, re-post it on a regular basis. This enables your track or song to the top of the list. Other SoundCloud users will have the chance to check out your song.

Some of the tips I got through include, using Soundcloud premium, advantages of the spotlight player, using your email subscribers to help boost plays, using your website to help boost plays, Soundcloud optimization, days to post on Soundcloud and image an artwork. Soundcloud has become the twitter of audio. And continues to be a fan favourite with the music industry for a means of social sharing music online.

Most music social network sites have become destroyed with ad’s, like that of or as we see it happening now with Youtube. Soundcloud continues to offer high-quality music streaming within turn keeping the platform ad-free. I also created a corresponding video tutorial and blog post, as I noticed that people like to consume my content in different ways. Some like to read the blog others like to watch or listen to videos and audio.

Plus having the audio blog or a podcast gives me another way to reach a new audience using all the great tips I have provided in my blog posts.

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