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Plan your Release

Soundcloud Promotion TipsA very important thing to remember when promoting your music on SoundCloud is to plan your release. You cannot simply create music then release it on the site and just forget about it. You have to spend the time to spread the word and encourage people to listen to your music. Connect with people, share your music, and maintain a good relationship with your followers.

Use Your Website To Boost Your Soundcloud Plays 


website music player from soundcloud

  Every musician needs to have a website these days, it will separate you from all the less professional artists out there that don’t have a website site. I will also give another avenue to place your SoundCloud players and get more fans to only focus on your music. Soundcloud gives you a html5 music player for your website so using it. Html5 music players enable mobile users to listen to your music, unlike previous flash music player which weren’t mobile friendly. If you haven’t set up a website yet try using my tutorial here -> Set up a wordpress website in 15 minutes    Subscribe to groups that are related to your concept

Another helpful tip to follow is to subscribe to 50 groups that are related to your music or content. You need to list down the tags or related searches, such as guitar, alternative, pop, dance, 90s, and a lot more. Start looking for groups that can relate to your songs. Subscribe to those Soundcloud rap groups and begin sharing your material. Keep in mind that some groups need approval before you could submit a content.
If you post content that is not related to their interest, then it might be rejected by the group. On the other hand, it is advisable to look for groups with hundreds or thousands of members. This will really help you in promoting your music efficiently.  Get support from your email subscribers  

aweber email subscribers


Like that of a website, every artist should also have a fan mailing list. Building a fan email list is essential to many artists success and revenue generation. As social media channels become more and more crowded it can become more and more difficult to pull your fans away from their friends and family.

Social media distractions can hinder your marketing efforts. Email is much more in touch with your fans as they may only get a few emails a day compared to thousands of tweet and tons of Facebook updates in their news feed. If you haven’t set up an email newsletter check out my Aweber newsletter tutorial   

Sunday is the best day to release your tracks


Some people believe that Monday is a suitable day for releasing songs on the site. The truth is, Sunday is the best day to release your songs.

Plus, you need to make sure to release them at 5 pm GMT. This is because most of the time, musicians work on their music during weekends. Usually, they have something to release by Sunday. Aside from releasing their tracks on Sunday, they also go through the timeline in order to check out other users.
Use the power of Facebook to promote your music

Facebook has millions of users. This fact alone is something you need to take advantage of. The best thing about this social networking site is that you can find groups of people or communities that share the same passion. Search for related groups on the site and follow them. Engage in conversations, feel free to contribute your ideas, or ask questions.

Facebook Ads

The main point here is to be connected with as many audiences as you can. Facebook is not the easiest social media to begin marketing with. I actually found Facebook one of the hard social media marketing tools because of all the restrictions and red tape. If you are struggling with Facebook marketing check out Amy Porterfeilds Facebook Marketing Guide It’s one of the best ones out there online.    Maintain a good connection with other users

Needless to say, SoundCloud is about sharing a passion for music and sound. It is a huge community of people to listen to new tracks and interact with one another. With this, it best to show interest to other people’s music. As much as possible, provide honest feedback about their music. At the same time, you need to connect with everyone on the site. Say nice things about their music. Do not be afraid to give constructive criticism. This way, you will be able to showcase your knowledge about a particular genre or music. 

Re-posting your track on a daily basis helps

After a day of posting your new music, you need to go to the track settings and set it as private. Do this for about 2 minutes only. After which, change the settings to the public again. This way, you will be able to push your music or track to the top of the list.
It will appear on the timeline and people will get the chance to check out your track. However, do not do this many times within the day. Your followers might think that you are being too insistent. 

People love free music


Your artwork should include your band or project name


soundcloud album art work

This is essential in order to make your followers come back for more of your music. With this, you need to emphasise the band or project name in the artwork. You can get great artwork created for you at sites like or You need to make sure that your listeners will not have a hard time finding and listening to your songs. Make it easier for them to find your track. If you want, you can use certain add text features. For idea’s about branding check out my post about a mixtape launch guide with fiverr gigs. 

Do not forget to use Spotlight

Soundcloud Spot light


For paid SoundCloud subscriptions, its users will have the chance to feature their favourite music or tracks on their profile. You can use this Spotlight to feature your best track. With this, you need to choose a song of yours that has gained many positive feedback or plays. 

Give attention to your best listeners

It is also advisable to check your best listeners as often as you can. Connect with them and you may start a conversation by giving honest feedback regarding their own music or providing some tips. You need to maintain open communication with them because they can help you spread the word about your music. 

Don’t be shy to ask for likes

There are users who listen and like your song. However, sometimes you need to remind them to hit the fav button or share your music to their family and friends. If you have a Facebook account, for instance, you may post a status stating that you have released your new music and would love your friends to share it. 

Music Promotion Using SoundCloud – A Final Thought

So, there you go. Follow the tips for promoting your music on SoundCloud. Remember that if you are into music, you definitely need SoundCloud in your life. Indeed, this fantastic platform is a great way of building a community, achieving many followers, receive feedback on your tracks, and communicate with listeners and music professionals. The tips mentioned in this post should help you in successfully promoting your music. Hopefully, you find this list of tips helpful. For more marketing SoundCloud tips check out,



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