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How To Successfully Promote Your Music Twitter


In this episode of the mixtape marketing podcast I speak about finding targeted followers on Twitter.

This is a continuation of the Twitter music marketing series where I show you some of my best tips to help grow your Twitter fan base so that in the future you can use Twitter as a driving force to promote your mixtapes online.

In this specific episode, I stress the need for doing so good research to find the right type of fans for your Twitter profile.

By targeting the right type of fans now you will get the right response from the audience you build over time.

If you just start targeting every Tom Dick and Harry on Twitter you won’t get the right fan base. Then most of these people will just turn a deaf ear to your music when you drop your mixtapes.


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Look for inspiration from sucessfulL musicians on TWITTER

Take a look at the followers that Kid Cudi has and see how you can create content to attract similar followers.You can also use the follow for follow method. By following some of Kid Cudi's follower's.

Start using tools like Social Quant, Crowdfire App, and the Google Chrome extension Twitter mass follow and unfollow.You can also check out the tweets that most of his followers do. and that use specific hashtags.Some followers of these influences tend to use these hashtags time and time again.

Like when I try to attract at rap artists to my Twitter profile I tend to use Common hashtags like that off #mixtape, #DatPiff new album new single.

Using the advanced Twitter search on Twitter you can find fans that are the identical match of the persona's that you want to attract as a following on Twitter.

The more specific you are with your targeting on Twitter, the better it will be when you need Twitter to help you market your music on this social platform.

Twitter is one of the easiest ways to set up a social media platform and build a following in a quick succession of time.

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So to start off with Targeting the right followers for your Twitter profile, use the tools, and resources that you have already.

Like That Of Your Website …..

If you have been listening to Mixtape Marketing Podcast for a while now you already know how important have your own website is.Your website is the focal point of your music marketing online.

This is where your fan base comes and has their sole focus on you and your music.If you place your music career in a site that you don’t own or control you leave yourself open for disaster.What if that site shuts down?

What if that site changes and now you have to pay top dollar to use it ?What if they change the design for advertising purposes?These are some of the potential pitfalls that can happen to sites that you don’t own or control.

Sometimes I see artists release their mixtapes on Datpiff or and your new potential fans are distracted by all the other mixtapes on these sites.

Potential fans have a very short attention span.When you send new people from your social sites to these sites they will lose focus on you and your music.

So by sending your new fans to your own website, you can start adding specific calls to action like Twitter Follow Buttons in specific areas of your website.

When people come to the site to download your music you can place Tweet buttons or Twitter follower buttons right next to the music players.People are lazy !!!You need to spell it out to people what you need them to do.

So make the follow buttons clear and how to follow your music career on Twitter.

It's fine to use mixtape sites. Just don't place your music career in a site that you don't own or control. #mixtape

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How To Start A Website

​This is one of the first music marketing strategies for rappers. Having your own website is like building your own home.

A Website Is Basecamp.Yes, you will need social networking websites to help promote your music as well.

But I fear that too many rappers abandon their own websites because social networking websites appear FREE.

You don’t own or control your Facebook Page.

It belongs to Facebook.You are just allowed to use your Facebook page. Myspace is always the example people use to prove that Social Networking Sites can lose their appeal.

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building a music twitter following with free content


One of my most effective ways to grow my Twitter following is by using pay to download tools.

I do this by using a tool called social locker. It’s a simple WordPress plugin that I add to my website.

Here I place my music behind a social paywall.

In order to download my beats , music , mixtapes etc. new fans have to follow my music producer profile on Twitter to unlock the free download link.

Social Locker is one my favorite tools to help build my audience in multiple platforms. I also can get my new fans to share specific tweets that I have crafted with their followers.

So I could also get them to share my Twitter profile with their followers.The are other platforms that can do this too.


Hypeditt is a platform that specifically does social content locking with music. But this is a website platform so you have to send people to your Hypeditt page.

Hypeditt allows you to create fan gates to allow downloads of your music so that fans have to follow you back on Twitter, Facebook , Soundcloud Or Youtube.

Hypeditt understands that when musicians are starting off they don’t have a ton of money, so they allow you to try out Hypeditt for free here.

Pay with a Tweet isn’t specifically like the previous tools I mentioned above. This is tool mainly allows your fans to download your music if your fans Tweet your pre crafted tweet.

Pay with a Tweet gives you a specific page that you can send your fans too, or you can copy and paste the code and embed it on your website.You can pre craft tweets to share your Twitter profile with your fans twitter followers.

If you use the free version of PWAT they do place advertisements on the page there your fans can download your music.

Pay with a tweet is not my favourite way to promote my music online but it's one of the best ways to do it when you're a DIY musician on a budget

I've spoken about Sniply many times on my blog. Sniply is a specific call to action button that placed on links that you share on social media.

Sniply is a very useful and simple tool to use.Once you sign up for Sniply gives you a specific link that you can create a call to action on any website link you share on social media.If you go to my Twitter account now I'm clicking any of the links that I share on my Twitter profile you will see how I use in action.

With the content that I share on my Twitter profile the links that go to certain specific websites have my Call To Action on every one of these sites.

These are sites that I think my following will enjoy and they will actually learn some music marketing tips from.You don't need To share music marketing tips. I just do this because my following on Twitter finds these tips interesting.

You need to find specific ways and content that your audience will enjoy on Twitter and then use it the call to action button links to promote your Twitter account on any piece of content that you share on Twitter.

I have a specific tutorial here in this video to show you how to use Sniply to your advantage it's one of my most favourite tools and I use it every day and my music marketing and I feel that you guys can really benefit by using Sniply to promote your Twitter account.

This sounds more complicated than it actually is. If you follow the simple instructions in the video above you will learn how to use Sniply to grow your fan base on Twitter.

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try using a Twitter Mentions / embedable tweet widgets

The main goal with bringing people to your website to build your Twitter following is to create engagement.

The best way to build engagement is by using a Twitter mentions box.Twitter gives you this specific code like a comment box that you can place on your website full stop this will keep the conversation going on Twitter on social media sharing it with their followers and your followers online.

The more engagement you create on your website around your Twitter profile the more likely it is people will follow you.People are attracted to other people.

The more people they see interacting with you the more likely they will follow you back on Twitter.

This is how you build a fanbase on Twitter. Remember, the More Social as you become on Twitter the more likely people will engage and interact with your music.

I really like this method to help promote my Twitter account and my music on Twitter because it helps you build buzz around the launch of your mixtape album or single.

Using a Twitter mentions box can also help to create specific targeted hashtags around a mixtape launch event.

Your new fans will now start using this hashtag that is within the Twitter mentions box. now you can find all of your fans on Twitter that are actually treated you make steak or have interacted with your mixtape on Twitter.

This makes it much easier for you to follow them in the hope that they will follow you back on Twitter.

How to build your twitter fan base using email newsletters?

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I am sure you guys are sick of me mentioning your email marketing for musicians in nearly every blog post.But I feel that an email is is one of the easiest ways to get your fans to do something for you.

So if you have a call to action link "Follow Me On Twitter" your fans are more likely to do this.

This is because of the connection they have with you via email.

Because of the noise that you find with social media, it can get a bit hard to get people to listen to you at the very start.So I've always told all of my fans and my listeners to create an email list from the start.

Email isn't as competitive and it is a little bit more personal compared to social media.Your fans are more likely to take action on anything that you ask them.

People are more protective of their email. Not every fan gives out their email address very willingly.Most people only sign up to newsletters of bands and artists that I actually want to hear about.

So if you have built an email list already, this is the perfect way to get your email list to follow you on your specific social media channels like that of Twitter.

I will create specific courses on how you can target your email lists using Twitter ads. This the much cheaper method of advertising on Twitter and it's a specific targeting method of targeting fans that are more likely going to be interested in the music that you make and share on Twitter.

Best thing with about email newsletters for music artists, any time that you actually want to share new contents new music new videos or anything interesting in your music career with your fanbase, you can add call the actions to your fans each time reminding them to follow your Twitter profile.Not every fan will follow you from the get go.

Each time that you create a new piece of content you are reminding your fans to follow you on Twitter.

It is said online that it takes 7 interactions for a potential fan to actually follow you are to take action with purchasing your music or anything like that so by creating a newsletter and reminding them over and over again when you create a new contents to follow you.

The keys to building a true following on Twitter is by creating a trust flow between you and your potential fan.

The closer you get to the fan by creating newsletters, social media content and music videos, and content around your music, the more likely your fan will trust you and become an avid follower on Twitter. Most musicians don't create a real profile on Twitter.

They follow vanity rules on buying Twitter followers. This will never help you promote your music. It might look on the surface like it's real but fake followers on Twitter will take any notice of the music.

Remember un-targeted Twitter fans are a waste of time.If you want your Twitter fans to buy your music, your merchandise, your concert tickets etc, you need to create a targeted following of people that are familiar with you and trust you.Trust is the new currency online.

The more trust you build with your fanbase the more likely they are going to support your music career and following you on your social media channels.

The main goals and I wanted to take from this mixtape marketing podcast about promoting your music on Twitter is to make sure that you have a targeted following in the first place.

The more likely you have a targeted following the more likely people will actually take action on your music and your Twitter profile.


This is one of my best ways to promote my Twitter account. When fans sign up to my newsletter this is the best time to get them to follow me on a specific social media channel.

I usually place social media buttons right on this page right after they sign up to my newsletter because they're more likely to continue to take action with me at this point .

If you subscribe to my newsletter you can see this in play. Once people have signed up to my newsletter they get taken to a specific landing page with specific call to actions.

Like download my free music that I give away, and to subscribe to my social media channels like that of Twitter Facebook and YouTube.

By creating a specific thank you page for my newsletter followers I can create a video with a call to action as well to get them to follow me back on Twitter.

I could also place a content Locker here for additional downloads that I had to be this specific thank you page.You can see that the control like have over the direction I want my followers to take when I control my own website.

It goes back to the first point that I mentioned with the importance of having a website.

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Twitter Follow For Follow Method Marketing Tool 

For a long time I was looking for a tool that could help with my Twitter follower growth. Then recently I came across this website call SocialQuant.It helps you use the follow for follow method to help build your followers on Twitter.

It carries this out based on a small very specific bunch of keywords that your ideal followers use on Twitter. SocialQuant is much safer than any other tool I have seen out there online.

The follow for follow method on Twitter can become too time-consuming. SocialQuant is like having a robot carry out this boring mundane task over and over again.

These are just a handful of tools I use to help with my music promotion online. Check out my link to my resource list below. 

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how musicians can use their other social media channels to grow their twitter profile?
    • Don't stop with just Twitter.Use your other social media channels to help you promote your Twitter account. If you have a YouTube channel and you create specific vlogs about your music, ask your fans to follow you on Twitter.
    • You can also place links to your social channels like Twitter in the descriptions on certain social media channels like YouTube and Facebook.

    • If you were making videos for social networking channels like Facebook and YouTube, you can also create chopped up versions of these videos for Twitter.
    • So when you create videos for YouTube and Facebook go back into your video editing tools and specifically tailored those videos and sections that are specifically for Twitter.

    • Twitter users 2 minutes and 20 seconds per video of these are good snippets to create for your music.So when your fans are asking you questions about your music on Twitter it's a good way to create a video response back to them.
    • This is one of the best ways to create engagement again for Twitter and your fans will see that you're actually engaging with other people which makes you more approachable, which makes you want to be followed by these new fans.

    • A good example of this is to take a look at some of the leaders in your music industry like bands and hip-hop artist that you actually follow see how they actually engage with their fans and how they build rapport on Twitter with their music fan base.

Don't skip the targeting on Twitter. By targeting you're following in the first place it gives you a more authentic view of what your Twitter account can do with you in the future and your music career.

Take a look at the personas of the followings on Twitter of the music and musicians that you like on Twitter full stop example so if you like the music of J Cole comma Kendrick Lamar karma Kid Cudi, locate the followers of these people.

See what the common traits they have with your music and build the Persona of your identical fan.if you don't have the tools that I've mentioned in this blog post already started building them today with your Twitter account this includes a website and email list a YouTube channel Facebook etc.

You can also be used in other tools that I mentioned like Sniply and how to use it to create a call to actions with specific links to websites that you share online.

You can also use the contact lockers that I mentioned above these are really easy ways to start building a following all you need is the music that you have created to help you promote your following on Twitter.

Remember this text I'm building a fanbase on Twitter is not easy.

It took me a long time to build over 7000 followers but I continue today to connect with my To build great content around my music and not just use the music itself to promote my music full stop the more content that you create around the music you can explode the promotional value each song gives you on social media.

Influence Is Earned…..

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One of biggest mistakes musicians make with marketing their music on Twitter is the level of SPAM.Send unsolicited links of your music to any music blogger is a super waste of time and nobody takes spammers seriously.

I am not saying I am perfect, back the day I will hold my hand up and say that I made these mistakes when I started off with at that time it got me absolutely nowhere.

Using other people's influence to promote your music is GROWTH HACKING 101 {AND BOOTSTRAPPING 101}

List Of Hip Hop Bloggers 

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If you subscribe to my blog I give all my subscribers my hip hop blogs cheat sheet which is a list of 700+ rap blogs.

This list has detailed information on rap blogs and the links to their social profiles.

This is one of my golden nuggets that I give out my blog to my subscribers. I can be very hard grunt work trying to do all of this on your own.

So I would strong urge musicians to get help with any influencer outreach.

Not every music blogger is going to reach out with open arms even if you follow the rules.

Plus most musicians will take it to heart when they are ignored or turned down.

This is the main reason I urge you to hire help with influencer out in your music marketing efforts on Twitter.

Hiring short term help from sites like Upwork and Freelancer or, you will gain that person's outreach experience, and they don’t have any emotional attachment to the music.

So they will just move on until the find influential music bloggers on Twitter that will work with you.
These include trying to network with the big rap music blog’s like 2 Dope Boyz, Uproxx, DJ Booth, Stop The Breaks and DIY CD Baby.

wrapping it up for part 2

This will be a 3 part series on the mixtape marketing podcast so tune in for more information on how to use Twitter to market your music.

Also make sure that you check out the Twitter music marketing machines course and the free Twitter music marketing course to help you find the right tools to help with your music promotion on Twitter.

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​We've recorded an 8 Day video series that is available exclusively to my subscribers - you can sign up right here to get instant access. Plus,

Each day for 8 days I will send you a new video via Email with tips and tricks to help you grow your Twitter Fan base and promote your music with Twitter.

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