Travis Scott Instrumental ᐉ Im Good -【With Hook】

Travis Scott Instrumental

This is my latest Travis Scott Instrumental with a female hook called "Im Good". The beat is a commercial trap type beat. With a similar vibe to that of the rap artist Travis Scott.

Travis Scott is one of my favourite rap artists. Watching Travis Scott in interviews online I see that he too is a HUGE KiD CuDi fan. Travis Scott has been quoted... "There would be no Travis Scott If It Weren't For KiD CuDi"

The funny thing about this statement is that there would be no Corporatethief Beats if it weren't for KiD CuDi. I started off making Kid Cudi Type Beats.

YouTube Video - 10 Minute Freestyle Loop


Video Timestamp

Time Stamp - Instrumental Song Structure【00:01】Warped Piano Intro【00:21】Rap Verse - 1【00:41】Pre Hook 【01:09Female Instrumental Hook01:39】Rap Verse 2【02:03】Pre Chorus【02:38】Female Hook【02:45】Piano Solo Middle 8【03:10】Rap Verse 3【03:38】Female Hook【04:25】Instrumental Piano Solo Outro【04:40】2ND INSTRUMENTAL LOOP

How I Produced This Travis Scott Instrumental In Logic Pro?

So it's natural that I have a similar style to that of Travis Scott when it comes to making beats. This beat here is a pretty simple nice commercial vibe with a female hook in the chorus. The key of this Travis Scott Instrumental is Dm and The BPM is 140.

Drums -> The drums are standard trap type beat drums. When Travis Scott started off making beats on his first few albums his drums were more complex and the beats themselves used to have 2 completely different halves. You will hear cymbals and ride percussive effects in the verse and the chorus to help build the tension in the instrumental

You might have heard this on his Rodeo (Travis Scott album)or his Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight (2016). Now he keeps the drum pattern very simple and the complexity comes from the other instrumentation. 

Vox -> The female vocal hook just adds that commercial layer to the beat. Travis Scott's instrumentals are very popular with and coming, rap artists, while some of them have an abstract trap beat sound, they always have a very radio-friendly sound.

Effects -> You can hear various transition effects to help define the verse-chorus and the intro. Also, you can hear various vocal ad libs to give the instrumental some hype. 

Keys -> The beat starts with an eerie warped piano and is accompanied by rusty strings melody which leads us to the first verse.

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This is my latest Travis Scott Instrumental with a female hook called "Im Good". The beat is a commercial trap type beat.

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