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Instrumental Video - BPM 140 - KEY Gm

How I Produced This Beat

Jarad Anthony Higgins, AKA Juice Wrld, was a top American rapper, singer, and songwriter who can from Chicago, Illinois. His 2018 single "Lucid Dreams" which sampled the "Stings" song Shape of My Heart. Which gave rise to Juice Wrld's Emo Trap Music Vibe. 

I wanted to capture the very emotional sound that is clearly evident in Juice Wrld's Music. This time I didn't want a hook to over power to music. So I just used the vocal samples as ad libs and harmonies so that the artist can get a feel for the instrumental. 

DRUMS -> The Drums are a standard trap-style drum pattern. Rather than deep sub-bass, you have the more modern and more popular quick attack 808 kick drum mixed with a heavily reverbed snare drum. The hats create the movement of the instrumental.

VOCALS -> The vocals carry the EDM hip hop instrumental sound that provides the music with the commercial element. It's not quite a hook but both the male and female vocal ad libs create the melody and the catchy nature of the instrumental. Both vocals come in and out of the pre-hook and the main chorus section of the instrumental.

Keys -> Along with the vocal, the true emotion of the instrumental comes from this timeless piano section. Juices Wrld's Instrumental Lucid Dreams sample the keys section of Stings Shape of my heart. I wanted to find a piano sound that you could really feel the emotion in. And this sample combined with all the other elements of this emotional type instrumental just gelled so well together.

Effects -> 
The main effects in the music are heard on the snare which I added heavily. You can hear some effects in the background of the verse which is just a pad sound that I duplicated and I panned one left and one right to spread out the frequencies to keep the music clean for the artist. The only other effects that stand out are the woosh effects help define the verse / pre-hook and the hook of the instrumental.

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