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Migos Type Beat 2021 - Remind Me - #MigosTypeBeat

Here is my latest hip hop beat similar to the style of a Migos called "Remind Me". The instrumental is super simplistic and it carries elements of a basic Migos trap-style drum pattern, while the curx of the instrumental is driven by hypnotic chopped and screwed male vocal hook. 


VIDEO Timestamp: 00:00 - Intro00:25 - Rap Verse 101:07 - Rap Hook / Freestyle Refrain 01:30 - Rap Verse 2 02:23 - 2nd Rap Hook / Freestyle Refrain 02:40 - MIDDLE 8 BRIDGE 03:01 - Rap Verse 3 03:23 - 3Rd Rap Hook / Freestyle Refrain03:55 - OUTRO 2ND LOOP 04:55 - INTO05:15 - Rap Verse 1 06:04 - Rap Hook / Freestyle Refrain 06:33 - Rap Verse 2 07:23 - 2nd Rap Hook / Freestyle Refrain07:45 - MIDDLE 8 BRIDGE 08:01 - Rap Verse 3 08:23 - 3Rd Rap Hook / Freestyle Refrain08:55 - OUTRO

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The beat has a very deep 808 drum pattern and a much faster high hat which alternates every 4 bars. Behind the instrumental, you will find a drone like a pad that just removes the silences of the track.

The producers for The Migos tend to like making beats that are built around a vocal sample or a pre-made hook. Here I found a very basic male vocals sample and down-tuned it the same key as the 808 base sounds. 

Throughout the instrumental, you will hear a delayed melodic synthesiser that carries the weight and the soul of the instrumental. It helps to build the awe and wonder of the music.

The beat is pretty minimalistic as are the majority of the Migos hard trap instrumentals. Rappers like The Migos like to have tons of space for adlibs and vocal chops which helps create their signature sound.

In specific sections of the instrumental beat, you will hear the kick, snare and claps alternate to create a different flare and sound that we are familiar with the Migos. 

Reading an article from NME I found a specific section where Quavo speaks about making their signature sound. 

Quavo says: “We influenced everything going on right now, from pop to country and, of course, hip-hop. But I’ve even heard it on pop music – and they be in denial. Every time we do sum’n’, we see it but they ain’t gon’ give us credit because they might have added a little seasoning salt or a little pepper.”
With the triplet flow, you can create a cadence that’s already proven popular, and you can squeeze a lot into one bar if you know what you’re doing. Offset explains that the triplet flow “catches the ear so fast,” explaining: “In 2013, music didn’t have the bounce or the cadence. And at first, no one could really hear what we were saying and they played with us when we first came in[to the rap world] because no one caught the flow. Article source NME.

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