Music Video Marketing {Mixtape Marketing Podcast #25}

Using video to promote your music online.

This is a continuation of my previous podcast which was also about music video marketing. Where we discussed a lot about using live video to help promote your music.

Due to the fact that video is such a powerful medium, I decided to do a second part to this podcast.

This time I'm going to change it up a little bit, and speak more about standard video uploads. Instead of speaking about live video which I've already covered in the previous podcast.

If you want to learn more about how to use live video in your music promotion, please go back and listen to that podcast

There is also a number of links and video resources that will help you to use live video in the marketing of your music.

If you just want to test the water with music video promotion, before diving straight into music video production, It's a good idea to start using Lyrical videos.

You can use tools like to create lyrical cards, and nice images, and then add them into a video editing software like that of iMovie, Movie Maker, typito.

As I mentioned in the previous podcasts retention rate is the biggest factor with YouTube search rankings.

If you want your music video marketing to be effective and for your vidoes to be found in YouTube search, you need to create interesting videos that will keep people on YouTube for a certain length of time.

If your video has a high bounce rate, meaning that people leave your video right after they click on it, YouTube will limit the organic reach this music video will get within the search results.

So it's your job to create a very interesting video so that your audience, will stay longer on your music videos.

Music video marketing secrets 

live video

The more you create high retention rate videos the better YouTube will promote your music videos amongst other popular content. Thus increasing your subscriber rate and view rate.

Try and collaborate with image artists on YouTube.

If you find a graphic designer that creates mixtape covers with a subscriber rate similar to yours, it’s more likely they will collaborate with your Youtube channel.

As long as there is a symbiotic relationship where both parties can get promotional value from one another.

Don't be afraid to ask for help with graphics and music video production, but understand that you need something

By collaborating with graphic designers in the music industry on YouTube, you're building up your networking skills, and your growth hacking by trading value instead of money. 

collaborative music video marketing

promoting music with live video on social media

This is an important growth hacking skill that is needed in the music industry, to keep your music promotion within budget.

It's also a good idea to hire more professional people to create lyrical videos for you. Places like are a good place to start.

Creating lyrical videos can be very time-consuming.

Even though the promotional value from a lyrical video is much more valuable than standards still image music videos.

The time used to create lyrical videos can be better spent writing new songs or working on new mixtapes.

For this reason, I strongly recommend that you outsource this lyrical music video creation.

It's very hard for us musicians to let go of the music marketing grunt work.

You have to understand that your time as a musician is very valuable. And that there are more experienced people professional people that do this for a living. They can do it quicker and a better quality than you.

This will save you time, money and mindset.

Vlogging in music marketing

Live video streaming for musicians

The next major point I want to make you are about vlogging.

Vlogging can be massive music promotional tool. This goes back to my original podcast about creating content around your music.

There are two types of vlogging micro vlogging and standard vlogging. 

I see standard vlogging on platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

Here you have an unlimited time to speak on each video platform about your music career.

Here you have unlimited time to tell your audience about what's your plans for your music mixtapes, albums, singles promotional tours, merchandise etc.

Micro vlogging in music

Then you have to micro vlogs like that of Instagram and Twitter Snapchat etc.

These platforms limit the amount of time you can speak on a particular video.

You can use micro vlogs to share instant messages with your fans, and you can use micro vlogs to share your longer videos on Facebook and YouTube.

Creating video blogs is a cheap promotional marketing method. This will help cultivate your audience without having to give away your music for free.

So rather than giving away your music, you're giving away value in the sense that they feel apart of your tribe and community.

Fans want to belong somewhere. It's important to create an environment where it's safe for them to communicate but can also have opinionated discussions with others

notable artists that have used vlogs to help promote their music.

This includes artists Travis Porter, Wiz Khalifa and Hopsin.

All of these rap artists used YouTube as a massive promotional tool by video blogging their daily life as musicians. This helped create a bond between their YouTube audience and the musician.

In the previous podcast, I spoke briefly about a Nashville artist called Dawn Beyer. She used live video vlogs on Facebook to help catapult her music career. 

Looking at this new generation of hip hop artists, I see artists like Lil pump, xxxtentacion, post-Malone, Lil Uzi vert and many more use micro vlogging platforms like Instagram and Snapchat to promote their music.

Youtube video ads tutorial

cheap music video idea

How live video works?

Where YouTube algorithm works is a specific metric called watch time or retention rate.  the reason why live video works so well on YouTube for musicians when they are promoting their music,  is that people continue to watch that person live and engage with that person line.

Statistics show that viewers attention span drastically increases with live video, compared to that of a standard video upload.

Effectively when you create a live video to promote your music,  you're satisfying all the terms needed  for the YouTube algorithm.

Thus YouTube will continue to promote your live stream in YouTube search results. This will get you more views, subscribers, and fans to engage with in the future.

This is music promotion 101. This is growth hacking 101 too for the indie musician.

The younger generation of hip hop artists using and embracing live video to promote their music.  Most young musicians can’t afford to play at live events.  So most of them have started to create listening sessions using live video on Facebook similar to that of a digital Block Party.

I love this modern music promotion idea. Watching any musician using his or her resources and initiative in order to get in front of and a new audience.

Canva is my go to graphic design tool to help promote my music on my live events. 

canva graphic design

IFTTT.  Social automation tool {FREE} 

It's very important to upload music videos or music promotional material native to each social network.

When I mean native video uploads, I mean using each social networks video capabilities. So this means uploading a video to Facebook uploading it to Twitter and Instagram individually.

 Not cross-promotion. Facebook will hinder any video promotion that is not enabled Facebook. All their social media channels are also taking this action

To save time uploading videos natively to each social network you can use a tool called

And you can also schedule the upload time and dates to your specifications.

If you want to cross-promote your music promotion on each social network the best tool to use instead of I F T T T.

I F T T T stands for if this then that. This is a free automation tool that links all your social media channels together even your blog even your own YouTube channel via RSS.

So whenever you upload videos to Facebook you can get them to tweet it out on Twitter. If you share photos on Facebook you can also add them to Instagram, if you post a new video you can automatically share it on your blog and you're blog can then automatically tweet that message.

This is the type of automation that you need to start setting up in your music marketing efforts. This will in turns start saving you a ton of time from doing grunt work that musicians shouldn't do.

Again this is another free tool for musicians to use.

Aweber.  Email Marketing software. Broadcast emails to your newsletter subscribers.  Email autoresponder series tool.

tubebuddy for youtube


Tubebuddy removes a ton of grunt work associated with optimising your YouTube channel also has additional features to help lighten the workload with YouTube. 

The last free tool I'm going to mention to help you promote your music videos on YouTube is that of Tube buddy.

Tube buddy helps you optimise your YouTube videos for YouTube search. Helping you create tags so that your videos will be found in YouTube search.

You bulk update your YouTube end screens and your YouTube cards also you can save templates of descriptions cards and end screens this is an absolute godsend because you can quickly use your existing videos to promote any new videos that you produce.

There's a video here to show exactly how to use Tube buddy in your music video promotion.

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