Music Promotion With Live Video {Mixtape Marketing Podcast 24}


Music Promotion with live video {mixtape marketing podcasts 24}

Today's podcast is all about live video and how you can use Facebook Live, YouTube live periscope live and Instagram live to promote your music.

live video for musicians

Live video is the hot topic right now in music marketing.  If you're not using live video in some format to help you promote your music you are really missing out.

From what I've seen on social media EDM DJs and hip-hop DJs are killing it because they're using live video to Showcase their music and to interact with their audience.

I'm gonna speak about live video in general and how you can use video to help promote your music in 2017.

I really feel that video has just exploded in the last couple of years especially with competing for social media sites like that of YouTube, Facebook,  Instagram and Periscope / Twitter.

Live video streaming for musicians

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How to use live video in your music marketing

promoting music with live video on social media

One thing I've noticed is that musicians tend to rely on the music alone to promote the music. Instead they should create content around the music in order to promote that song.

If you use the music itself there's no incentive to go to another site to download it or to stream it.  

If you place the whole song on Facebook for everybody to listen too, what is the point of anyone going to iTunes or Spotify to listen to it there.

What most industry hip-hop artist do, is that they create multiple streams of content around their music.

This includes videos interviews and behind the scenes footage of how the music was created.

You can use this type of content to promote the music.  The content you create about your songs, helps you growth hack your way to the top. 

It's kind of like a lure to bring people to perform a call action like that of a download, stream or purchase merchandise.

Both Facebook and YouTube value live video content much more than regular video uploads.

A video is super engaging. And it keeps people on the platform.  None of these social sites want people to leave their platform.

Both companies are profit-driven. They don't earn any money when people leave the site organically.

Live video keeps your fans hooked on each social network. The these social media algorithms reward content creators and musicians with more organic reach. 

live video

The reward comes in more organic reach for anyone that uses live video. This gives live video much more organic reach instead of having to pay Facebook / YouTube for reach and exposure.

I have highlighted two videos here with tutorials to show you exactly how I use open broadcast software which is free, to stream live to both YouTube and Facebook.

Each video will show you how to stream all the pre-recorded video for pristine quality or a live video where you can interact with your fans.

Don't underestimate the power of using a pre-recorded video to promote your music. You're just gaming the system to showcase your music at a better quality so that your fans enjoy a better experience.

 Facebook live with obs

 YouTube live with obs

How live video works

Where YouTube algorithm works is a specific metric called watch time or retention rate.  the reason why live video works so well on YouTube for musicians when they are promoting their music,  is that people continue to watch that person live and engage with that person line.

Statistics show that viewers attention span drastically increases with live video, compared to that of a standard video upload.

Effectively when you create a live video to promote your music,  you're satisfying all the terms needed  for the YouTube algorithm.

Thus YouTube will continue to promote your live stream in YouTube search results. This will get you more views, subscribers, and fans to engage with in the future.

This is music promotion 101. This is growth hacking 101 too for the indie musician.

The younger generation of hip hop artists using and embracing live video to promote their music.  most young musicians can’t afford to play at live events.  so most of them have started to create listening sessions using live video on Facebook similar to that of a digital Block Party.

I love this modern music promotion idea. Watching any musician using his or her resources and initiative in order to get in front of and a new audience.


Open Broadcast Software: This is the main Free Tool that I use to stream live to Facebook and Youtube. 

canva graphic design

Canva is my go to graphic design tool to help promote my music on my live events. 

I've highlighted some YouTube channels here there are absolutely crushing it with live video within the hip hop music industry.

If These YouTube channels can crush it with using the same tools that are available to us that I have shown you in this blog post, so can you.

town rap live trap music youtube
live trap music youtube
live stream hip hop music

Start promoting your music today using live video before it's too late.

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