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The current co-owner of getting right music blog and mixtape site, Demarcus Thornton, provided a highly enlightening interview regarding his start as well as how the site helps unsigned artists. He provided, throughout the course of the interview, invaluable nuggets of information that every unsigned hip hop artist in the country truly needs to hear and take heed to. His wealth of knowledge as well as precisely what his sites can offer is detailed throughout his time on the podcast. 

Below, we will provide you with a brief recap of the key talking points that were discussed using hot spitters and getrightmusic as examples. 


Background of Demarcus Thornton Owner Of Getrightmusic.com 

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Thornton is one of three co-owners of both HotSpitters.com and Get Right Music.com. His two partners are official company DJ, DJ Big Cam and James Stanmore that handles the business side of the company. Thornton has been building business for the past 13 years and currently is the owner of a successful real estate asset company based in Alabama. Per his account, Thornton moved into the business of mixtapes due to having a number of friends that were unable to find proper representation or marketing for their craft. 

It does need to be noted that Thornton is not the founder of GetRightMusic blog, he is merely one of the current owners of the site. Under his leadership, the site has been able to grow exponentially, making it able to thoroughly address the needs of unsigned artists around the country. 


What Makes the Site Different from Other Mixtape Sites?



GetRightMusic is truly and expressly focused on the unsigned rap artist. Making sure that they have the right sound and the right type of hip hop beats.  The site into account that most artists face financial constraints that prohibit them from investing large sums of money in order to further their career. With that being said, although the site is not as large as major sites, it is gaining traction. This allows it the ability to remain fully focused on artists and they invest in each one that utilizes the site. There are no charges for many features that include the uploading of music as well as downloads. Additionally, artists are not saddled with limited access to upload constraints that they typically face elsewhere. 


How Are Artists Guided Once On the Site?


What many people do not realize is that each mixtape that is uploaded onto the site is listened to. This allows the staff of GetRightMusic rap blog the ability to work with the individual at the level that they respectively require. Personal relationships are built with the unsigned artist in order to assist them with content development, access to larger platforms and more. A number of the opportunities that are supplied by the site are presented to artists free of charge.

Once the content, etc., of an artist, has been fully developed this is when the company makes significant investments in the project and artists themselves. 


How Are the Unsigned Rap Artists Promoted?


According to Thornton, the company has reached out to major hip hop music sites and outlets. Most notably, they have established a working relationship with the widely popular site, World Star Hip Hop. GetRightMusic invests its own money to create spectacular graphics. As well as space on major sites for the promotion and distribution of the music presented and/or developed by them. 


It is this method that Thornton estimates to have contributed to 85% of their growth since he has taken over the company. 


What is the Best Way to Approach a Blogger or a Major Site?


Major sites and bloggers alike respond to artists that have an actual product to present, are serious about their craft and career and have invested in themselves. This causes the person that you are contacting to take you seriously, as opposed to skimming over your email and sending it to the recycle bin. Additionally, simply sending an email or a message that reads, “I want to get my mixtape heard” will not be enough to get you past a gatekeeper. 

Inform the person that you contacting with a brief synopsis of your history as an artist. Tell your story in a concise way in the email to let them know that you take your career and music completely serious. Also, be sure to include your goals for the future, show that you have planned out your career and that this is not merely a hobby for you. 



What are the Pitfalls that Hinder Most Unsigned Artists?


The biggest pitfall that most artists face is the fact that they forget that music is a business. They fail to fully learn and comprehend the business aspect of making music. The vast majority of artist have no idea how to do the following:

  • Build a team
  • Build a brand
  • Find investors for their respective project(s)

It is a firm understanding of the business of music that separates a successful artist from one that is not successful. 


Where Should Artists Turn to Learn the Business Side of Music?

hot spitters have actually been specifically designed to address this need. In the genre of hip hop music, the business side has become far more important than the music itself. This is why there are phenomenal artists that are making little to no money and less spectacular artists raking in millions of dollars annually. hot spitters allow artists to be able to do the following with virtual ease:  


  • Find collaborations
  • Create and have a network of supporters
  • Build a proper team 


From the ground up, the site teaches artists what they need in order to be successful while placing them in an environment to make it a reality. Therefore, with the use of both sites and true determination and skill, there is not much prohibiting the national success of an unsigned artist. 


In Conclusion

Regardless of the budget that an artist has, it is imperative that they learn the business of music. Along with that, they will need to take full advantage of the opportunities to learn, grow and cultivate their respective craft. In today’s climate of hip hop, an artist may not want to be a manager or handle the business at hand and solely focus on their music. But that is not realistic. There are opportunities out there that can truly change a person’s life and with the help of hot spitters and GetRightMusic mixtape site. Those opportunities are well at hand. An artist simply needs to have the hunger for success and the dedication to quench that hunger. 


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