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Mixtape Marketing, Soundcloud Music Promotion,
distribution sites and mixtape promotion ideas with Shawn Folk from Payusnomind.info

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Hey guys, this is Dan from The Corporatethief Beats. Today is the episode of the mixtape marketing podcast. This is episode 12. I got a very special guest for us today. This is my interview with Shawn Folk from Payusnomind. He is a music blogger. He talks about music marketing. He will surely gonna give us great info today.


mixtape marketing podcast with payusnomind.info

1. Can you give a brief introduction to our audience of what you do online and how you help artists?


I have a blog Payusnomind. I provide great information for artists. I tell them critical analysis, different ways and tools they can use to bring more people to their music.


I also provide information to artists where they can upload their music and how to get the most of what they do online. From videos to blogs, we want to assist people and help them to get a return on investment – their time, money and effort. As artists, we love to do it but we want to get something out of it too.


2. I’ve been watching your videos on YouTube, you have a very great YouTube channel, do you think streaming is a good medium for artists? Is it worth their time, especially those who are just starting as an artist?


The bottom line is, they say success is when opportunity needs preparedness. It’s like you wanna prepare yourself to be successful. You wanna prepare yourself when an opportunity presents itself.

When you upload songs to different sites and you want people to share your music and be featured on blogs.

But if you use the wrong way or sites, you kinda disappear. For instance, if people prefer to visit Spotify to listen to music and you’re not there, you lose those people.


If you are not on the sites where people listen to music, share music, download music and you are not there, you will lose them. If people have the opportunity to become familiar with you and every day they have access to your music, they will basically start to recognize your music and your name.


3. In your video, you said that it’s good to have those sites for streaming and other related stuff, how about instead of making mixtapes all over again why don’t we create a plan to monetize this mixtape? Maybe you could talk about what you said that speed leads to inefficiency?

Yes, speed does lead to inefficiency because people just movin’ so fast that they are not doing things right. Music is art, but music is the business. When you’re making music, you also need to have a business plan to become more strategic in what you do.


You plan whatever it is you want to do. I wanna emphasize that in this music marketing, in this digital space that we have now, there is so much competition.

People are not responding to just the music itself. With all these platforms, Facebook and Twitter, you have to make music that drives people into talking. Release your music in a manner that is gonna result in the discussion.


If you really want to have a career as an artist, you have to analyze everything. Does my song fit into anything that is going on? If it does, construct a marketing strategy. You can write a blog post about what inspired you to make your song. You can talk about current affairs in society and connect it to your song.


4. You mentioned in your video that there are those who broke their Facebook page. As an artist, how do I break my Facebook page?


On your Facebook, you’ll see a particular feature wherein you can invite your friends and other people to like your page. Yes, you can invite your friends, family and your Facebook friends to like your page.


However, most probably they are not into your music. Some of them do not even have an idea that you are doing music. Facebook has an algorithm. On Facebook, when you share a post, they don’t share that to anybody that liked your page.  


For this reason, it is vital that you have your own website. Once you have your own website you can use it to start building your email list. This will decrease your dependency on your social channels if anything changes in the future.  


There are Facebook pages that have thousands of likes but the people who liked their page are not really into what the page talks about. These people don’t even care about the posts that the page share on Facebook.


So, that’s how some people broke their own Facebook page. They become more obsessed with the number of people liking their page instead of getting the people who are really interested in their page.


5. Let’s say an artist has started using their Facebook page the right way, how do they get the right engagements? What is the best strategy that you would use?

If you got people that are responding to your posts and they share them, then you’ll be alright. Just like what I said, you need to have people who are highly interested in your page.


You can pay for ads and get in front of those people. You can boost your posts. You have to consistently post something on your page. When you share a post, people will like it, share it and you gain a reputation.


6. You mentioned that you like using SoundCloud. Can you talk about the benefits of using SoundCloud, especially about its analytics?

SoundCloud is really good. It has a community that is based around music.


People go there. They build a playlist and listen to music. It is not just a place where you can host music. It is also a place where you can be discovered by people who are looking for music. They are the YouTube of music. They can help you get discovered.


They can tell you who’s listening to your music since it is a community. SoundCloud can tell you how many people listened to your music in a particular place. The analytics can help you build a persona.


It’s about reaching to people who are mmostlikely to love your music. Building a career in music is being able to get fans.


7. You said that you have top 3 ways of promoting your music on SoundCloud – remixing covers, groups and getting involved in the community. Can you explain further what these ways are?


Remixes and covers speak to the SoundCloud’s search engine. People go there looking for music. For instance, if you do your own cover or rendition of Beyonce’s song. When people search for her song, there are possibilities that people will find your own rendition of the song.


When people like your version, they may like your music and listen to your other songs. You may convert these people into fans. This can help you appear in the search engine.

Another way is by adding your songs to groups. You can join different groups or community on SoundCloud. You can share your music to these groups and they may be able to listen to it. This is a good way of getting discovered.

Even though there are only a few people in groups, these people can share your music to their friends and family. By doing so, this can get more people to listen to your music.

8. What advice can you give to artists who use digital distribution sites?


The best advice I could give them is to know what’s important for them. Know what’s important to you. Know how you will be paid. Know when you will be paid. These things are gonna drive your decision. You need to consider important things.


9. So do you think it is better to build an audience first before joining these sites or it is better to join now and build an audience later?

Always do your research. If you want a career in music, you have to pay for different things. You have to pay your electric bills, your equipment and other things you use. The bottom line is, you need to get a return on investment.



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