Here at The Corporatethief Beats, I have made a number of different styles of hip hop beats for you to use in your mixtape, albums and singles. We have over 200+ different types of instrumentals in many genres. Please refer below to the pricing table to see the prices of each lease license. Each lease license carries its own terms. Times and styles have changed. Hip Hop Instrumentals are now just an umbrella term for a number of sub-genres of hip hop music.


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Rather than sifting through all my main beat store here are all my best freestyle instrumentals in one playlist. If you would like help please hit the contact button send me an email at While boom bap still has its place in the music industry today, most beat makers are creating the own sounds and sampling those sounds. This helps them create something new and relevant without any copyright issues.

Can I Download Beats For Free?

If you subscribe to our newsletter you can download 3 which are untagged. The link option form is at the top of this page. These 3 free beats come with lease rights and in which you can use in your mixtapes an albums. Free Beats

There are other demo downloads in which you can get from the beat player above. These are just tagged beats in which you can only use for audition purposes.


In order to protect my music from unlawful uploads, all beats are tagged with Youtube content ID by Distrokid.

 If you would like to use my instrumentals for your mixtapes albums please purchase a lease license. 

The Progression Of Hip Hop Beats

At one time when you said the phrase “hip hop beats”,  old school hip hop music came to mind. Most people will think of old boom bap beats.

Where producers would chop up old soul records and make beats from the records they sampled While I still respect the craft of sampling records and making those old school type, it’s gotten a lot more challenging to promote and share sampled rap music.

Daniel Hartnett - Exclusive Beat Maker

 The Corporatethief Beats 

 Daniel Hartnett 

Purchasing freestyle beats is a pretty big deal. If you need help selecting beats for your mixtapes albums or singles please feed free  to contact me.”

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