fund your mixtape



fund your mixtape

Starting a mixtape or album can be difficult especially when you don’t have a lot of money to support your dream of creating your music to the best of your ability.
There are so many costs that come in to place when you want to create a professional mixtape. It is really hard to promote a mixtape and get your music out there.
With the cost of good music production or a music producer to make quality hip hop beats for you, paying a sound engineer to mix the music and record your vocals in proper studio, to the promotional cost of having a videos and advertising the task just seems too far down the road for you to ever achieve.


The internet has come to the rescue of the artist’s dreams by bridging that gap from the music consumer to the indie artist. Now, most people can set up a website for low cost and have a social contention with the artist using all the various social media sites.
Crowdfunding projects have come into the spectrum and helped artist’s get more connected with fans by pledging money to sponsor the artist vision for their album or mixtape.


Two of the most notable crowdfunding website is that of Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Crowdfunding is like fundraising on steroids back up with all the elements of social media behind it. As long as you have a good strategy behind how you can reach your goal and create realistic monetary targets more often than not you will get the funding for your project.


Don’t get me wrong here, you need to have a good idea and plan how you’re going to implement it. Just chucking up a video and hoping for the best will not cut it. You will have study how many people you can reach using your social sphere and how much you will be able to raise.



Keeping those who do want to see you succeed constantly in the loop of the progress that you are making with the project. Also giving people who do fund your projects rewards for their contribution. Like a free copy of your mixtape or album, a free t-shirt with your logo, pictures of you on tour, or videos of you in the studio. As I said before I feel that the way the music industry is shifting more to support the artist rather than obtaining the music these days. As anyone can listen to music online for free.


Crowdfunding sites to fund and promote your mixtape.


kick starter


Kickstarter is the largest and more well-known crowdfunding website online. It has received numerous discussions on major news channels and has enabled lots of great musicians and artist’s get a foothold on how to fund your mixtape or album.


Because of the acclaim and popularity that Kickstarter has achieved people tend to opt in with their services because of they feel that the company is a good company and they help and advise people on areas where they need to focus to help make their campaign.


Also, people funding feel that the site is more trustworthy and they people the fund are pushed in more to achieve the goal so that their money invested in these artists is put to good use and prevent rough people trying to game the system.


But with this popularity, more people use the service thus creating a lot of competition with bigger artist’s and with a bigger following.


A lot of people who followed kick starter at the start area view that I have become too big for the little guy as everything has to be this pristine polished product.

Which has it’s advantages as it will remove time wasters, but still you tend to be backing indie companies rather than backing the artist.


Kickstarter will only allow you start a project if you are from the United States and have an American Tax EIN id or Form the UK with a Uk bank account. You need to be over 18 years old to start a project. You need an Amazon payment account for your project if your from the US but if you from the Uk your payment process goes through your bank account.


You need to reach your entire monetary goal if you wish to keep the money that you have raised. This means if you are short a few dollars off your monetary target you will not receive a dime of all the money you have raised.




Again Indiegogo lets people pitch their crowdfunding story to the world and let people pledge their support by monetary means to the individual artist. This seems like a platform more in tune for the indie artist.

To get on the front page your campaign is judged by the factor. An algorithm that is comprised of how you are active with your social media and your project. Thus showing Indiegogo that people are supporting you from many areas of the social sphere


People all over the world can take part in the creative projects and they don’t have to be from the US or The UK to set up a crowdfunding project. They also all major credit cards and the universal payment system with pay pal. There is no limitation for anyone to use Indiegogo as long as you have a valid bank account.


It also accepts USD, GBP and the Euro currencies. The major benefits of using Indiegogo is that allows the artist to keep the funds if they don’t reach your goal. So if you only raised half of the money that you wanted to reach you can still keep the money that you raised.


There seems to be a real unity factor with the Indiegogo community where everything doesn’t have to have that polished corporate factor as long as the artist can still show there desire and commitment to what they hope to achieve.

So how can I use these crowdfunding platforms to fund or promote my mixtape?

First of all, I would suggest that you have some sort of following before you start any crowdfunding platform. If you only have 50 followers on Twitter and 50 on Facebook I don’t feel that this will be enough to start a crowdfunding project. Try building mailing list on your website and a little bit of a bigger following on as many social networks as possible and start uploading video to youtube as the youtube community seems to be a great place to achieve good traction for your project.


1. Use Your Mailing List   aweber I already spoke on building a mailing list with Aweber and the importance of a mailing list in this article here (Promote your music with Aweber) so check that out. The mailing is the first place I would start trying to leverage my campaign. As many of these people hear from you on a regular basis and want to hear from you they are more like to support your campaign.





2. Social Media.   social media       Social media are great, you might gain a lot of ground here. Use Facebook if you have a lot of close friends and family here. They will support you and will want to see you succeed funding your mixtape or album. Also all you have your fans from your Facebook fan page can help share the word about your project too.     Not only do want them to fund you try getting them to share it just as much as the “tell a friend method” is what going virally is all about. Don’t forget about the Facebook hip hop groups that are there. There are so many just searches them on Facebook and join and participate before you look for any form of funding.




3. Blog Blog Blog BLOG !!!!!   blogStart blogging every day the project is going a communicate with people who have funded your project when you promote a mixtape. A blog is a very powerful tool to show your commitment to the project. I will also give you something interesting to share on social media site. And get others to continue sharing the message about your crowdfunding project. So Blog Blog Blog !!!





4. Video / Vlogging   vlog       Like that of the blog you could also add video to the blog showing two forms of communication to the people that have followed you. Also giving them that extra piece of information to share with their followers.     You could let the video available for download and let them upload it to their social media sites or youtube channel gaining more traction form their connections in the social sphere.


5. Twitter   twitter      I would think that Twitter would be better for the social sharing aspect of the funding the album. But you never know. Just don’t go overboard with the spam try and engage with people rather than bombarding everyone with the “ Please Fund Me” message. Maybe asking them nicely if the would share some of your vlogs or blog posts might be a better strategy.








6. Empire Avenue / Forums   mixtape promotion using empire avenue 2   Empire Avenue is a great place to look for participants for your project. But like I said above try and be part of the community first before you look for support. Spend a couple of months on their so that the people that will support you will know and be comfortable funding you with your project.       Empire Avenue is a great way to get a blogger to socially share and promote your mixtape.



The same goes with hip hop forums, its impossible to be on them all so try and pick 2 or 3 of your favourite and engage with people on there. Just keep a simple message about your project in your signature so every time you engage with someone they can click on the link to your project. It’s up to you to show how committed you are to your own project and campaign. If you really want to get funding for your mixtape try to create a good clever plan behind it. And make sure that you create good rewards for the people that support your mixtape or album.



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