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The Beat Makers Mindset 
How To Sell Beats By
Maximising Profit and Promotion
From 1 Rap Beat.

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In this video, you'll discover the basic's to learning about selling beats online. This includes the standard beat prices that you will come across on most beat websites. 

The price points of your beat is good place to start off if you new to the online beat selling game. 

It's not essential to copy other beat makers. The price point of your beats should always be experimented with. This will help you find out which price will work for you, and the rap artists that came to purchase beats from your website. 


Try  targeting the casual listener. From speaking to other beat makers online, most tend to for get about the potential rewards that come with targeting the casual listener.

Most will only search for rappers that want to buy lease licenses to their beats. There are casual listeners out of there , that don't want to buy leases. But these people will spend $1 - $5 on an ep or single of the beat. 

Look at distribution sites {Itunes, Soundcloud,Amazon}  and mixtape websites {Audiomack,} to help attract this other target market. 

I advise makers that if they are using Youtube to promote and sell their beats, they can use the Youtube Adsense program to get a revenue share from the ads on Youtube.But this is a double-edged sword. You might get a little bit of revenue from AdSense but, it could prove cost as audience retention rate is a major factor in Youtube search results.

VIDEO #3. The Video Marketing Traffic Advantage

Here I really step it up a level.Start by writing one article on how you created that one rap beat. Don't scrimp on the writing. At least get over 1000 words written on how you made this beat.Start including all the resources that you used in the making of the beat.

Also, you can get major SEO {search engine optimization} benefits from just 1 rap beat making a video.

There are tons of music production websites out there on the web crying out for content.After you make a beat making video create an article about how you made that beat.

Give these article away to a GOOD music production websites with your website link in it. Also get them to embed the video on their website so that your video will get better video views and rank better on Youtube.

Here you can also sell your own hip hop drum kits, your rap samples, and sounds, become and affiliate for different drum sites/beat making courses.

The major hip hop industry artists do this all the time. Most them become an affiliate or endorse products like The Beats Headphones or Soft Drinks.

Try and find other ways of using your rap beats to create multiple revenue streams.Don't just rely on selling rap beats. Use your rap beats to attract an audience. Then recommend products to that audience.

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